Link Meets Spartan

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 6: Meet your Maker, Ring Maker!




Master Chief, Sgt. Johnson, the four soldiers, Wolf & his gang had a difficult time getting to where Link, Fox, Krystal, Slippy, & the Six Soldiers were. While getting there, the camouflaged elite is still following them. Upon entry, Master Chief saw Link, Fox, Krystal, Slippy & his six soldiers just standing there. Link, with his Master Sword out, Fox and his team with blasters out, suddenly the Alien with no name said  ALL OF YOU? AGAINST ME!?!?!? YOU’VE GOT TO BE JOKING!!!!” He was powering up, he’s floating in the air, all the light suddenly disappeared from the room. Everyone turned their night vision goggles on, except Link. He didn’t have NVG.


“Ummm, doesn’t anyone have a spare whatchamacallit?” asked Link


“Here, you’re lucky I’ve got an extra one.” said Wolf


Wolf threw the NVG to Link, there was a lot of buttons on it, and was so confusing.


“Thanks! How do you operate this thing?


“You just push the blue button on the left.”





Then the elite with camouflage on; turned it off. Then Master Chief said in surprise,


“ARBITER!? Why have you come here?”


“To help you defeat the Ring Maker, he is a danger to all living things.”


“Oh good! We need more help! How do we kill him?”



“With this!” Said the Arbiter


“What is that?”


It is a yellow device with a weird antenna and with a ball hanging on the tip of the antenna. And it has two buttons on it, one is green for on, one is red for off.


“This is a light controller it can control light even when there is none.”


I’ll show you how it is done. The arbiter pointed the Light Controller at the no name alien’s, desk. He pushed the button, and suddenly there was a beam of light showing the desk.


“He’s not there!” Gasped Krystal


“I’m right here!”


Leo turned around and saw the weird alien punch him in the face, Leo was knocked out cold. 


Wolf ran over to Leo. He checked his pulse, he was ok. But he was knocked out in one punch!


“You’ll pay for that!!!!!!” Wolf yelled, as he was running to get a punch to the weird alien’s face. Then, just like that, the weird alien vanished. Still running, he punched the arbiter in the stomach really hard.


“What did you do that for?” Asked the arbiter


“Sorry, that bad excuse for an alien just disappeared just like that.” Answered Wolf, then after the word, “that” Wolf snapped his fingers.


Still breathing heavily as if the wind was knocked out of him, “It’s all right it wasn’t your fault it was the alien-who-has-no-name’s fault.” The Arbiter told Wolf while covering his stomach with his arm.


With another silent transport, Fox turned to the desk of what the no name alien is working on an invention, the weird alien is floating above the desk.


Fox shot the alien with his assault rifle, Link ran like the speed of sound towards the no name alien & yelled as he was cutting him up, “THIS ONE’S FOR HYRULE! THIS ONE’S FOR EARTH! AND THIS ONE’S FOR MY FRIENDS!!!



The no name alien screamed as he was having beams of light come out of him, and when he disappeared, all light came back into the room.


Master Chief, Sarge, The Soldiers, Fox, Wolf and their teams cheered as Link panted, Krystal came over and gave Link a kiss on the cheek and said with a quiet voice,


“Thanks Link, for saving Fox and for being so brave in defeating that creepy alien.”


“You’re welcome!” Link whispered back.


Krystal gave him a short hug and returned to Fox’s side.


“Link, come here please,” The Arbiter said in a sincere voice, I need to speak with you.


“You know that Hyrule’s safe, right?”


“Of Course!” Link said with glee.


“It is not safe anymore, there’s this race called the FLOOD”


“What in the World is this FLOOD Stuff?”


“The Flood is a dastardly race that consumes everything, people, animals; even we aliens are scared of the FLOOD.”


“So, what you are saying is; that Hyrule isn’t safe anymore because of this FLOOD?”


“That’s right.”


Link and the Arbiter just sat there for 15 seconds, and then Link stood up and said to Master Chief and everyone else, “Hyrule is in danger! We have to go back down to Hyrule, and set up for a war against the FLOOD!”


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