Zelda: The Quest For Immortality Series

Book 3: Paths of Deception

W elcome! Here is the third book in our special extended series, The Quest For Immortality. Continuing straight on from where The Resurrection left you hanging, events turn even more darker and twisted as the evil Mara and Robert carry out their masterplan for world domination, and a guilty Zelda pretends it all isn't happening, while Link suddenly finds that maybe Kylara was correct when she predicted that he should never have married his princess...

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Paths of Deception

Brief Summary of Novel

Chapter 1

Link and Zelda are finally with one another again, and their children are safe once more. But after recent events, such as Link's ordeal in Calatia and the kidnap of their son, Ewan, the couple decide it is time to visit an old haunt - Valour Hold. In the company of friends like Nick, Selina, Drake and Aaron it seems like a fine idea, but some of them are still uneasy.

Zelda cannot forget Kaibre Lainge, a man who she might have loved, and she cannot rid herself of the guilt of betraying her husband Link. Something else is worrying her too, but she can't quite place it - and she is not the only one with fears.

Mara is still at large, and the faeries take it upon themselves to track down the witch once and for all, and find out just exactly what she is planning. To make matters worse, Queen Seline, ruler of Calatia is found murdered - and the new ruler of Link's homeland is none other than Robert of the Kokiri tribe who still bears his kin a dangerous and potentially destructive grudge.

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