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Zelda: Resolution

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (thebawp@gmail.com)

Chapter 12

  “Zel… Zel… wake up…” Link attempted to gently rouse his wife, rubbing her shoulder a little as he spoke.

  “Ummm… not now Link… it’s too early,” she finally mumbled in protest, rolling over on her side away from him.

  “It’s our wedding anniversary today,” he whispered softly. “Come on, I want to give you your present.” Zelda let out a yawn and finally sat up, blinking sleepily in the dim candlelight.

  “It’s not even dawn yet…” she protested lightly, rubbing her eyes.

  “It’s all part of the plan,” Link replied with a smile. She looked up at him, surprise flashing across her green deep eyes.

  “Plan?” she questioned.

  “Well, more like occasion,” the hero answered, leaning in close to kiss her for a moment. With a blissful sigh, she sank back down upon the bed, pulling Link with her.

  “Where’s my present?” she giggled, when they parted a few moments later.

  “So now you’re feeling more wide awake?” Link replied, grinning.

  “Well actually…” Zelda began, with a smile. “I quite enjoy being in bed for the moment!”

  “We can do that later,” Link smirked, reaching across to the bedside table to retrieve a carefully wrapped package. He placed it in her hands and smiled. “Well come on, open it, I want to see you in this right now.”

  “You bought me something to wear?” Zelda asked, looking faintly surprised.

  “Like I say it’s all part of the occasion,” Link affirmed, brushing a hand over hers for a moment. “You’ll understand more once you get ready.”

  “I hate it when you go all mysterious on me,” Zelda moaned, opening up her gift with interest.

  “It’ll be worth it I promise you,” Link replied with a wink. She shook her head, giving him a wry smile and then gasped as she unfolded the beautiful garment nestled within the gift wrap. It was a long, simply cut ivory coloured gown, off the shoulder with lace trimmed trailing sleeves and a pretty silver belt to cinch it in at the waist. The bodice was the most detailed part, embroidered with silver thread and glass beads that flashed in the candlelight as she held it up for inspection.

  “Oh Link… this is beautiful… I…” she started, two spots of colour in her cheeks as she spoke.

  “Please, put it on for me, I can’t wait to see how stunning you look,” he urged. She got out of the bed and clutching the delicate gown, disappeared behind her changing screen.


  While he waited for her to get ready, Link pulled out one of his favourite, smarter tunics; a nice blue silk one, teaming it with a crisp white shirt and trousers and shiny brown leather boots and a matching belt. On afterthought he added a purple cloak, finally running a hand through his unruly hair in a half-hearted attempt to tame it. As he peered critically at his reflection in the mirror, Zelda emerged from behind the screen, looking more radiant than he’d ever imagined she would. Although the light in the room was slightly murky, her long blonde hair glistened, as did the beads upon the dress as they caught the light. The gossamer silk fabric of the dress seemed to accentuate every curve of her body, it fitted her perfectly. Aimee had certainly done a good job in crafting the gown he thought, as he smiled happily at her.

  “Zel, you look absolutely beautiful… well you always look beautiful anyway but… well you know what I mean. Do you like it?” he asked hopefully. Zelda glanced down at herself, luxuriating at the feel of the silken fabric.

  “It’s perfect. I can’t wait to show everyone… did you get Aimee to make this?” she asked. Link nodded.

  “I picked the material out from the clothiers at Mido, but Aimee did the rest. I told her I wanted it to be really special,” he smiled. Zelda walked over, pulling him close for a hug.

  “Thank you so much, I love you, you know that? And not just because of the dress…”

  “This isn’t even the half of it,” Link promised, taking her hand in his own. “I’ve still got another present for you, but I can only give you it when we get to the special place.”

  “Special place?” Zelda questioned. “What else have you got planned?” Link retrieved his sword from its resting place in the corner of the room and slipped it into his belt.

  “If you come with me, you’ll find out,” he smiled.



   It was fairly cool outside, the sun yet to rise, the twilight lit countryside softly coated in a light blanket of dew.  The pair slipped out of the castle through the old secret passage near the well.

  “I hope I haven’t got this dress too dirty,” Zelda fretted as they climbed out of the disused passage and out into the open. “And where are we going anyway?”

  “Just the forest,” Link replied, helping her stand as they emerged from the hole. Leading her by the hand they strolled across the grass, fallen autumn leaves crunching underfoot. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders to protect her from the chill of the night time air and using the light of the moon they found their way along one of the many paths that led into the nearby Ruto Forest.

  “You know, it’s been such a long time since we walked under the stars,” Zelda said wistfully, glancing up at the indigo skies as they walked along together.

  “It’s been too long,” Link agreed, caressing her shoulder affectionately.

  “So long as you don’t think we’ve been married too long,” the princess joked weakly. Link stopped, looking at her squarely.

  “Too long wouldn’t be enough for me,” he said softly, bringing up one hand to caress her cheek. “We’ve been married for nine years and I want it to be forever.”


  “I know you might think otherwise, but it’s true,” he interrupted. He was about to lean forward to kiss her when a tinkling laugh sounded nearby. They both turned to see Sprite hovering nearby, as she flung a handful of faerie dust at them.

  “I was wondering what was taking you two so long!” she exclaimed, still giggling.

  “So long for what?” Zelda questioned curiously.

  “Didn’t Link tell you?” Sprite asked.

  “Tell me what?” Zelda shrugged. “Alls I know is he’s dragging me into the forest for some crazy, unknown reason…”

  “Hey, I wasn’t dragging you in the slightest!” Link protested, looking a little offended.

  “Well no, it’s just you’ve got me up at this hour and we’re going for a walk but you won’t tell me where we’re going or what we’re doing!” Zelda replied, grinning a little at the hurt expression on her husbands face.

 “I was trying to be romantic  and mysterious Zel,” the hero muttered, folding his arms in mock anger.

  “And believe me, it’s working,” the princess replied, leaning in close to kiss him.

  “Hey, you can do that later!! We need to hurry up to the clearing, everyone’s waiting!” Sprite interrupted.

  “For what???” Zelda questioned, looking extremely frustrated.

  “Just get moving and you’ll find out!” Sprite retorted, flying ahead into the forest.

  “She’s right,” Link shrugged, grinning at his wife.

  “This just better be good,” Zelda replied wryly. Link took her by the hand again and they followed their faerie friend deeper into the trees.



  Everything was perfect. Sprite flew ahead quickly to the Pool of the Moon, a specially blessed clearing sacred to the fey.

  “Here they come,” she whispered over to her friends, who had gathered in the forest glade, awaiting the arrival of the royal couple. Link walked into the vicinity first, leading Zelda close behind. Sprite flew down towards them again, Felicity, Tiffany and Carrie behind, a hold of something that sparkled in the ethereal light of the clearing.

  “Close your eyes,” Link instructed Zelda. The faeries handed him the item they were carrying; a slim  band of gold set at intervals with tiny, sparkling diamonds. Link smiled to himself as he looked at the ring, feeling happy that he’d had the idea for it. While he’d been  in Mido choosing the material for Zelda’s gown he’d passed by the jewellers and decided to get her a little something extra. However nothing in the shop had caught his eye and he’d asked the jeweller if he had anymore unusual pieces.

  “If there’s nothing here that takes your fancy Sir Link, perhaps you could commission us to create an individual piece, something extremely special for her royal highness?” the jeweller had suggested hopefully. “We have some very skilled artisans who could make you something personal and unique in a matter of days.” Right there and then, he’d decided on the ring. Of course Zelda had the ring that he’d given her to confirm their engagement, and her wedding ring. But he felt like he wanted to add to those tokens, something to completely seal their love for eternity. Explaining this to the jeweller, they’d come up with the simple design of an inscribed band set with gems all around it. His eternity ring. Taking a deep breath he knelt down on the ground before Zelda, taking her left hand as he did so.

  “Zel, you know that I’m never going to stop loving you. But I want to prove it to you,” he began earnestly. As he slipped the ring upon her finger she opened her eyes, looking a little shocked.

  “Link, what are…”

  “I know you should never forgive me for the things I’ve said and done, but you have, and I love you all the more for it. You’re so good to me Zel, you’re more special and you’ve always deserved better. But I guess you’re stuck with me for now, and I promise this time it’s forever,” the hero interrupted, rising up as he did so.

  “No Link… I never deserved someone like you,” Zelda said softly, looking down at the ground. He stepped closer, bringing his free hand under to chin, lifting it gently so that he could gaze into her eyes.

  “Fourteen years ago I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined you’d want to be with someone like me,” he murmured.

  “But I did. I knew as soon as I met you,” Zelda replied, tears shinning in her eyes as she spoke. “I was just too frightened to admit it to myself.”

  “I’m glad that we got there in the end,” Link said, giving her a small smile. Zelda looked down at the ring again, an emotional tear running down her cheek as she gazed at the token.

 “Oh Link… the dress… the ring… this is so perfect, so romantic, I feel like you’ve asked me to marry me all over again,” she said. He pulled her closer, into an embrace.

  “I am asking you all over again,” he murmured. “I want to pledge my love to you for the rest of eternity. That’s why I got you the ring… and I don’t want you to ever take it off. That’s how I love you… forever,” he said, leaning over to kiss her softly on the lips. “I want us to be together always, no matter what happens. I’m never letting you go, ever. I’ll always be by your side, for better for worse. I’ll never stop loving you, not  even till the end of time Zel. I love you always,” he proclaimed passionately.

  “Oh Link, I love you too always!” Zelda responded, meeting him in another kiss. Somewhere in the far distance, a cucco began to crow, marking that dawn was about to arrive. Already shafts of pale light were entering the clearing. Taking out his sword, Link pointed over to a nearby tree.

  “All those years ago I used to do this,” he grinned.

  “Do what?” Zelda asked. The hero smiled and ran the tip of the blade across the bark of the tree, carving it into a heart shape. Then inside he carved the letters ‘L and Z. 4540-forever’. “Is that what you used to write before?” Zelda asked, smiling prettily at the gesture.

  “Wouldn’t you like to know?” the hero smirked, before pulling her close for another kiss.

  “Right where they belong,” Tiffany said softly as she glanced down at the couple.

  “It looks like some things won’t ever change,” Sprite added with a smile. “No matter what.”




  As the early morning autumn sunlight filtered through the filmed drapes that hung at the North Tower’s windows, Link let out a contented sigh as he opened his eyes.  Warm sun fell on his cheek, provoking another happy smile, before the hero turned over to face his wife, who was sleeping peacefully beside him.  He raised a hand, fingers outstretched and slowly stroked a strand of golden hair from Zelda’s face, and he smiled again, wondering what he had ever done to deserve such a beautiful wife.  At his touch, despite his gentleness, Zelda awoke, at first with a look of surprise in her green eyes.  Seconds later, however, and she saw Link, and a soft smile graced her pleasant pink lips.

  “Morning,” greeted Zelda cordially, smiling as Link leaned in to deliver a tender kiss.

  “So it is,” he replied cheerfully, lying back down and staring up at the thick canopy that hung above their bed.  Zelda turned to face Link and followed his gaze, before returning her eyes to him.

  “So how does it feel?”  she began.  Link turned his eyes to her.


  “You know?  To be a year older…don’t tell me you forgot!”  She was half laughing as she finished, as she knew by her husband’s blank expression that he had indeed forgotten, either that, or he had suddenly become exceptionally good at amateur dramatics. 

  “Uh…”  Zelda leaned over to kiss him again, before looking into his eyes and speaking again.

  “I love you,” she murmured.  Link grinned.

  “And don’t I know it?”  They kissed again, and then embraced, happy to be together again and their past troubles behind them. 


  As they lay in each others arms, Zelda spoke again, a faint smile curling her lips.

  “So what would you like to do today?” she inquired.  Link shrugged.

  “I want to spend it with you, Ewan and Brianna.  Like a family.”  There was no hesitation in his answer, and Zelda couldn’t help but smile.  He was the ideal husband, the perfect father. 

  “That sounds nice,” she commented, “Perhaps we could take a picnic and take a walk through the grounds…or perhaps go to the beach?” she suggested.   

  “Yeah…the beach would be nice.”

  “Good thing I asked Milora to prepare us a picnic already then,” said Zelda with a giggle.  Link stared at her.

  “Am I that predictable?”  Zelda nodded.

  “Sometimes.”  She rose from the bed and walked across the stone floor to the wardrobe. 

  “Are we going already?” asked Link.  Zelda nodded without turning as she looked through the contents of her wardrobe before selecting a pale lilac dress to wear.

  “The sooner we leave, the more time we can spend at the beach…” She turned to look out of the window.  “And it looks like it’s going to be nice too…why waste any more time in bed?”

  “Because it’s warm, comfy and nice?”  Zelda wrinkled her nose.

  “I swear Link, I’d never have thought Hyrule’s destined hero could be so lazy!” she exclaimed, walking behind the dressing screen and throwing her night dress over it.

  “And we’ve been married…years and you still use that dressing screen!” retorted Link, sliding out of the bed.  “I mean, it’s not like it’s anything I haven’t seen before!”  He walked over to his own wardrobe, and pulled the doors open, only to be met with a small avalanche of crumpled up tunics, shirts, pants and boots.  Reddening slightly, Link attempted to push the mess back into the wardrobe, with limited success.  He quickly grabbed the first tunic he saw that was hung up and then slammed the wardrobe door with a bang.  Smiling to himself, he walked back over to the bed and sat down, pulling off his nightshirt and letting it fall to the floor.  As he began to dress, Zelda emerged from behind the dressing screen and smiled at the view. 

  “I’ll go and wake Ewan and Brianna,” she began. 

  “No…wait,” began Link, pulling on his tunic over a fresh shirt he had found in a drawer.  “I want to come with you.  You aren’t leaving my sight today,” he finished.  Zelda smiled as he spoke, and walked over to the door, waiting for him.  He quickly pulled on his boots, discarded by the bed from the night before, and then joined her. 

  “Ready?” he asked.  Zelda gave Link a once over, straightening his collar and giving him a quick kiss.

  “I think so,” she answered.  With a nod, Link opened the door to the tower, and the two stepped beyond the threshold together, before making their way down to the bottom of the tower.  


  Hours later, and the family were sat on the sands on the eastern coast of Western Hyrule, not far from Mido. Zelda was sat with Brianna in her arms, and Link was assisting his son in the building of a rather ambitious sand castle.  Granted, it was little more than a heap of sand, but it mattered to neither of them.  Link was just happy to be with his son, and Ewan was just happy to be with his father. 

  “Say, are you two ready for some lunch yet?” asked Zelda, addressing her husband and son, but looking down at Brianna as she spoke.  The baby was sleeping peacefully, and Zelda couldn’t help but marvel how beautiful her daughter was.  She would break hearts, that was for sure. 

  “Yeah!  I’m hungry! ” replied Ewan enthusiastically as he poked a stick into the top of the mound.  “That’s the flagpole,” he told Link sincerely.  Link nodded with a smile.  The two stood, and Link brushed the sand from his knees, Ewan following his father’s actions with open admiration.  Zelda smiled to herself as the two approached, and motioned to the picnic basket. 

  “Help yourselves…I don’t want to wake Brianna.”  Link smiled and nodded, opening the basket and  carefully pulling out some crockery to set the food on. 

  “Milona’s excelled herself this time,” commented the hero as he pulled out packages of cheese, meat, bread and butter.  There was also two fruit pies, scones, hard boiled cuckoo eggs, sweet deku berries, a jar of jam, an egg, ham and cheese pie, and some iced fairy cakes.  “Did she think we were going away for a month?” he asked with a grin. 

  “Well, it is your birthday…which reminds me,” she looked to Ewan.  “Ewan, haven’t you got something to give your father?  From you and Brianna?”  Ewan, who was close to drooling at the sight of the picnic food snapped his attention to his mother and nodded quickly. 

  “Oh uh-huh!  I didn’t forget,” he turned to his father, “It was just mother said it’d be best to give it you later!”  Link smiled at his son and waved his hand dismissively with a laugh.

  “Okay, okay I believe you!”  Ewan brightened considerably at his father’s words, then ran to pick up a small cloth bag near by his mother.  He began to look inside before finding what he was looking for.  The first item he drew out was a small card in an envelope, the second item was a neatly packaged gift.  Ewan walked back over to Link, who was beginning to cut the bread, and stood patiently for his father to finish his task.  As he finished, Link glanced up and smiled then took the two items from his son’s grip, ruffling his son’s hair with one hand as he did so.  Ewan smiled and sat down to watch his father open his card, which Ewan had made himself, with a little help from Impa.  On it was a drawing of a sword and a shield, and written along the top in Ewan’s neatest handwriting was ‘Happy Birthday Dad.’  Link smiled as he saw the picture and the neat writing, and then he opened the card, to read what his son had painstakingly written inside.  As he finished reading, he leaned over to give Ewan a hug, and then planted a kiss on Brianna’s sleeping head. 

  “Thanks,” murmured the hero, his words suddenly uncomfortably thick, tears stinging the corner of his eyes.  To think he had been so close to losing all of this, his wife, his son, his daughter…Link quickly wiped his face with his hand, replacing his tears with a bright smile.

  “Impa helped me make the card,” piped up Ewan, who had failed to notice his father’s emotional reaction to the simple words he had written inside the card.

  “She did?  Well it’s great…” answered Link, looking down fondly at the card, turning it over in his hands. 

  “Yeah but wait til you see the present!  It’s the best!” enthused Ewan, pushing the small package into his father’s hands.

  “Hold on, hold on!” exclaimed Link with a laugh, his attentions turning to the neatly wrapped gift.  It had been wrapped in thick parchment cloth, decorated with blue and green ink, and finally wrapped perfectly with a length of dark blue ribbon.

  “Impa wrapped it,” admitted Ewan sheepishly, looking down at his hands.  “Can I have a deku berry please?” he added.

  “Go for it,” began Link, helping himself to a dark red berry.  He offered one to Zelda, who declined.

  “Go on, open it!” pushed Ewan, popping one of the cherries into his mouth.  Link smiled at his son, then began to unwrap the gift.  It felt surprisingly heavy in his hands despite fitting neatly into his palm, and when the gift was opened he could see why.  An elaborately decorated steel cloak pin lay in the packaging, it was a fine piece of work, polished steel and etched with a hundred different designs.  On the head of the pin was the unmistakable image of the Triforce, which had been brushed with gold plating. 

  “Have you seen this, Zel?” asked Link, showing the gift to his wife.  Zelda nodded.

  “Yes, Ewan helped make it you know, didn’t you?” Ewan nodded and took another deku berry.

  “Well kind of…it was mother’s idea because she said you could do with one…and then Master Insequi let me watch him make it.  I told him to put the Triforce on it though, and I chose the etchings too…it’s in ancient Hylian – some of the stuff Impa taught me!” replied Ewan coyly.  Link smiled as Ewan spoke and looked closer at the etchings that decorated the pin.  He recognised the characters, and the phrase it spelt almost immediately, for it was from a book of poems Impa had told him to learn from long ago.  He guessed that now his own son was learning the same things.  The writing read, ‘I shall uphold my father’s name, with dignity and honour.  His blood runs deep in my veins…I can do no less.’ [1]  Link could do little but embrace his son once more, he could not find the words to tell his son how much he loved him at that moment.  After a moment, Ewan, being a typical eight year old boy, disentangled himself from his father’s hug and grinned.

  “You liked it, huh?” he asked.  Link nodded as he turned the pin in his hands. 

  “I do.”  And then he removed the plain cloak pin he had been using, and replaced it with his son’s. 

  “It looks nice,” complimented Zelda, smiling softly.  Her and Link’s eyes met, and the hero returned the smile, his heart suddenly warm and feeling fit to burst.   

  “Can we eat now please?” asked Ewan, a tad impatiently. 

  “I don’t see why not,” said Link with a shrug.  Ewan let out a whoop of delight then picked up a plate, piling it high with an assortment of foods provided by Milona.  “You want to get your mother’s lunch first Ewan?  Her hands are kind of full,” pointed out Link.  Ewan gave a nervous smile and then nodded, taking another plate and beginning to fill it for his mother.  Link and Zelda exchanged warm smiles once more, both of them happy and content in the company of their children. The future looked truly rosy for them all.

[1] A son’s love for his father, John Kent

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