Link Meets Solid Snake

By Ben Fuller

CHAPTER 1: Snake’s encounter with Link



Solid Snake, sitting on top of a building, in the middle of New York City, A beautiful smoggy day with the sun shining and few airplanes passing by, and there is only a few clouds in the air. Then, there was ringing in his ear:


Ring, Ring, Shink!


Begin telecom transmission:


Colonel Campbell: Snake! We have an unusual disturbance down in downtown New York, I want you to go there and check out the disturbance which Liquid Snake has created.


Solid Snake: Liquid Snake! I thought I killed him during the battle of Metal Gear Ray a few years ago… how could he be alive?!


Colonel Campbell: I don’t know, I thought he was dead too, but I want you to go to that wormhole now! Liquid has already jumped in the hole; I am watching the hole now at a safe distance. Go now Snake before the hole closes!


Solid Snake: I am on it!


Colonel Campbell’s telecom fizzes out of transmission.

Grey Fox’s transmission comes into Solid Snake’s open frequency

End Transmission




Beginning Transmission

Grey Fox: Wait! I have to speak to you about something,

Snake: Not now Grey Fox! I am trying to accomplish a mission here!

Grey Fox: But..

End transmission


Snake ran in the streets of New York dodging the traffic and knocking down people that are on the sidewalks on noonday, then he came to down town New York, Snake saw someone standing beside a large wormhole generator that is 15 ft wide and high and somehow not sucking the objects around the person with blonde hair and a black leather coat and shirt next to it. Snake suddenly stopped and thought to him self “Huh? Is that? No!”

            “Ah!” said Liquid, clamping his hands together at the arrival of his twin and putting his head down, smiling, “So nice to see you brother! How have you been?” Snake ran over to Liquid and tackled him to the ground and held his arms in place, “How did you escape the fire?!” said Snake through gritted teeth, “And what is this wormhole generator for?” Liquid chuckles; “Well, after you left brother, I jumped out the giant hole that Ray had made with one of its missiles and I escaped into the cold night, brother. That’s how I escaped out of the inferno.”    

“But, why did you build this generator?” asked Snake “Well, if you’ll get off me I’ll tell you!” answered Liquid, Snake looked at him for a few seconds and got off of Liquid, as he had been told to do. “SEE YA LATER BROTHER!” Liquid immediately ran inside the generator and disappeared. “LIIIIQUUIIIIIDDDDDD!!!” screamed Snake and ran inside the hole after Liquid.


With a bright flash of light, Snake had fallen to an unrecognized piece of ground, where he found himself among tons of trees and little people. “WOW! A Hyrulian! Or whatever he is. Who are you mister?” asked Mido, one closed eye and looking at Snake weirdly “Solid Snake, and what are you guys supposed to be? Midgets?” replied Snake, who was still lying flat on the ground

“We are not MIDGETS, we are the Kokiri Kids!” A tall guy, blonde hair, green shirt, with a sword and shield pushed through the crowd of Kokiri Kids, shoving even Mido to the ground “Oh Good! A normal person!” thought Snake. The strange green tunic person offered to help Snake up and he accepted. “What’s your name kid?” said Snake, with the same deep voice found in all of his games, (If you haven’t played the MGS series, you would know what I am talking about) “It’s Link. Nice to meet you!” answered Link with a chuckle. “I am Solid Snake” he said while brushing himself off, he looked to the group of Kokiri and said, “I am looking for a tall guy with blonde hair and is wearing black all around, doesn’t wear a hood and is carrying dangerous weapons. Do you guys know who I am talking about?”

uhh, no…Sorry mister.” said Mido,

    “RAAAHHHH! I am going to kill him!” Snake all the sudden got angry.

    “Snake, I can help you find this guy you’re looking for. What is his name?” asked Link.

   “Liquid Snake; he is my twin brother, but more evil than me, just call him Liquid,” said Snake.

  “Boy, LIQUID!” Link and the Kokiri kids started laughing, “”SOLID AND LIQUID! Oh hahahahahahaha! I’ll show you around the place where you need to go.”  Snake shot an evil look to Link, “It is not a laughing matter-”

   “MATTER! AH HAHHAHAHAHAH” Link is starting to cry. He put a finger to his face and wiped the tears, “oooooo! Ha ha, oooooo! Boy you sure are funny, anyway, where do you need ME to take you, SOLID SNAKE!!?” Snake was furious at Link, ran up to him and grabbed the neck of Link’s tunic, and rolled it into a ball “Anywhere! Gosh dang it! I need some help!”

  “Alright, alright, follow me!” Link still chuckling, gestured to have Snake follow him and they both had gone into the entrance of Kokiri Village, and followed out to this big field which Snake had his jaw drop.


The field was magnificent! But only few trees were in the field. There was a big castle straight ahead from where Link and Snake were standing, and then a tall ranch sat on top of a hill just left from the castle. Hooooooo! Link!” Snake pulled out his pistol and pointed it to the huge owl that startled him, “Ahh, who is this friend now Link?” said the owl, “Snake” Link whispered, “He is friendly, a bit annoying sometimes, but don’t do anything to him.”

Kaekabora all the sudden thought ‘lunch’ and started poking Snake on his head. Bang! Snake fired off his pistol and Kaekabora was lying on the ground, motionless. “Oh don’t worry; there will be many more where he is from. Come on, let’s go Link I don’t want another moments delay,” said Snake.

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