Link Meets Spartan

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 4: WOLF?!?



“Chief, What do you want to do?” Commanded Sgt. Johnson.


“All right, Link, Fox, you and your team should follow me, the rest of you stay here before anymore of those rapscallions come.” Said Master Chief, as he was walking around to each person in the docking bay.


“Right!” Saluted Sgt. Johnson.


“Let’s move out!”


Link, Master Chief, Fox McCloud and his team went through the door that all the Elites, Grunts and Hunters came through. Master Chief, is following the NAV point that Cortana pointed out. Link, Master Chief, Fox and his team came into a big room that was full of lights they were on the walls and on the ceiling, all the sudden all of the Elites came jumping down from the second floor. Link, ready with his sword he did the same thing to the Elites, Grunts, and Hunters like the ones in the docking bay.


“Wow, he’s fast!” said Krystal in amazement


“Hey that was my kill!” exclaimed Falco


“Good job Link!” said Slippy


Then there was this shooting outside the Truth & Reconciliation. Fox heard it was Laser shots coming from what it sounded like an Arwing.


“Oh No.” gasped Krystal


“What…What is it?” said Fox


“It’s Wolf’s Gang.” said Krystal 


“WOLF!? What is he doing here?



“Who the heck is this ‘Wolf’s gang’ your talking bout?” asked Link


“They are thieves of the galaxy, our enemy.”


Then a huge explosion came out from the left wall then there were four more Arwings but these were different. These Arwings has 4 wings instead of 2, and they are grey, black and red. A Grey Fox came out of the first Arwing that landed. A Black Panther jumped out of the second Arwing that landed. Then this big green chameleon jumped out of the third Arwing.       


“Wolf! What are you doing here?” Asked Fox


“To join you momentarily, because these stupid aliens keep busting into our bedrooms! Stealing our food, goods, & money.” Answered Wolf


“Who are you, Wolf?” Asked Link


“I am captain of the Wolfen team,” Answered Wolf again “Team, do the introductions!”


Then the Black Panther came up and looked upon Master Chief and Link,

Meeting face to face with Master Chief. (Because, Master Chief is 7 Feet tall and Panther is the same.)


“I’m Panther Corso! I’m the new member on the Wolfen team!” Panther looked behind Master Chief, to his eyes he saw Krystal, and he walked over to her in fashion. When he got over there where she stood Panther asked romantically,


“Would you like to dance with me?”


“No! I would never dance with a rapscallion!” Answered Krystal


“Why be so harsh? I just want to dance!”




“We’ll meet again.” Whispered Panther


Then, the Big, Green, Chameleon came up and did his introduction to Master Chief & Link. 


“I’m Leonardo! And I’m in your debt!”



Then after the introductions were done, Cortana blurted out


“FOLLOW THE DANG NAV POINT!” She yelled in Master Chief’s ear


Everyone looked around to see Master Chief crouching, and while he was crouching his hand is at his ear.




“Maybe, we should go into one of these doors.” Link said


Everyone looked where Link pointed,


There were two doors that said on the top of them




And on the Second door,




“Hey, Cortana?” Asked Link


“What Now?”


“Can you scan both of these messages to tell us what they mean?”


“Sure, why not! I don’t want to be bothered by this lunatic.” (She was referring to Master Chief)

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