Link Meets Spartan

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 7: The Epic Battle of Hyrule



While running through the Truth & Reconciliation, Link, Master Chief, The Crew was hurrying to get to the Pelicans (Advanced Technical Space Shuttles). Some Grunts, Elites & Hunters were following them because they wanted to join Link for a while to defend Hyrule from the FLOOD. Fox, Krystal, Slippy, Falco, Wolf, Leonardo, & Panther were in there Arwings and Wolfen flying with them side by side as they go to Link’s Homeland with some Phantoms too.


Link asked Master Chief while browsing through the top compartments of the Pelican, “What should I have that will defeat this dang flood?”


Master Chief Answered “You should probably use that “Master Sword” of yours, some Plasma Grenades, Frag Grenades, that’s all.”


Then after a few hours of talking, having fun, all that good stuff, then a voice came up above them “We have landed in Hyrule. I repeat, we have landed in Hyrule!”


When the Crew, and Link, got out of the ship, they looked to the sky. The Arbiter, 10 Grunts, 3 Hunters, Falco, Slippy, Fox, & Krystal


It was a Dark, Cloudy, Gloomy day; there was some thunder in the distance. “The Storm is going to begin soon.” Link said in a serious voice.


Link heard galloping in the distance “That must be the king!”


The king stopped right in front of him with Link’s trusty steed, Epona. “LINK!! Hyrule is in grave danger again! This time it is not Ganondorf’s dark magic There are little bugs crawling on the walls of my town!”


“The Flood!” Arbiter said in a loud voice which the king jumped as he said that.


“The what?” The King asked.


“The FLOOD. It is a deathly race; this race can consume everything in their path.”


“Yes. Come see what this stupid race has done.”


All of them followed the king to Hyrule’s Marketplace. It is now all covered with thick, slimy, Vines some people were knocked out cold and placed in rough cocoons. The king sobbing over one person, Link comes over to the king and puts his hand on the king’s back. Link said in a proud voice “We’ll destroy those stupid puss brains!” The king stood up and turned around to hear Master Chief say “We’ll do what ever we can!”


“Oh thank you so very much!” said the king.


“I’ll help too!”


Princess Zelda came yelling out of the temple of time when she saw Link and the King.


Princess Zelda was wearing a Navy Blue dress with a Triforce in the middle of it. She has her hair let down except for the bottom part it is in a braid with a hair tie keeping it in place and two hair tails going to the left and right of her shoulders.


“Great!” Said Link


Link took out his Ocarina and played Epona’s Song,


“What in the world did that do?” asked Sgt. Johnson


“Oh, you’ll see.” Said Link


 Then, A Big horse came galloping right in front of them.


“Wow, neat horse.” Said Sgt. Johnson


Yes indeed it was a neat horse. It had thin, Brownish-Red hair all over her body. She had thick, white hair at the ankles. She had a big white, mane, which came toward her back. She had a long, white tail which grew to almost to her ankles.


“Everyone, Epona. Epona, Everyone.”


“Hi Epona!” Everyone said


“Why do you need Epona?”


“Just when the flood attacks, in Hyrule Field.” Said Link


Just then, 5 Hyrule Soldiers ran & screamed like little girls out of the castle then ran out to the field. Link and the others looked, this big, unorganized yellow flood was scurrying very fast, followed by a few huge puss brains that had big, tan heads with blood veins going across their whole head. They had tiny brown arms just like a T- Rex's arms. It has a small brown old body. And had scrawny little legs.

Lets get out of here!” said one of the soldiers.

“No! We will not run! Look, we have all of this fire power, plus, we have Zelda's light arrows and magic. We have Fox's & Wolf's team. So, we will show these puss brains what there dealing with!” said Link

Link got on Epona and then he took out his Master Sword, then Zelda came on Epona right behind Link. Zelda took out an arrow then combined it with the light magic. Zelda shot an puss brain and then most of the FLOOD got defeated. Master Chief took out his pistol and shot 10 of the puss brains. Fox, Wolf and their teams, ran toward them and they killed 20 of them.

“It isn't over yet, more of them are coming. So just brace your selves!” said Master Chief



Then, 15 former enemies of Link came up to him with their giant boars, 2 Bulblins on each Boar, and 8 Lizolfos was there with the Bublins.  Then, the Bulblin leader, King Bulblin. This in fact, turned good after Link beat him several times. King Bulblin is this massive creature, he has green skin and a ton of Grayish-Silver armor on, his eyes were reddish-yellow and his puiples were like a cat's or a dragon's puiple.


“Who's this ugly guy?” asked Sgt. Johnson.


Grrrrr.....” Growled King Bulblin after he snorted, the top left of his mouth went up when he growled.


“Sorry.” said Sgt. Johnson looking scared.


“We are here to help you, Link, because I know that you can't take all of these strange creatures down, and----” Fox cut him off, putting his right arm to throwing his right arm out to his right side fast. “We don't need your help! We can take care of things our selves!”

Hmph! Yeah right, you need our help! Fox McCloud!” Yelled King Bulblin angrily, everyone gasped at the instant he said Fox's name. “How do you know my name?” Said Fox in awe.

I am a wise Bulblin. I know all peoples names in all places.” Said King Bulblin

“What's My name?” Asked Sgt. Johnson sarcastically

“Your name is A.J. Johnson.” Answered King Bulblin

“Wow you’re really good!” Johnson said, “Well not good enough.”


A flash of White light came upon the sky, then thunder crackled in an instant the sound of it was so loud everyone got scared by it. Then, wind started howling at 80 miles per hour.  Rain started just 4 minutes later it was just a downpour, the rain droplets were gigantic!  It was just lightning strike after lightning strike. Then Link just said “Wow this storm looks like a tuffy to get out.”


As the storm rolled on, a sea of gold sand came upon Hyrule Field. Everyone looked towards Hyrule Castle “Oh no, not the flood. Not NOW!” Link said in a yelp

“This is it guys, this is the end.” said one of the Soldiers, in a scared expression.

“SHOOT THEM NOW!” yelled Arbiter, as he said that the storm was still going on in the field.

There were gun shots, energy sword stings, boar shrieks, and bulblin creature cries. Yellow blood spilled all over the field as the flood was diminishing rapidly. The storm grew worse, as the battle raged on Hyrule Field. Link used Din’s fire, and Nayru’s Love to protect him during the fight.

 After the fight the flood has died off, soldiers were lost and Sgt. Johnson set up a memorial for the beloved soldiers who protected the Earth valiantly. Pelicans were destroyed when the flood got in. Phantoms too were also destroyed. The Bulblin King had lots of his forces killed along with Hyrule’s Army. Link, Master Chief, and the Arbiter were on a hillside looking upon all the death and destruction the flood caused. “Well kid, at least we made it” said the Chief while patting Link’s back lightly.

 “Finally! I thought we’d never get through this battle!” Sighed Link, out of relief, “They just kept on coming!”


“They take on the dead bodies and fuse it with their own little ones.” Said the Arbiter

“That is just creepy”

“Well I’d say that this is good bye Link” Said chief turning to Link, he stuck out his hand as though to shake.

“Thanks for protecting my planet along with yours.” Link also reached for his hand and they shook goodbye for the last time”

“Will we see each other again?”

“Only Time will tell Link, only time would tell.” Master Chief looked up towards the sky; he saw his ship landing on the bloodied Hyrule and of course, the arbiter’s as well. They both walked with their guns on their shoulders as Link was waving goodbye, our story, Link Meets Spartan concludes.



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