Link Meets Spartan

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 2: The Frightening Attack on Hyrule




When the King looked up to the sky he saw 9 phantoms appearing out of a ‘Giant Hole’. Then Spartan yelled, “RUN!!!!!”            Link, Spartan, the King and Spartan’s army ran like the speed of light up to the courtyard in Hyrule Castle to hide from the Covenant.


“WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?!?!?!?!?” Link demanded.


“Because, they want this.” Spartan answered as he pulled out a controller like device. Link looked at it.


“This here is a device that controls this ring called Halo.”


“What is this “Halo Ring” thing?”


“See that.” Spartan was pointing to the sky, every one looked up, and the Halo was very far away from Link’s Planet. There was indeed a humongous ring in the sky.


“That ring will destroy anything in its path, so we that means you and my whole army and I have to go up there in that ring and destroy it!”


“How will we do that?”


“I’ll show you.”


“Cortana to Echo 4-19 do you read me?” commanded Cortana.


“I read you loud and clear Cortana,” Said Echo 4-19


“We need evac a.s.a.p!”


“We’ll pick you up as soon as we can!”



Then, another one of their drop ships came and picked all of them and Link up (except for the king). Link didn’t know if he was supposed to leave Hyrule and loose the Tri-Force of Courage on his hand.


“I think I can’t go with you Spartan.”


“Why not?”


“Because, look at my hand.”


“So why do you want me to look at your hand?”




“Geese…. Don’t have to be a grouch about it. But call me Master Chief you’ve been calling me by my suit the Spartan-3.”


“Oh, sorry.” Link said.


So Spartan as so called the “Master Chief” had Link tell him all about the Tri-Force. It took him 3 minutes to talk about it Link was talking very fast.


“So if you leave this great land of yours as so to speak of you will loose the Tri-Force of Courage?” Master Chief Said.


“No you won’t.” said the king


“I won’t?” Link was confused


“If you go up to that ring you won’t loose the Tri-Force of Courage!! Because you’re saving the planet from mass destruction!”


“Are we finally ready to go Cortana? Asked Echo 4-19


“Yes we are, finally we can get into the Pelican and go up into Halo!”


Link, Master Chief, and the rest of the soldiers climbed into the Pelican and took off; Link waved goodbye to the king the ride took 2 hours to get to Halo. Link Asked during the trip “What is that thing on the back of this Pelican ship thing?”


“It’s called a Warthog. It goes 300 mph has 3 seats,” Master Chief said He then points to the drivers seat and said, “That’s where I’m going to be sitting and driving recklessly on the road or in this case dirt,” He points to the left of the drivers seat, “That’s where you’ll be sitting slashing up the Covenant Slimebags with your fancy sword you’ve got there.”


“Yahoo!!” Thought Link, “I haven’t had any action all month because Ganondorf is locked up in the Sacred Realm and the Gods are protecting the Door to the Sacred Realm, so no evil is out there on Hyrule Plains and the Triforce of Courage is at my side so I won’t have to wimp out when the Covenant arrive. All is going well.”


Then a voice came up on the intercom “We’re approaching the Covenant ship called the Truth & Reconciliation and we’ll be landing inside the ship so be on your guard!” Commanded Echo 4-19


“YES MA’AM!” Shouted the Soldiers


The Pelican landed on the Truth & Reconciliation there were no Covenant patrols in the docking bay. The docking bay was filled with Covenant supplies there were 2 Wraiths a ghost and some human blood on the walls. It said “TURN BACK OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!”


“They must have done that just to scare us.” Said one of the Soldiers looking worried.”


Lets MOVE OUT!” Sgt. Johnson commanded


“Looks like they we’re to chicken to come out and fight!!” Link Laughed


All the other Soldiers laughed to.


“Quiet MEN!! And newbie, be low on the jokes!”



He dove at Sgt. Johnson they rolled & they were on the ground, Link took out his Master Sword from his sheath very fast and strikes at his head barely missing him by 3 inches from the top of his forehead ruining his hat.


“Awe… and my wife made that one too. Oh well, it looks like I have to live with out my hat for a while. Link.”






“Oh sorry..”


“Stop diddly daddling and get back to the mission.” Yelled Master Chief.


“Yes sir.” Nodded Link & Sgt. Johnson, they helped each other off the floor.


“Now what are we supposed to be doing here?” Asked Link


“To find out who the heck is the freakin’ person who makes all of these stupid rings!!” Answered Master Chief


“I found out the location where the person making all of these rings!”

Exclaimed Cortana.


“Where!?!?!?” All of the soldiers Said and Master Chief said that too.


“At the end of this ship, I’ll put out a NAV point where the location is.”


“LET’S GO!” All of the soldiers said at once


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