Link Meets Samus

By Ben Fuller

Author’s Note: (Please forgive me if I got the names wrong on Samus’ mother and father when I publish this, I am going to change the names of all characters, places and objects)

Chapter 1: Samus' Arrival

            Link is riding on his horse on a dirt road in the Lost Woods, being tired from all of his adventures and whatnot. He sees a tree that he could lie down next to, he got off Epona, tied her to the tree and he laid his Master sword and Hylian shield down on the grass close by him. So that if he did see anything suspicious; he could quickly grab them and threaten the person opposing him.

            When he was about to lay down, he sees a bronze ball with a black line running in the middle of the ball and a strange blue light is pulsing in it. He looked at it and started to touch it with his finger. Link felt the ball, it was cold and hard. There’s nothing like any ball he had seen through out Hyrule, so he thought that it was an “item” that he was supposed to find. Link was just about to put the strange looking ball in his item bag, until he heard a mysterious woman’s voice.


“WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!” Said the Angry Mysterious Voice; Link jumped as soon as he heard it.   Link looked at the ball, “Did you just talk?” Link said, while holding it out and looking at the ball strangely.


“Yes I did, what did you think I was? Mute?”


“Umm. No, I just thought that you were another item I’m supposed to get. Anyways, I am Link, Hero of time and rescuer of the Sages. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your name speaking ball?”


“Put me down and you’ll see my true form.” Link did as he was told too; he set the ball down and watched it. Link fell down as the ball transformed into a Human being, she is wearing a bronze suit all around her and there was red on the top section of her suit, she had big, spiky shoulders. Her right arm was shaped like a cannon type thing, and her left was just a regular arm. She took off her helmet, and shook her head to make her blond hair straight. Her face is round and her eyes are a shining blue.

            “I am Samus AranSamus said, as she stretched her arm out to pickup Link off the ground, “What are you doing here?” Asked Link, while he was dusting himself off.


“I am looking for an Evil Dragon called Ridley”


“Who’s Ridley?”


“Ridley is a Metroid Dragon that led the Space Pirate attack on my home colony of K-2L, which inevitably led to the deaths of all the colonists including my mother and father, the former of which Ridley was directly responsible. I had since had a personal vendetta against Ridley because of this, and that coupled with my objective to rid the galaxy of Space Pirates of which he is the leader.” She answered him, as she started to cry as she was remembering her mother and father from years ago.


It was a quiet evening in the colony K-2L, kids were out playing with fake hand guns and everyone out enjoying an evening of excellence. The yellow sun is setting over the mountains with a red and orange sky. It was a perfect temperature and even the teenagers were outside playing, it was a perfect day. Samus was 16 and she was with her mother and father: Rosy and Tom were sitting in the park talking about everything that was going on with their lives. Until all went quiet, three minutes later a loud roar sprang up. It made everyone scared; the people knew who made that roar. Ridley, the most feared dragon in all of Gimix Galaxy has come to her home colony to completely disintegrate all of the buildings and kill all of the humans that were living on that planet.


“Quickly Rosy: we have no time to lose!” said Tom as they were running from Ridley, “I know of a hiding place when I was a child, Ah! Here it is!” Said Tom; opening an escape shaft that is in the ground, “hurry before Ridley comes….AHHHHH!” Ridley came and grabbed Tom and Rosy. “MOTHER!!! FATHER!!!” Samus started to cry

really hard as Ridley took away her parents. “I will hunt you down and KILL YOU RIDLEY!!!” Samus is filled with rage with the death of her father, mother and loved ones. She went into the shack where her father said to go in, laying down trying to sleep on the mat that was there in the shack, she is in fright that some space pirate will come and kill her.


            Samus, Are you okay?” Said Link, with concern over Samus: He was about to touch her shoulder when she said, “Don’t touch me.”


“o.k.” Said Link, he was wondering about Metroids, the Space Pirates, and her mother and father, “Do you want me to help you in defeating Ridley?”

She turned around to face Link and she stared at him, and he stared back. “You know what Link, you look like my father.”


“Yeah, and yes, you can help me defeat the cursed Dragon, Ridley. Lets get on your horse and we can ride to my ship.” Said Samus; still weeping. Link helped her on his horse and Samus wrapped her arms tightly around him, Link was starting to blush as Epona started to gallop. “So what is this place?” Samus asked. “It is the Land of Hyrule, and the place that we are in is, The Lost Woods. The Lost woods are the place where goblins, Stalfos, Deku Plants and Wolfos live.”


“What are all those things that you said Link?” Link explained what his enemies are, how Hyrule was created, and how evil Ganondorf is, and everything she has to know about Hyrule, and its creatures. “Wow, so this Princess Zelda Girl, are you guys related? Married or what?”


Ummm, I really don’t want to talk about it.”

Oohhhh, I see how it is, you love her don’t ya!”

Link starting to choke up as she said that,


“So anyways, where is your home Link?”

“It is in Kokiri Village, How did you get here, Samus?”

“I got here in my ship, K-968”

“Can I see it?”

“Sure, if we can get into a wider space.”

            When Samus and Link got into Hyrule Field, Samus called her ship in a few moments later a big black dot came into the sky, and the ship landed. It was a big ship, had the same color on it as Samus’ battle suit, it had big plasma gun like things, and it had a visor just like hers, the color was a blue-green color.

            “Well, here it is, K-968, a beauty isn’t she?” said Samus “Yep she is, Hey I was wondering, what are Metroids and Space Pirates?”


“Metroids are large jellyfish-like with quadripartite nuclei. They are capable of siphoning an undetectable life energy from any animal, generally causing the death of the victim in the process. This energy can also be siphoned from the Metroid in turn, allowing it to be used as a living power source. The Space Pirates are a hostile group of interstellar nomads resembling humanoid insects, who plunder colonies and ships.”


“Ok, I just got a head-ache when you said that.” Said Link


“Basically, Metroids are large brain like jellyfish that suck the life out of things, and Space pirates are nomads that basically shoot everything in site and steal everything that is of valuable to them.” Said Samus.


 “Oh ok then, that is a little clearer now. I just did not want to disturb you while you were thinking of the past” That’s when it started again when Link said “Past”, she froze where she was walking then she stood still.


            “I don’t know where to go now, I don’t know if the terror has stopped or if there are people still alive……I don’t know; I am too afraid to know.” Said Samus, in disbelief while she was lying on the mat, she didn’t know what had just happened. It sounded like


            “Oh, lets check in this little door to see if there are any survivors!” Said a human voice; the human had opened the shack door, he saw Samus lying on the mat. “SAMUS! You survived? Where are Tom and Rosy?” said Burt. “They have been taken away; by that EVIL DRAGON RIDLEY!” Samus was starting to cry again. “Oh, my! Samus, dear, why don’t you come and live with us, after we look for survivors.” Said Hannah; in a concerned voice. “Let’s go outside where all the survivors are.”


            The colony is a total mess! Ridley has completely destroyed all of the buildings and killed almost all of the humans that lived there. The sky was filled with smoke, and the trees were burned down, there were dead bodies everywhere Samus looked. The streets are buried in rubble, and car parts were everywhere.  “Oh! Samus! Thank goodness you are alive!” said her friend Katelyn, while hugging Samus; being excited as she was that she and Katelyn were still alive, “I thought that you were carried away by Ridley, who were they any way?”


“My parents!” Samus Exclaimed, she was tired of being reminded of her parents that have been taken away from Ridley. “Katelyn, Don’t remind Samus about you know who!” Whispered Hannah, in Katelyn’s ear, “Oh! Ok, mouth closed!” Katelyn did an imaginary zipper movement with her mouth and fingers.

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