Link Meets Samus

By Ben Fuller

Author’s Note: (Again, please forgive me if I got the names of the Chozo scientists wrong too)

Chapter 2: Link’s alliance with Ganondorf

            “Samus!” Link exclaimed; Samus was on the ground again in a breakdown, “I am sorry I will never say IT again!” trying to comfort Samus in all the ways he knows of comforting people, “HAHAHAHAHA!” Ganondorf came right into the scene with an evil laugh. Link “Not now Ganon!  Can’t you see that I’m trying to comfort someone?”


Awww but Link! Aren’t evil guys supposed to get in other people’s private moments?” whined Ganondorf


“Well yes, but… I am going to help this woman fight an evil dragon she wants revenge on”


“Oh! Can I help?” said Ganondorf excitedly


“I don’t know, hey Samus, can this guy Ganondorf come with us in your search for Ridley?” Asked Link


            Samus got up from her breakdown, and then after Samus recuperated, she asked Ganon a question “Just how good are you?” he answered, “Just as good as my old friend Link here!” “Well then, we’ll just see how good you are, use anything on that group of trees” Ganondorf with his power, a large purple ball appeared in his right hand, he threw it, Samus and Link looked at it as the ball sailed through the sky, then the ball landed and just decimated the group of trees that were once standing proudly are now just a smoldering pile of soot.  After the smoke had cleared, purple electricity bolts were just dancing on the ground wildly.

            “Oh, ummm *cough* well, uh, good job, you passed.” Samus was kind of afraid to have Ganondorf destroy Ridley. “Wahoo! So when do we leave?” “I dunno, as soon as we pack up our things and leave. “


“Could I bring some of my minions along for the trip?”


“Minions?” Samus questioned, “What does he mean by MINIONS Link?

“Well, Ganon is depicted as the ultimate personification of evil. He is callous, egocentric and cruel, viewing all others as tools to be used or enemies to be destroyed. He is characterized simply as a power-crazed tyrant obsessed with conquering and enslaving Hyrule. Since then, he has been depicted with more complexity, which provides a more understandable reason for his villainy. Ganon's roles range from savage beast, to Machiavellian tyrant, and god-like entity; sometimes, he is seen as a mixture of all three. He possesses a vicious, psychotic nature, though he usually maintains great composure, despite the furious rage that seethes within him, only occasionally losing his emotional restraint.”

“So basically, he is the King of Evil?”

“Yep, he is.” Link whispered to Samus’ Ear saying “Sometimes, he gets really kind hearted and has emotional breakdowns for some weird reason. It kinda scares me a little really.” They both look at Ganon, Butterflies, Squirrels, Bunnies, and Birds were gathered around him, he has eyes closed too. Angelic voices came from the sky. “Umm, Ganon? Are you aware of the animals around you?” Questioned Link, he was quite concerned for Ganon. He opened one eye and said “Yes I do, and I quite enjoy it really.” He said, “I just want to feel the animals love before I go DESTROY THEM! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” All of the bunnies jumped away, birds flew, squirrels scattered, and butterflies flew away, as Ganondorf yelled.

“I am going to say goodbye to my Friends before we go” Link said and just at that moment Samus just stood there looking at Lake Hylia in complete blank.


Katie is a Girl about Samus’ age and height, she has long brown hair, and glasses, with some freckles on her face, and she has been with Samus for a very long time. Her personality is a funny one; she can make mostly anyone laugh. As Katie and Samus with Hannah and everyone were looking for survivors, as Samus got done with her side she looked up and there were some weird looking creatures that were looking at her, they were kind of a bird like creature that can talk to humans.

She asked “Who are you?”  One creature stepped up and said “We three are the Chozo scientists, I am Juki,” He said in a deep voice, and these two are Hoku, and Forsoc. Hoku is a fat bird that when ever he walks, he ran out of air and he has bad asthma. Forsoc, he is this tall and skinny bird his hair was spiked, and he looked like an old foegy. They were all wearing science coats.  We have come to help you in your quest to defeat the evil dragon that took your parents!” He said with a vengeful expression. “We are looking for another bounty hunter and you look like the one!”

“Why do I look like one?”

“Umm…It looks like you have the skills, but we’ll take you in to do some training to increase your skills” Juki said


“Ok. Can my friend Katie join too?”


“Sure, if she can take it”


“Take what? A test? Oh I hate tests one time I got a B+ on my math test and” she just went on, and on, and on, until Juki said “OKAY!!! WE GET THE PICTURE! LETS GO NOW!”

            “Samus? Helllloooooo? Are you there?” Ganondorf’s had his hand waving in front of her, “Link, what is wrong with Samus?” 


“She is having a flashback moment” He answered, as Link put his left had on her shoulder. “I’m going to go say goodbye to my friends now. Ganon, stay here and watch Samus, when I come back, let’s go.”


“But Link? What happens when guards come and take her?” Link just ended Epona’s song, his horse came immediately, he went on her and answered, “Just say: this is Samus, and she is taking us to defeat the great dragon Ridley that has destroyed her parents and she has invited Link and I along to help her fight it.” “All right, sounds like a plan to me!” after Link left, Ganon thought to himself, “why do I have to stay with the girl? And why does Link have to do everything!!”


Then, a few moments later, four of Hylian guards came where Ganon and Samus slept. The Captain had a Blue cape of which had the royal family crest on it. He wore silver armor, and no helmet, he had a big two handed sword that had jewels on the handle. The guards had just plain silver armor on, nothing special just some spears as they usually do. The captain and the guards looked scared when they saw Ganon. “Oh, no! It’s Ganondorf! And he has, yet again stolen another young maid for his evil deeds!” The captain said, when Ganondorf had awakened, the captain and his crew got ready for battle as he stood up. When Link came out of the forest, he saw that Ganondorf had encountered four of Hylian guards plus the captain.


 “Have you seen Princess Zelda anywhere? I had a hunch that you captured her again, and the king hasn’t seen her for three days!” “I had not ‘captured her again’ and this is not my captive!” Ganondorf said, as he was pointing to Samus. Link came up riding on Epona, and the guards kneeled down right at the sight of him. The Captain said “Link, the hero of time has come! Tell me, why is Ganon so ‘friendly’ now?”


 “Well, he has allied with me to fight the evil dragon, Ridley.”  Answered Link, “Who is this ‘Ridley’ you speak of?” “It is none of your concern captain, you can go away now” “LINK! Princess Zelda has run away! And we don’t know where she is!” The captain said, Link now thinking to himself, “Oh great! Now we have to save Zelda! If we rescue her I will have Zelda talking, and Ganondorf right beside me, oh man this is going to be a tough one to get out of!”  “Ok, we’ll search for Zelda, and we’ll bring her back to her father.” Link said as he woke up Samus and Ganondorf went to go search for Zelda.

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