Link Meets Solid Snake

By Ben Fuller

CHAPTER 2: Ganon’s talk with Liquid Snake



Meanwhile in the Gerudo Desert……..


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!” Plop, oof…. Liquid Snake fell into a strange land where it light brown, sandy hills were all around him far as the eye can see. The sun was blistering hot; and high up into the sky. Liquid looked up, seeing that there was no village in sight he had to go on in search for water and food. Liquid thought to himself “Where am I? How did I get to this-- THE WORMHOLE! It must have brought me into this place! I knew it would work! Anyway, I need to get out of this place before I singe like a hamburger on a very hot grill.”


He got up and started walking, as he walked by, snakes went into their dirt homes, all nice and cool. Strange looking, bony, dogs were roaming out in the distance, ravens circling above, cawing at him. Liquid traveled a long time in the hot sun, until he got to a strange building that looked kind of cozy and cool inside; he went to the place to have a look. As he went inside the door closed on him immediately, Liquid walked very quietly and pulled out his pistol. A few seconds later, a deep, booming voice came out of nowhere, “WHO DARES ENTER IN THE REALM OF THE DESERT GODS?!?” Liquid started shooting his pistol; bullets ricocheted off the pillars and broke some boxes and killed weird green goblin like creatures that were patrolling the room.


Liquid walked onto a circular platform that had designs unfamiliar to Liquid. “Liquid Snake, who are you and what is this place?” asked Liquid, as he yelled to the ceiling.

“AH LIQUID SNAKE, SO YOU’RE NOT FROM THIS PLANET HUH? YOU LOOK LIKE A SERIOUS MAN!!” Ganondorf faded in, and appeared in his human form, quite far away in front of him. “I am Ganondorf, The True King of Evil!” He punched in the air right in front of him, took his sword out and swung it vertically and horizontally.

 Hmph, that makes two of us.” Liquid put his gun away; Ganondorf as well put his sword away and said,

“You are in the Land of Hyrule, Liquid Snake.”

“So what do you want from me, cretin?!” yelled Liquid, as he was looking at Ganon, “I want you to join me and help me defeat Link, the so called Hero of Time.” Ganondorf got angry.

     “Who is Link?” questioned Liquid

    “Since you are NOT from this world, I will tell you and not laugh at you.” answered Ganon, with a small evil laugh “Link that blasted self-centered kid, is the Hero of Time and has defeated me countless times, at least once I want to defeat him.”

   Ganondorf, if I accept to help you, will you help me get back to my time?”

   “Sure I’ll help you, what shall I do, friend?” Liquid pulled out a big blue piece of rolled up paper that includes the plans for the wormhole. “What’s that?” Ganondorf pointed at the strange paper.

     “This, my friend is a paper that’ll get me out of this forsaken planet, and return me to my world!”

      “Oh, I see” The complex design of the blueprints gave Ganon a headache. “My brain hurts.” He sat down on the cold ground.

   “It’s easy! You just need to learn science more!” Liquid said to Ganon. “You just need to put the (insert science term here), and then put this piece into the (insert science term here) and build a platform so that the two (insert science term here) can create a generator, and tadaa! You have a wormhole!”  Ganon put his hands on the top of his head,

    too…much….information, brain..can’t..handle..scientific info….”

    “I’ll show you how to build it, when we get the parts. Will you help me?” asked Liquid

    “Sure, and will you help me defeat Link?” answered Ganon

    “I accept.”

    “Good, you and I will defeat my brother and this Link, and return home safely.”

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