Link Meets Samus

By Ben Fuller

Author’s note: Caution! Some of this material may not be suitable for children under 5! (Please forgive me if I offended you in some weird way, and or got the names of the characters wrong. thank you!)

Chapter 3: The Search for Princess Zelda


 “Let’s go into Kakariko Village to see if she is there,” Link said as they were walking towards the village “Ok while we are searching, we will try one of their most tasty omelets! At The Tasty Omelet Jamboree!” Said Ganondorf, “Oh you’ll love it Samus! Trust me.” When Link, Samus and Ganondorf got into the town, people were running away from the town, Ingo grabbed Link’s shirt and he said while crying in fear, “PLEASE SAVE US LINK!! There is a dragon that is terrorizing the town! AND IT HAS ZELDA!!!!” They all ran towards the burning town, and saw a horrible, purple dragon figure, with orange cat-like eyes, and very pointy teeth, with wings of bronze and purple with a wing span of an average household and hands as the size of a whole car, and claws and talons as sharp as a T-rex’s tooth.


Ridley, while clutching Zelda in his claws, saw Samus with her Bronze suit, and link with the master sword, then Ganondorf with his purple glow sword. “LIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!!!!!!” Zelda screamed while she extended her arm to Link as though to grab his hand while in an attempted rescue. Link, with his master sword, with great anger, he jumped up and hit him just enough for the arm to release Zelda, Ganondorf saw her as she fell, he ran to where he can catch Zelda and he caught her. He laid her down by a tree and then attacked Ridley, then Samus just ran on by with out her helmet and she attacked Ridley, all attempted but he just flew away with minor scratches on him. When Link couldn’t see Ridley anymore, he ran over to Zelda, caring for her. “Zelda! Are you all right?” He said, while stroking her head, very slowly. She nodded, “Link who was that dragon anyways?”


“That dragon Zelda, is Ridley, he is the one that destroyed Samus’ home town” He pointed over to her, Samus is kneeling and banging on the ground with her fists and after she was done she laid there for a while thinking of the past.




As Samus and her friend were following the Chozo Scientists, they saw a tall tower with all the Chozo Prophets in statues. On the outside all of the statues were guarding the hexagon shaped building. “Come inside, Samus and Katherine.” Juki said, “I am not Katherine! I am Katie!” she stared at him with angered look on her face.


“Ok, Katie!” he said as though she were a baby, she stuck her tongue out at him.

They walked into a huge room that had a catwalk that had millions of pathways to the top and all sections of the room, Chozo citizens were going in and out going about their business, all dressed in the same robes that Juki, Hoku, and Forsoc had on. Along sides of the catwalks were handles like to support people when they were going up and down the case. In the middle of the room there is a pillar that supported the wide ceiling on top. On the bottom of the pillar they had suits for both Katie and Samus; they both ran over to see the two suits that the Scientists made, they both said at the same time “ooooooOOOOooooo! Aaaaaaah!” One suit had a red helmet with a golden/bronze type of body; the visor looked like a boomerang wide enough for her to see through it. One arm had a beam cannon and the other was regular.


            Katie’s on the other hand, has a Black Helmet and a green visor still, the make of the suit is the same as Samus’ but different color, it was Dark Purple and Blue. “You guys can’t wear those yet, until you have proven your self worthy to be a bounty hunter, you can’t wear those suits. You have to go through some rigorous training, so I am handing you some guns that has the same functions as the gun on the suit, but at a lower frequency.” Hoku Said while handing them the plasma guns to them, “very cool! And Thank you for them” Samus said, “Now lets’ go to the training first, come, and follow us please to this first room.” Hoku added after they had a chance to get used to the guns. “Now, there are seven levels of this training exercise,” Hoku held up his fist and made his first finger go up, the first one, is Resisting heights. Second, Resisting Fire. Third, withstanding the cold. Fourth, Fighting simulated space pirates. Fifth, Space jumping. Sixth, the maze of curiosity, the Seventh and last one, Swimming with deadly creatures,” After he had said that, he had seven fingers up.


            Link ran over to Samus to comfort her, Zelda didn’t mind this at all. “I bet Link does this all the time, so I am not worried about Link now.” Zelda thought, as she watched him care for Samus. A few hours later a storm had formed over Kakariko Village, “Link lets go, there is nothing here to see, come on,” Zelda Said.

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