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Zelda: Resolution

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (thebawp@gmail.com)

Chapter 8




   The autumn sky was grey and heavy with clouds as much of Hyrule gathered together in Mido Cemetery for the solemn memorial that was about to take place in memory of those lives lost in Catalia's recent invasion. Zelda was standing on the temporary dais, watching as her loyal subjects filed into the lonely, lifeless graveyard, sombre expressions on each of their faces, heads bowed and all dressed in dark robes. Her hair whipped a little across her face in the fierce breeze that seemed to rush through the cemetery every so often and she pushed it back with her hand, shivering and at once drawing her grey cloak around herself more tightly.

  "So many people are here," Link remarked, stood right beside her. Zelda nodded, reaching over to slip her hand into his for comfort. Looking around she noted her father stepping to the front of the platform, with Fenella and Fayette respectfully stood to one side. Drake was nearby, as was Aaron and several other important members of the Royal Council, including Impa.

  "Oh Link, why did all this have to happen?" she murmured sadly, gazing down at the brown earth below. "I feel like it could have been avoided..." Link shook his head and wrapped his other arm around her shoulders.

  "Nothing would have deterred Robert," he replied quietly.  “Nothing in this world could have stopped his blind ambition.”

  “I should go and help my father,” Zelda said, leaning forward to kiss him on the forehead. “After all the work I did, it would be rather a waste not to,” she added, with a small smile.

  “You’ll do a great job, I know it,” Link said, smiling back. She let go of his hand and stepped gracefully along the platform, joining the king at the front. The crowd was quiet and expectant, their heads bowed in respect; not only for their monarch but for those who had bravely perished for their country.


   King Harkinian spoke first, before Zelda stepped forward to say her piece. Link watched his wife proudly, finding tears springing to his eyes as she spoke. And for all her faults, Zelda would always be Hyrule’s most beloved. He glanced around the crowd, noting that all of them stood in rapt attention at Zelda’s speech. His heart gave a sudden lurch however, when he suddenly noticed a familiar face, standing towards the back of the group. A dark haired peasant was standing close to another face he recognised. Fayzie and Damon. It seemed so long to Link since he had seen her, and indeed to look upon her once again was a shock. She was looking over at Zelda, not him, however and he had to turn away, attempting to stand closer to Drake in an effort to save both of them from any grief or discomfort. But perhaps something drew her gaze to him as he had to her, and for the briefest moment, her warm, chocolate brown eyes met with his blue ones. She averted her gaze almost at once, looking pained as she did. His own heart wrenched painfully, but at that moment, Zelda had stepped towards him, her speech obviously over. The head sage from Mido’s temple was beginning to perform the ceremony and as Zelda came to stand beside him he gripped her hand tightly, keeping his gaze on her as he did.

  “Link... are you alright?” she whispered, looking concerned.

  “It’s nothing,” he managed to choke back, looking past her again at Fayzie once more. She was stood so close to Damon, in fact, they too, were holding hands. Then Damon reached down to tenderly brush her hair, obviously whispering some words of comfort to the Kokiri. Zelda slowly turned to see what he was looking at so agitatedly but the hero stopped her, quickly putting his other hand up to her cheek.  “I love you Zel, I love you so much.” She managed a faint smile, and was about to reply when they noticed both Fenella and Fayette glaring disapprovingly over in their general direction. The pair both turned their attention dutifully towards the sage, but not even the moving epitaph could deter Link from the emotions that were beginning to stir up inside him at the sight of his previous love and friend, looking so close and intimate. Was his imagination just running wild, or had Fayzie found new love with Damon?


  Drake approached the grave of his cousin, his heart heavy with despair as he thought of young Byron.  Like so many of the recent graves, it was marked by a simple white headstone, which was engraved with the name of the fallen, as well as their date of birth and date of death.  A legend was engraved just beneath the dates, identical to every other that marked the grave of a fallen soldier in the recent battle.  ‘Their sacrifice will not be forgotten.’  Byron’s grave was already wreathed in flowers, the man had been a friend of many.  Not least of all Drake.  Blood bound them to one another, but it had been their friendship that Drake had valued above all else.  The knight got down to his knees, and laid one wavering hand on top of the smooth grave stone, closing his eyes for a moment. 

  “I’ll miss you, cuz,” he whispered hoarsely.  After a few moments, Drake managed to find the strength to stand, his head still bowed.  What he would have given, for his cousin to know how much he had meant to the knight.  With no son of his own, Drake had almost regarded Byron as one, such was the gap in their years.  The knight had seen many consigned to the grave over the years, including colleagues, family and friends, but he had never expected to outlive his youngest cousin.  He could loiter at the grave no longer, however, though he did not wish to forget Byron, he certainly did not want to dwell on the young man’s death any more than he wanted to accept it.   Turning on his heel, he began to walk away, his head bowed, his eyes on the well worn ground beneath his feet. 


  Drake did not see the young man standing a few graves down, paying his own tribute to a lost loved one.  It was only when the knight collided with the youth that Drake’s attention was diverted from other, more sombre thoughts. 

  “Din, sorry...I wasn’t looking where I was going,” admitted Drake, a little flustered.  The young man turned to him, and fixed his blue eyes upon Drake’s, looking a little startled himself.

  “No worries, sir.  I understand that in a place such as this our minds tend to be elsewhere...” replied the mourner gracefully.  When he turned to Drake, the knight felt a shiver flash down his spine; it was like looking at his own reflection.  He knew that the mourner felt it too, and for a moment they both stood, quiet and surprised.  Frowning slightly, Drake looked away from the young man, whose sandy blonde hair and  watery blue eyes were more than similar to his own.  He could also tell that the boy, for he looked no more than twenty summers old, was clearly half Hylian from the slightly pointed tips of his ears, to the graceful definition of his features.  His gaze averted, Drake’s eyes found the grave at which the boy had been standing, and he knew immediately that it was not the grave of a soldier.  The marker stone was new enough, but it was made from grey stone, and the name that adorned it was the name of no man.  Drake’s eyes widened in surprise as he silently read the name, his heart suddenly wrenched in his chest.

  “Rose Bladelaw?” he murmured, before turning to look back at the youth before him.  He looked back to the inscription.  It read: ‘Mother, daughter, sister and friend.  She will be missed.’  A shaky sigh escaped Drake’s lips and he stepped backwards, almost as if he were afraid. 

  “You knew her?” inquired the youth curiously.  Drake looked to the boy, his heart suddenly pacing a few skips faster. 

  “Yes...yes I did.  A long time ago,” murmured the knight.  It had to be close to quarter of a century ago now, that he knew.  The boy turned back to the grave, his face solemn.

  “She died of a fever not two months back.  The healer could do nothing for her...” he remarked quietly. 

  “I’m sorry to hear that,” said Drake quietly.  He was more than sorry.  To learn that Rose, his Rosie, had been in Hyrule and he had not known...it was too much to contemplate.  The young man turned back to Drake and extended a hand. 

  Griffin.  Griffin Bladelaw.  I was her son,” he introduced.  Drake gripped the boy’s hand and shook it firmly. 

  “Drake Benowyc,” he murmured, feeling a little nauseous.  As soon as Drake mentioned his name, Griffin withdrew his hand, his eyes narrowed.

  “Drake Benowyc?” echoed the young man.  Drake nodded, their eyes never leaving one another’s.  Griffin looked back to his mother’s grave, apparently deep in thought.  Several quiet moments passed, before he turned back to Drake.

  “You don’t know, do you?” inquired the young man, his tone almost accusatory.

  “Know what?” asked Drake dumbly.  He could not look away from the young man before him, he felt almost transfixed.  For a moment, Griffin said nothing, his eyes looking deep into Drake’s as if he were searching for something.  Then he licked his lips, almost as if he were nervous, and spoke, his tone soft and clipped.  

  “You are my father.”   


   Fayette looked down at the large bouquet of flowers she held in her hands with glistening tears in her eyes. She had brought them for Kendar, beautiful red and cream roses nestled between fine sprays of baby’s breath and lush green leaves. She’d purchased them from Rauru as they’d passed through on the way to Mido. Tenderly, she laid them down on the ground before the simple marble headstone that bore his name and wiped the tears from her eyes.

  Kendar, I’ll never forget you,” she whispered to the silent grave, brushing it gently with her begloved hand. Kendar’s body had never been found, but Fayette had insisted that his memory should never be forgotten and spent much money in purchasing a small spot in Mido’s graveyard in which to remember him by. The marble marker simply read ‘The bravest and most loving soul in the Demiari’. She dabbed her eyes once again, attempting to regain her composure. Her mother could not seem to understand her sadness, but then, she had never approved of Fayette’s relationship with the man. Kendar had made Fayette realise that love didn’t always come with riches and noble breeding. It came from within the heart. It was why her sister loved Link, why King Nicolas of Dalsona loved Selina Rowen. She understood that now, although at the same time, she still deeply resented both couples. She slowly rose from her position beside the grave, looking around to see if she could spot her mother. At that moment, a couple slowly strolled past her, and with a start, Fayette realised that it was Fayzie... the girl that Link had been so taken by only a few weeks earlier. She was with Damon Owen, who Fayette vaguely recognised as being a friend of the royal family. She certainly wasted no time, Fayette thought to herself meanly, watching the pair with interest as they approached her.

  “Lady Faye,” Damon said, with a small bow as they came to the spot where she stood.

  “How nice to see you again Damon,” Fayette trilled falsely. Fayzie looked away shyly, not saying anything but Fayette wasn’t about to let her walk away. “And Fayzie, isn’t it?” she asked.

  “Yes, my lady...” Fayzie said quietly, bowing her head she did so.

  “How lovely to meet you once more! You know, things haven’t quite been the same since you left,” she remarked.

  “Oh?” Fayzie asked, her face flushing as she looked at Fayette warily.

  “Yes, quite. But of course, any mistress of Link’s wouldn’t ever be forgotten by the likes of Zelda,” Fayette continued in the same, false tone. Fayzie stared at the Sosarian in shock, her face a mixture of hurt and guilt.

  “I wasn’t... I didn’t mean...” she began, visibly flustered.

  “It would incredibly unfortunate if you happened to bump into them, wouldn’t it?” Fayette stated maliciously. “Actually, why are you really here at all? It’s not like you’re a true resident of Hyrule. Although you obviously wasted no time in finding another naive lover to shack up here with,” she added cruelly. Fayzie didn’t answer, her eyes filling with tears at Fayette’s callous words, but Damon looked simply furious.

  “I should think, Lady Fayette,” he began in a clipped tone, “in that case, you have no right to be here either, considering you too, are not a Hyrulian native.” Fayette looked absolutely infuriated by this, her eyes flashing angrily.

  “How dare...” she began, but Damon wasn’t finished.

  “Not to mention that any relationship we might have is certainly nothing to do with you, my Lady!” Before Fayette could reply, he had given her another bow and taken a visibly shaken Fayzie by the arm and led her away quickly up the path, leaving a seething Fayette behind.


  Drake didn’t know how long he was stood there, facing Griffin Bladelaw, his jaw hanging slightly open. 

  “My mother - she spoke of you often...said you had gone on to better things,” murmured Griffin, his tone noticeably bitter.  Gulping slightly, Drake shook his head, still awaiting for his senses to return.  “When my grandfather found out that my mother was pregnant, he sent her to stay with relatives.  Didn’t want her to ‘disgrace’ the family,” continued the young man, turning his back on Drake. 

  “What?” cried Drake, his voice full of indignation.  He reached forward and grabbed Griffin by the shoulder, forcing him to turn. 

  “You heard me...I spent most of my early years in Catalia with my mother – we stayed there until my grandfather deemed it acceptable for us to return to Hyrule.  It didn’t stop people from talking though...so we moved to Latonia.  She stayed there til her death, not welcome in her own home because of the malicious gossips who loved to discuss the scandal of her bastard son.”  As Griffin spoke, Drake dropped his hand from the boy’s shoulder, and stood back, shaking his head.

  “I...I never knew,” admitted the knight, looking back to the grave.  It was well tended enough; he might have forgotten her, but others hadn’t. 

  “No?  Even if you had, would it have mattered?”

  “Of course it would have done!  It would have changed everything!” growled Drake, casting his gaze from side to side, careful to keep his voice low.  This was supposed to be a place of rest, after all.  Griffin folded his arms. 

  “Don’t think I haven’t heard the tales of the infamous Sir Drake Benowyc.  A girl in every town and more besides, so I’ve heard.  Hardly the family man,” he began.  Drake’s frown grew deeper.

  “Rose disappeared without a word.  What was I supposed to do?  If I had known she was...with child...” Drake trailed off.  He didn’t know what he would have done.  But he would not have abandoned her. 

   “You would’ve what?” asked Griffin, his stare level with Drake’s.  Drake threw up his arms in exasperation and turned away, casting his eyes about the graveyard.  Dotted about were pockets of people, mourning their lost loved ones.  Griffin did not move, but merely stood, his arms folded, a scowl on his handsome face. 

  “I don’t know.”  Drake turned back to Griffin, shaking his head.  “I don’t know what I would have done.  But it would have been the right thing.  I loved your mother,” began the knight, his tone earnest, his words honest.  Griffin snorted and looked away, his arms still folded across his chest. 

  “If you loved her, you wouldn’t have left her.”  Griffin’s gaze was still averted as he spoke, his eyes elsewhere.  Drake frowned.

  “I never left her.  I left Nabooru.  Did she ever tell you why?”  asked the knight.  Griffin looked back to Drake, his lips set into a tight line. 

  “She mentioned something about your family...” began the young man vaguely.  Drake nodded.

  “Yes.  Exactly.  My family.  They were killed.  All of them.  I left Nabooru to seek the man who killed them and make sure he was brought to justice.  By the time I found the...him, Rose was gone.  And your grandfather, in his infinite wisdom, refused to tell me where she was.  What could I have done?  Tell me, because I’d like to hear it!”  Griffin stood silently as Drake spoke, the knight’s voice low and angry.  Griffin looked down at his boots, then back to Drake, slowly shaking his head.

  “You could have looked for her,” he began quietly.  Drake shook his head.

  “I looked.  I went to every town in Hyrule and asked if anyone knew where she was.  But no one did.  The one man who could have told me, refused to.  Your grandfather.” 

  “He never liked you...” admitted Griffin.  Drake’s frown faded somewhat, and half a grin touched his lips. 

  “That I do know...” said the knight with a nostalgic sigh.  He looked to Griffin.  “He said I’d never amount to anything.  He said I didn’t have the discipline.”  The two stood, regarding one another for a moment, and Drake swore he saw a twinkle appear in Griffin’s blue eyes. 

  “Funny,” Griffin began, “He said the same thing about me.”  The two briefly smiled at one another, albeit somewhat uneasily.  “He always said I was my father’s son,” added the young Bladelaw, with another brief smile.  Drake shrugged. 

  “Mayhap he was right for once,” mused the knight. 

  “Maybe,” admitted Griffin, extending his hand to Drake.  Drake looked down at his son’s outstretched palm for a moment, then took it, gripping it firmly and shaking it.  Then he paused, and pulled him into a hug.

  “I’m sorry,” he murmured as they parted, and Griffin shook his head, smiling. 

  “It’s in the past.  I won’t dwell on it if you won’t,” he began amiably.  Drake smiled at him.

  “Agreed,” he said with a nod.  He looked back to the headstone that marked Rose’s grave.  “I just wish...things had been different,” he murmured sadly, bowing his head. 

  “There are many things I would change if I could...but there is no use in wishing for things that can never be,” said Griffin solemnly.  Drake looked to Griffin, slightly surprised at the young man’s wise words. 

  “Your mother used to say that,” said the knight.  Griffin nodded. 

  “Yes.  Yes, she did.”  The two turned back to the grave of Rose Bladelaw in silent respect.  As they stood in silence, Drake could not help but think that they had both lost someone dear, only to discover one another.  The Goddesses moved in mysterious ways indeed.  Drake looked to Griffin.

  “Fancy a drink?” he asked.  Griffin sighed a little and nodded.

  “I don’t think there was a better time,” he conceded. 


  Fayette knew that she had to move fast. She wasn’t about to let this opportunity of causing more conflict between her step-sister and husband slip away quite so easily. How she hated Zelda! Zelda had messed up more times than Fayette could remember, and yet somehow, things always remained rosy for her. Link had come crawling back, despite his misdemeanours, and Zelda had forgiven him. Their public relationship was as perfect as ever, and although there were slight cracks in their private one, it wasn’t enough to tear them apart for good. Fayette on the other hand, had had her love cruelly snatched away by war. A war that Link, to some degree, had helped cause. Fayette watched as Zelda and her father stood talking to their various subjects, handing out flowers and wreathes to many, yet they had given no tribute to Kendar. Brave, noble Kendar Hartrend, who had done much for Hyrule, despite barely knowing any of them. He had given his life for Hyrule.


  Her eyes narrowed, she looked around for Link, noting that Zelda and Harkinian had disappeared from her current field of vision. Damon and Fayzie had walked by not only a few minutes before, they couldn’t be that far away. As she surveyed the cemetery, she noticed them standing with a group of people near a small cluster of graves. Smiling at her good fortune she turned to seek out Link again.  The hero was seated on a bench nearby, looking absolutely morose. The princess strode over to him, a sweet smile pasted on her pretty face. He barely looked up at her approach.

   “Oh Link, just the person I was looking for,” she announced gaily.

  “What do you want?” Link asked her, suspicion immediately written across his handsome features.

  “Why aren’t you with Zelda?” Fayette questioned innocently. Link shrugged.

  “She and her father are busy handing out the wreaths. I was with Drake... he lost his cousin... but I don’t really like to intrude on other’s private moments,” he remarked.

  “It’s just, well...” she paused, for dramatic effect, “I saw Zelda... she looked so upset. I think she might need you, you know, for comfort. You know how she hates coming here... Memories of her mother, and all.” At Fayette’s words Link stood up, brushing down his tunic as he did so. For a moment, she couldn’t help but admire his physique, her lips curving into an appreciative smile. The hero certainly got markedly more handsome with each passing year or so it seemed It was no small wonder he had so many women falling at his feet, and no wonder Zelda was so insanely jealous about it.  

  “Where is she?” he asked,  concern in his deep blue eyes.

  “Oh... I think she went down there... near that group of graves,” Fayette pointed.

  “I’d better go and find her... she does get affected by this place, you’re right,” Link said.

  “She’s not the only one,” Fayette muttered, folding her arms as Link walked off along the path. Smiling again to herself, she hoped that her plan would unfold exactly the way she was planning it to. Now she just had to make Zelda somehow see Link and Fayzie’s ‘accidental’ encounter and the rest would be history.


   Link wandered down to the spot where Fayette had said she’d last seen Zelda, but he could see no sign of his golden-haired wife amongst the small group. As he glanced around he noticed that most of them appeared to be archers from the Hyrulian army, obviously mourning at the loss of their fellow members. Zelda must have handed out some flowers here and obviously moved on. He was about to keep walking when he heard a familiar voice speak his name; and he couldn’t help but blanch as he heard it.

  “Link, so sad that we meet again on such a sorrowful day!” Damon said, smiling warmly at his friend. Link didn’t know what to say, as he looked first from Damon, and then to Fayzie, who seemed similarly at a loss for words. Finally, he nodded dumbly, wanting to turn and dash away across the graveyard, his heart pounding loudly, a physical sickness forming in his stomach as he looked at the pair, distraught. It was Fayzie who spoke first, her tone, although quiet, also amicable.

  “It’s so nice to finally see you again, although I too wish, it were not such a sad day,” she stated.  She spoke calmly and normally, and as he looked into her deep brown eyes, he saw nothing but sincerity and warmth.  She smiled at him hopefully, finally reaching out to brush his hand affectionately. He pulled away as if he’d been burnt and hurt crossed her features for a moment.

  Fayzie...” he managed to say, although his throat felt tight as he spoke. He stepped back nervously, running a hand through his unruly dark locks, not knowing what to do. “I hope... I hope you’re keeping well,” he finally managed to say. “And little Aden... how is he?” Fayzie looked relieved somewhat by his question and smiled.

  “Aaron’s sister, Ashleigh... she’s keeping an eye on him today. I love Tarn... and Damon has been very kind to me,” she said.

  “Yes, you don’t need to worry,” Damon said, with a wink. “I’m building her a house in Tarn.. Dion was very disappointed that I didn’t consult him first!” he added, his eyes twinkling. Link felt relieved at the change of subject and quickly spoke up.

  “Speaking of, where is that outrageous Dubation?”

  “He was here but a moment ago... suppose he has dashed off to speak to others,” Damon said, glancing around for his long-time friend.

  “I’ve really missed you Link, I’m glad we’ve finally been able to speak again,” Fayzie suddenly said shyly. Link sighed, rubbing his chin nervously.

  “Me too,” he admitted. “But I see Damon is looking after you well,” he added, glancing over at the ranger again. Damon and Fayzie looked at each other, both smiling and it was then that he knew. They didn’t have to tell him that it was true. They loved each other, it was evident. And I love Zelda, he said to himself firmly. On impulse he reached over to hug his former love, keeping the embrace as innocuous as possible. “I’m so happy for you,” he murmured.

  “And so am I,” Fayzie replied, bringing a hand to caress his cheek affectionately. For a moment he felt like he wanted to kiss her, but it passed as they parted, still smiling at each other. As he stepped back however, something made him turn. As he found himself staring into the furious green eyes of his wife, he knew that he had just perhaps made the biggest mistake ever. Zelda was stood, a gloating Fayette by her side, only a few feet away. He looked back at Fayzie, who had paled herself at the sight of Zelda, and then back at his wife once more. Her fury was more than evident to those around them, and the next moment she had walked forward to roughly grasp him by the hand.

  “I think, perhaps, we ought to leave,” she said shortly. He could only nod dumbly, following her along the path in utter silence.


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