Link Meets Spartan

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 5: The RING MAKER



“The first door says THIS IS THE WAY TO THE RING MAKER ROOM. Then, the Second room says “THIS IS THE WAY TO THE COVENANT WEAPONRY.” answered Cortana.


“All right, we’ll have to go to the covenant weaponry first.” said Master Chief. 


“But, why? We have Link, Fox, Wolf and their teams here? We can just blast the Covenant right through with all this power!” Sgt. Johnson said


“Finally, I have some appreciation going around here without being discriminated.” thought Link & Fox.


“You have a point there Johnson,” sighed Master Chief, “All right, Link, Fox?”


“Yeah?” They both said, at the same time


“Link and your team will go to the Ring Maker Room accompanied by some of my soldiers.”


6 of his soldiers went over to Link & Fox.


“OK!” They both said at once, when Master Chief finished his sentence.


“Wolf, Leonardo, Panther, Soldiers, Sgt Jonson,” Master Chief said, “We’ll just go up into the Covenant weaponry to just see if some Covenant are there.”


“EVERYONE! Good luck….. LET’S MOVE OUT!”


Link, Fox, & Fox’s team went as they were ordered to. Master Chief & his teammates went to the Covenant weaponry.


“Link! Here catch!


Link turned over to see what Master Chief had thrown to him. It was black, rectangular, and had a big plastic thing coming out at the top.


“What’s this small thing?”


“It is a walkie talkie! You just press the red button on the LEFT side and talk through that big speaker which is that big circle thing. Just communicate through!”


“Very cool.” gasped Link


It took Link, Fox and the rest of his team one hour until they reached the ring maker room; the Ring Maker Room (RMR) is huge!    It is big as two football fields, and is wide as the Atlantic Ocean.           It had equipment every where, Weapons, Hyper Drive Generators, humongous laser cannons eight of them perched on each of the walls. Everywhere was shadow, except for there was some light in that room


“It looks like someone is making something over there!” said Fox.


“Yeah, this alien is working really hard on something!” said Slippy.


“Let’s go over there and take a look!” Falco said.


All of theme went to the alien that was crouching over something that he is making. Then Krystal asked,


“Who are you?”


He immediately stopped working, he turned his head, his red eyes were glistening in the light, his armor is beaten up, & black.


“Who am I!? WHO AM I!?!?” the alien replied, “I am THE ONLY KNOWN ALIEN TO CREATE THE GLORIOUS RINGS, HALO!!!!!!”


He was breathing heavily after he said that in a deep pitched voice, his voice echoing in the room.


Krystal got scared; she walked back to Fox, not turning her back as she walked back in fright. Putting both of her hands on fox’s shoulder


“Fox help me!” she whispered.









“Link,” said Fox, “Call Master Chief on that walkie talkie, and tell him he needs to get over here and bring his whole crew over right away.”


“Link to Master Chief, Link to Master Chief.”


Meanwhile at the Covenant Weaponry, Master Chief and his crew just finished a battle in the room. The room is a little tiny, it is big & wide as your average house hold today. But, there were Elites everywhere on the ground, blood is on the walls and weapons. One is still hiding, he is lurking in the shadows of the room. The room had lights, but they were very, very, dim, making the elites attack very hard to see. The elite had night vision in his eyes, so he can definitely see very well in the dark. He was camouflaged.


(Static) “L--nk to M---ter Chief, L--nk to M--ter Chief.”


Master Chief answered the call,


“What is it?” 


(static again) “We need y-- help, we fo--d the alien but he is re--ly h--rd to get in-------tion out of!”


“Ok, we’ll be there right away!” he said.


As they turned out towards to the door, the elite followed them out of that room. Master Chief didn’t know what was lurking behind them.

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