Link Meets Samus

By Ben Fuller

Author’s Note: (Please forgive me if I offended you in some weird way, and/or got the names of the characters wrong. thank you!)

Chapter 4: Ridley's Attack on Hyrule Castle


 As Link, Samus, Ganon and Zelda were exiting the ruined Kakariko Village, something shiny appeared out of the ground. It had a silver lion’s head with the tri-force on the forehead of the lion, and it had a handle just like a sword. Link moved towards the object with extreme cautiousness. Link had his hand on the silver object’s hilt and all the sudden the lion’s face moved to an evil grin. Link jumped “What is it Link?” Zelda asked him, “A lion just moved on this shiny piece of something,” He pointed at the piece of silver “Pick it up Link! See what it is!” Samus said, just as Link had picked the silver hilt up from the pile of leaves it was under.
            The sword that Link had picked up had a red blade with the silver chainmail handle. The sword had blue and purple gems on the hilt. The bottom had a round ball that had the tri-force with a dragon on it. “What does it mean?” Zelda asked, “I don’t know, it some how looks familiar Link and Ganon looked to Samus who was looking at the sword kind of strangely.




Samus, Katherine, Hoku, Juki and Forsoc walked to a small circular room; there they saw door levels 1-7 “Samus & Katherine, you guys will be attempting the 1st level today, resisting heights. Samus and Katie looked at each other like this is the last time they were going to see their faces again. ”Don’t worry; you are not going to die. It is just a projected hologram that feels and looks real.” All of them walked to the level 1 door, the door slid open to a vast desert landscape with one cliff that is 50ft high with steps coming out from the cliff that led up to where they all were standing at. Katie walked to the edge of the high cliff, looked over it and said trembling with fear and a gulp, “So, what do we have to do in this?” Hoku said very fast, “You two, have to jump off the cliff, land safely and go up those steps now goodbye see you in two hours!” Hoku, Juki and Forsoc all took a step backward and the door automatically closed in front of them.

Samus and Katie went to the cliff, held hands, walked back then ran to cliff and jumped off the edge of the 50ft cliff. “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” when the ground was visible, the suit put on its gravity decelerator and they gently floated toward the ground. “That took a while to get to the ground, now to get to the top of this high cliff.” Samus took a leap to the step that was closest to them, then ……..

End flashback.

Link snapped his fingers with his free hand in front of Samus’ face, Come on, we have to go.” Soon after Link, Zelda, Samus and Ganondorf walked out of the burning Kakariko village, they saw Ridley fly into Hyrule Castle town.




It echoed through out the Land of Hyrule, “Oh no, we have to go there now!” Samus said, while looking at Link and pointing to Hyrule Castle. “I agree lets go!” Link said, with the sword out that he just found on his right and the Hylian shield on the left. “All right!! Let’s defeat this dragon and we can get back to our lives!” Ganon said with excitement. “I don’t know, but Link might get hurt.”

“Oh come on Zelda! Remember, when he was a kid he just defeated 3 bosses with a stick! We just need to be alert and he has that fancy sword now, to kill that dragon!”

“That “Fancy Sword” has a name Ganon. It is called The Dragon Fryer; it kills a dragon with one slice of the sword.” Samus said, very calmly

There was several screams in the distance. Fire blew into the air and Ridley flew out from the courtyard, carrying people in his menacing claws. Link started running towards the flying dragon. “LINK! You are stupid going towards that dragon! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!” Yelled Zelda




Ganondorf is flying behind Link saying, “I am not going to let you die! That is my job!”

“Good, then you can help me by distracting that dragon.”

“What? Are you crazy? That’ll kill me!”

“You just do what ever to distract that dragon. And I’ll slice him on the head!”





(Parents, if you are supervising please be strongly cautioned)




Ridley has just bitten off a man’s head, moments later, he threw the body of the man in a random direction and the body landed in the river, and it floated by Link and Ganon then floated under the bridge, then it fell into the sewer.

“That is gross.” Ganon said, while still looking at the body. “Let’s just gets this over with and we can get back to our lives”


“DIE RIDLEY!!!” Link jumped up on rooftops and when Ridley got into view Link pushed his right foot off the edge of a rooftop and Ganon is distracting the dragon and it’s all going to plan. Then, Link ran on Ridley’s back, jumped and all the sudden a giant claw of Ridley’s swiped at Link. Throwing him on rooftops; landing hard on the ground he got knocked out. The sword clanked and landed outside the fountain, right beside Link’s knocked out body.

“Link!!” Both Zelda and Samus yelled, they both ran over to his unconscious body. Zelda pulled Link on her lap, and held his head with one hand.




Ganon hit Ridley with a giant purple ball; Ridley jarringly fell to the ground with a hard hit by Malo Mart. “NOW SAMUS! HIT HIM WITH DRAGON FRYER!” yelled Ganon, Samus did as she was told and Jumped on Ridley and punctured hid dragon scale skin, which was very easy to do for the sword. Ridley roared with pain and 15 seconds later he roared no more. He evaporated into the sky and the sword dropped and clanked onto the ground. “YOU………..WILL……….PAY!” Ridley’s voice somehow came over the town, after he mysteriously evaporated.

*Grunt* Link has barely woken up “What,*grunt* happened?” Zelda stroking his hair, she said “Samus has just killed Ridley, everyone’s safe Link, even the citizens.” The people, who were watching, came out of their dwellings and clapped for Link, Samus, and even Ganon. Ganon flew down and felt enlightenment in his soul because of the clapping of the citizens. After 3 minutes, the clapping deceased.

Samus took her helmet off, shook her blonde hair so it would be straight; put her helmet under her left arm. She came over to the now awakened Link, kneeled down and bent over to kiss him on the forehead. “Good job Link, I wish I knew more men like you. You are brave, smart, handsome.” Said Samus; looking at him wryly. “I wish you well on many adventures to come.” “Whoa! Don’t try hitting on Link, he is my boyfriend!” Zelda said warningly.  “Now, I’ll be leaving now, goodbye” She pressed the ship communicator on her wrist and a whrrrrrrrrr of a ship came by. It was Samus’ ship, it landed safely on the ground and a few birds came out from the hatch when it opened.

Samus walked in her ship and started it up, Link tried to lift his hand but the ship was too fast for her to notice him. “And good riddance! Gosh! Come on Link; let’s go to the Hyrulian Hospital. Ganon, come help me get Link to the hospital. Ganon took Link’s right arm and Zelda for his left. They all walked to the hospital and they lived happily ever after!




The End



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