Link Meets Spartan

By Ben Fuller

Chapter 1: Link’s Mysterious Visitor



One day, Link was in his bed in his Kokiri home listening to the songs of the birds nearby outside his window. It was a quiet, peaceful day. The sun was out, only a few clouds were in the sky, and then all went quiet. “What is this?” Link Said. He went outside All the sudden, he saw a humongous shadow come over Kokiri Village, he thought that it was just some passers by, just to be safe Link went back inside his home and grabbed his Master Sword and Hylian Shield. Ready for an attack he heard a booming voice out in the sky. “We are the Covenant! We’ve come to take over this land! Bow before us or if you don’t this land will crumble to the very feet of our commander!”




All the Kokiri’s cheered for Link. Congratulating himself.


“SO BE IT!” Answered The Arbiter.


“Get ready the phantoms.” Said the Arbiter


“Yes, Master.” One of the Grunts said.


Link all the sudden saw a giant hole in the sky. “What is that?” Link said to himself. Then appeared out of the hole were more and more ships pouring out of the hole.  Link thought to himself “Were those Hostile ships or friendly ships? He didn’t know.


Then one of those ships were descending on Kokiri Village having a big thing on its cargo Link squinted his eyes focusing, he saw a Scorpion on its turret. Then, the ship made the tank drop. 8 people jumped out of the big hole of the ship. One had Green, hard as Steel armor on with Green Emeralds on his suit and the rest; they had lame Grey armor on. Link wanted to see what they were doing, so he climbed down the ladder of his house, went over to the green colored one asked “What are you doing and what are those ships?!?!??!”


“We are going to save your skins and those are Covenant ships that are floating by.” Said Spartan

“Can I help?” Link asked again.


“Sure kid.” Spartan said “How many years have you been fighting?”


Mmm…10 years.”


“Good, we need an experienced fighter just like you.”


“What are those things in your hands?”


Those things were actually SMG’S (Sub Machine Guns). Link didn’t know what they were.


“Are you kidding me!?!?!?!? These are the simplest guns that you can find!!!!!” Spartan laughed.


Link’s cheeks went red. He was embarrassed he asked that question.


“Listen, I have to tell my best friend to look after the place all right.”


“All right.” Spartan was still chuckling


Link went over to tell Saria to look after the place when he was gone.


“Covenant had landed in that big field over there.” Cortana said.


“Who’s that?”


“I don’t know his name. Hey kid, what is your name?” Spartan said.




Link, Spartan and the whole army (With the Scorpion Tank) went into Hyrule field, they all saw the Phantoms, and they were just ready to drop Heretics into the field.  “Here,” Spartan said. “Take this, you will need it!” He handed Link some Hand Grenades, (it looked like fried potatoes he got from Malon every Tuesday), they looked so, delicious! He took a bite on it, and his teeth were on the plastic until Spartan said, “Link, I wouldn’t do that if I were you, see that yellow stuff floating around in it? It is highly dangerous Fluid.” Link nodded in agreement. “Now, to work that plastic, just put your pointer finger and ring finger in the ring, pull it, and THROW it immediately to the target then, 3 seconds later, BOOM! (He made Link jump) Did you get all that Link?” Link nodded again in agreement. The Heretic were approaching them swiftly and silently. He saw something floating “What are those shiny things floating in the air?” Link asked.


“Those Link, are Energy swords.” Answered Spartan


“I think I will throw this Hand Grenade stuff that you gave me.”


He was running the instructions that Spartan gave him in his mind. “First, put the pointer and ring finger in the ring, pull it, and throw it. Ok.” He thought. He threw the Grenade to were the floating “Energy Swords” as Spartan calls it, 3 seconds later he heard a big loud explosion. Heretics were flying in every direction. There was a bright light coming down from the sky, when it hit, the ground was scorched. “NOW SHOOT THE TURRETS ON THE PHANTOMS!!!” Cortana yelled. And the soldiers in the tank shot the phantoms turrets there were actually 5 in all. The shots from the tank were very loud. The phantoms flew slowly away to outer space.  Then with Link’s very, VERY good hearing, he heard horses galloping really fast in the distance. Link looked towards Hyrule Castle. “Uh oh.” Link thought. Spartan turned around to look too.


“Who’s that?” Spartan asked. He pointed to a figure in the distance.




“That’s The King of Hyrule! Stand guard!” Link commanded. Spartan and his team formed a straight line and straightened their backs.


When the King arrived he said, “What’s all the commotion?!?!?!!?!?”


Then Link spoke out,  There was an attack here, sir.”


“Oh, there was? And who are these people.” The king said with curiosity AND WHAT IS THAT!?” He said pointing at the Scorpion tank.


“This is Spartan and his crew, this is called the Scorpion tank or something. I don’t know what it’s called.” Said Link


“Spartan is it? Well, you might be able to tell me what that thing is. Will you, Spartan?”


“Yes SIR!” Respectively said Spartan.


Spartan explained what the attack was then his world and where he came from. And he had to give a little math lesson in the process, then he came over and told what that Tank like thing that was in between the Lon Lon Ranch and Hyrule Castle the whole process took about 6 hours.


“Did you get it?” Spartan Asked.


“Well, yes I did. This Planet you call Earth is very fascinating.” Said the King


“Yes it is. I wish that I can see it just one more time before I die.”


“Link, show where Spartan can stay for the rest of the week, all right?”


“I think there’s no time sir.”




“Because, Look up to the sky.” 


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