Link Meets Spartan

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 3:  The Star Fox Team’s Arrival




There are 2 doors, 1 on the left and 1 on the right, the red is they are locked; the white doors mean they are opened both of them are locked. They are all looking around, and then a soldier spoke out, “How do we determine whether the doors are opened or closed?”


“Well that’s easy, just walk over to one and see if it opens.” answered Link.


One of the Soldiers went to the door on the Left it didn’t open.

Another Soldier went to the door on the Right it didn’t open.


“Huh?” questioned Master Chief, “That’s weird. No other door, -”


“WAIT!” Yelled one of the soldiers, all of the people looked at him. The same soldier went to one of the doors; he put his head on the door with his right ear on it. He listened he heard footsteps. “WOAH.” The Soldier fell backwards. Then Master Chief came up towards him and Link Followed him.


Master Chief Asked in a calm voice, “What did you hear?”


“I heard aliens coming, sounded like 28 of them.”


“All Right.” said Master Chief.


“Link, go over to the door and hear how many aliens there are.”


“Yes sir!” said Link


Link went over to hear how many Elites are coming.


Link said in surprisement with fear “Wow, We must have sent off the alarm without us noticing or something.”


“Link, how many elites are there?”


“About 100 sir.”


Woah! 100? Are..Are..Are you sure?” Asked Master Chief, in a surprised voice.




“Men get your guns out on the ready, when the door blows out, give them Justice!”


All of them lined up by the right hand side door in a straight line, Link with his arrows out ready to fire, then a voice came out in his head it was Navi,


“Link! Let’s go to the fire temple to rescue all the Goron’s that are trapped in the jail cells!”


“Not now Navi!” Whispered Link








“BUT LINK!!!!”


“NOT NOW NAVI!!!!!!”


Link, all the sudden he got sooooooooo tired of Navi’s whining he wanted to knock her out for a while, to get peace and quiet, so he punched his hat medium - soft (so he wouldn’t kill her).


………. (That is Navi’s delay, meaning, she got knocked out.)


(Wouldn’t you like to do that in Majora’s Mask & Ocarina of Time?

Punch Navi & Tatl in the face so they can be quiet for a while?)


“Whew! What a relief!” Link said in a sigh.

Now, with her out of the way, I can finally begin this fight! Hope I didn’t kill her…


“LINK! STOP DOSING AROUND AND FIGHT!!!!” yelled Master Chief.


“Oh okay.”


Link ran as fast as he can with his sword out towards the Elite, ending with a resulting slice, they stood there for two seconds, and the Elite split in two. Link did that same technique to all the other Elites at the same time, all of them split in two.


“Very nice Link!” Said Sgt. Johnson clapping.


“Thank you Johnson.”


Then, Link saw four Arwings (A video game flight vehicle)outside the docking bay;


“Link, what are you looking at?”


They were coming closer like they were going to land. Then the four space ships came into the docking bay. There was two foxes one was blue, and one was golden brown wearing an space jacket, then Link saw what looked like a big, blue, Falcon. He was wearing the same jacket as the golden brown fox. Then there is a humongous toad like creature,  he was wearing the same coat as the first two guys. The Blue Fox is wearing a blue space suite and was wearing a Crystal on her forehead. 


“Hey, who are you guys?” Asked Link and Master Chief at the same time.


“I’m Fox McCloud the captain of the Starfox team; this is Krystal she’s got a sixth sense, you know to see beyond what we see.” Fox said pointing to her to his right side.




“This is Falco Lambordi Star Pilot.” Fox did the same thing as before but to his left side.




“This is Slippy Toad, mechanic on our team.”


Greeaat now we have another person with a Sixth Sense.” Cortana said.


“With us introduced, what are your names?”


“I’m Link.”


“I’m Master Chief.”


“I’m Sgt. Johnson.”


“All Soldiers report in a straight line and introduce yourselves to this team!”


“Krystal, Falco, Slippy, you guys should line up too and do the same thing that they are doing.”


“O.k.” said Krystal, Falco, and Slippy at the same time.


All the soldiers introduced themselves to the StarFox team.


“Well, with Fox, Krystal, Slippy, and Falco, my army, and Link we’ll be unstoppable!!!!!” said Master Chief.


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