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Zelda: Resolution

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (thebawp@gmail.com)

Chapter 6


   Sprite flew high up into the treetops, towards her friend Carrie's house. The simple abode was easy to find, for Carrie owned one of the most beautiful gardens in Silva-Veredis Le' Fey. Alighting upon the wooden veranda, Sprite took a moment to inhale the fragrant blooms that adorned it, and on impulse plucked one of the pretty flowers to put in her hair.

  "Carrie," she called out loudly. "Carrie, it's Sprite!" A few seconds later a petite redheaded faerie peered around the doorway, attired in a simple blue dress, some delicate forget-me-nots strung around her neck.

  "Oh Sprite thank goodness you're here. Tiffany's arrived already, we were just having some herbal tea. Come inside quickly!" she gestured. Sprite followed her friend into the cosy hollowed out tree trunk. Tiffany, their other close friend was seated on a wooden stool at the kitchen table. She looked as beautiful as ever, in her asymmetrically cut purple dress, her long blonde hair loose like a shower of gold down past her shoulders. Pots of flowers and herbs were everywhere, giving the room a rather aromatic but not unpleasant smell.

  "Where's Felicity?" Sprite questioned, noticing that their other friend was absent.

  "She said she didn't feel like coming out... she said she felt too upset," Tiffany said, looking a little upset herself.

  "She just hasn't quite been the same since what happened with Mara... and now Byron," Carrie commented, handing a cup of tea to Sprite. Sprite sat down at the table, sipping on her beverage thoughtfully.

  "It really is quite awful," she said. "I'd just die if I lost Link," she admitted.

  "It wasn't her fault but she seems to think it is. But there was nothing she could have done," Tiffany continued. Felicity had been Byron LeFord's faerie guardian. Still recovering from her terrible ordeal at the hands of the evil witch Mara Hespera, Felicity had not realised her Hylian companion had been in danger until it had been too late. For the last few days, none of her friends had heard from her. She had closed the door to her treetop home and gone into mourning.

  "I've tried to talk to her, I really have, but she won't listen. She says that Byron's death is all her fault and that she doesn't deserve to live anymore," Sprite sighed. "And I think she still feels guilty over what Mara used her to do."

  "But Navi counteracted all that, it was barely Flis' fault at all!" Carrie exclaimed.

  "Still it's a pretty big weight to carry. And Mara... oh gosh... she was so terrible to her," Tiffany said, with a shudder. She too, had suffered at the hands of the witch, although not to the extent of their friend. Sprite narrowed her eyes and looked angry.

  "It's too bad she didn't get finished off in the tower along with Enzar and Robert," she said.

  "Yeah well she'll want to keep away from me because if I see her..." Carrie started.

  "You and me both," Sprite muttered darkly. "If I'd been Zelda I would have ordered a big huge manhunt to bring her to justice."

  "Zelda was barely in a fit state to worry about such things. She almost died," Tiffany pointed out, finishing off her cup of tea.

  "I know but sometimes she just doesn't get her priorities in the right order," Sprite sighed.

  "You know what your father would say. We should leave the humans to their own business," Carrie interjected. "Besides, didn't King Harkinian offer a large reward to anybody who brought her before North Castle?" Sprite shrugged.

  "She probably fled a long while before he issued that decree," she said.

  "Yeah, no doubt she beguiled some unwitting sailor or conjured some sea serpent to make with her escape," Tiffany said.  Carrie made them all some more of her fragrant tea.

  "It's too late to worry about the likes of her. We really need to do something to help Felicity, else I'm afraid she'll mourn away to nothing!" she exclaimed.

  "I know, I was so worried about her that I couldn't go and accompany Link on his trip to Catalia," Sprite said. "And I've barely spent any time with him lately, he's either off out moping somewhere or being annoyed by Zelda." She let out a heavy sigh. "Between the two of them, I hardly know what to do at all."

  "Link can look after himself just fine," Carrie remarked. "But Flis really does need our help."

  "She won't even listen to me though! I've called on her every day and every time she's told me she's not up to coming out and about yet," Sprite replied, her pretty face troubled. Tiffany shook her head to herself.

  "I hate to say this but..." she trailed off a little, looking guilty.

  "What?" Sprite and Carrie asked at the same time.

  "Maybe she might talk to Navi. I mean, we might be too close and well... well maybe Navi could even give us advice on what to do. I mean, she has been around for a long time," the faerie concluded lamely.

  "Hmph I'd sooner rather talk to Fleur than her," Sprite said haughtily.

  "But she did lift Mara's curse," Carrie argued.

  "Oh that makes her our new best friend now, does it?" Sprite asked sarcastically.

  "It was just an idea," Tiffany said, shrugging. "Since Felicity won't listen to any of us." Sprite put down her teacup and sighed.

  "Maybe you're right. Maybe some time out at Navi's commune might actually do her some good," she admitted. "Not, of course, that it means I'm giving Navi any credit."

  "Of course not," Carrie and Tiffany agreed in unison.

  "Come on, let's go and see the so-called enlightened one then," Sprite said grumpily.  The three faeries trooped out of the hollow tree, each one wondering if they would be able to help Felicity.


  As the pale light of the morning sun broke through the flimsy drapes that adorned the windows of Felicity’s woodland abode, the dark haired faerie stirred reluctantly in her bed, a short sigh passing her dry lips as she realised that it was the beginning of yet another day.  As she lay in her bed, she could not help but wonder how the sun could continue to rise on such an empty and unforgiving land.  She could not remember falling asleep, although she could clearly recall that she had spent much of the night tossing and turning – her mind consumed by a myriad of thoughts that would not let her rest.  How had her life ever come to this?  It was not a life anymore, thought Felicity, but merely a mindless existence that served little purpose but to torment her.  After she had been released from the evil sorceress’ Mara’s grip, she had barely been able to believe what the witch had used her own power for.  That she, Felicity of the Fey, had been responsible for the deaths of countless men, and the near ruination of Hyrule had been almost too much for her to bear.  Thinking back to how helpless she had been still left her numb with rage and regret – she should have been able to resist Mara...but she had not.  Only the intervention of her friends, and Navi, had prevented the faerie council from banishing her from the Fey – but with each passing day, Felicity found herself wishing more and more that she had been made accountable for her failures.  At least then, she supposed, she would not have to punish herself. 


  But the events of recent weeks had faded away into insignificance when Felicity had received the news that her human companion and friend, Byron LeForde, had been killed whilst out in the Tantari desert, attempting to rout the remaining Catalian rebels.  The news had been like a hammer blow to the faerie, and she had been unable to take it any other way except badly.  She had known the young solider for many years, and had initially met him when he had saved her mother’s life.  Not long after, her mother had sadly died, and although Felicity was not required to do so, she had continued her mother’s duty to Byron as a faerie guardian.  Tears stained Felicity’s pale cheeks as she thought of her human companion, it seemed senseless to her that he should die, a young man with a good heart, whilst others might live.  Others, such as herself.  If Felicity could have given her life for Byron, she would have done in a second.  That she had not been there to protect him in the desert made it an even bitterer pill to swallow – she had been so wrapped up in her own problems that she had neglected her duty as a guardian faerie, and now her elected human companion was dead.  But that was not all.  Many faeries befriended humans and Hylians and if a faerie was helped by either of the races in some way, then they would return the deed by becoming a protector or guardian.  But Felicity’s relationship with her companion had been different to that of other faeries and their larger race companions.  Though Byron had not known it, Felicity had been very much in love with him.  It had not been mere infatuation either, like Sprite’s love for Link, it had been pure and complete love.  Felicity would have done anything to realise that love, but of course, it had been impossible.  She had not just lost a friend, but the only man she had ever loved.  Utter despair had been replaced with fresh, hot pain....a wound in her heart that Felicity felt would never heal. 


  A small sob escaped Felicity’s lips as she thought of Byron once more, his kindness to her, his quick wit and incessant banter.  He always had a smile for those around him, and no deed was beneath him if he thought it would help.  Felicity knew that the two of them could have never been more than friends, and she had accepted that one day Byron would marry another and perhaps even have children.  She would have never begrudged him that happiness, and yet to have him so cruelly snatched away in the prime of his life hurt Felicity more than she could have ever thought possible.   


  Holding her hands before her eyes, Felicity could not help but examine the lines that marked her palms with idle curiosity.  Some of the lines were etched deep into the skin, whilst others made the briefest of impressions.  But only one of the lines interested Felicity, and that was what the faeries called the line of life.  It was not an accurate way of predicting life span by any means, but the faerie could not help but note how suddenly and abruptly her own line cut off.  It seemed to her, however, that all around her people were dying whilst she still lived.  She shook her head, knowing that she should not dwell on such morbid thoughts, but she somehow could not help herself. 


  Rising wearily from her bed, Felicity approached her wash basin, where she slowly began to wash away the fresh tears brought by the morning.  When she had finished, she happened to catch sight of her reflection in the small mirror that stood by the basin, and she was appalled at what she saw.  Her normally thick and glossy black hair lay limp at her shoulders, and her usually flawless pale skin seemed dull, lifeless and blemished.  Her blue eyes, so often bright and full of curiosity appeared dead, and dark circles lay beneath them – an indication of the frequent sleepless nights that had become so commonplace in her life recently.  Shaking her head, she wiped her eyes with her fingers before walking over to the table that lay at the heart of her home.  On it was a bowl of dried nuts and fruits, which she sat and began to gingerly eat.  The food seemed tasteless and dry in her throat, so much so that after just one mouthful Felicity pushed the bowl away, her hunger not appeased but strangely lacking.  She looked down at her hands once more, and grimaced slightly.  Despite all that worried her, there was something else that caused her deeper despair still.  She could not help but notice that since she had healed Zelda back in Death Mountain she had not been able to cast a single spell.        


“You know, for a country that is supposedly poverty stricken, Seline certainly managed to maintain one heck of a wine cellar.  I’ve never seen anything like it!” remarked Drake to Link as the two traversed one of the many passages that wound beneath the Royal Castle at Opela.  Row upon row of dusty wine bottles lined the walls, and every so often, Drake paused to examine a particular bottle before resuming his path. 

  “Maybe it was here before Seline even took over the throne...some of these bottles look like they’ve been here for quite a while,” suggested Link, his hands shoved deep into his pockets.  Drake shook his head.

  “Such a waste...” he murmured, pausing to inspect another bottle. 

  “Does looking at those labels actually mean anything to you?” inquired Link, rubbing the back of his neck.  It had been a long day, and the only thing he wanted to do was to sleep.  However, Drake had insisted on exploring the so called cave of wonders that lay beneath the castle, namely its infamous wine cellar.  Link had reluctantly agreed to accompany his friend, if only with the intention of discovering what exactly was causing Drake to be so angry of late. 

  “Not really...most of the labels are written in what I’m guessing to be the old Catalian language.  I guess you were right about this collection being here since before Seline took over,” replied Drake.  They continued to walk on, an uneasy silence forming between the two.  Despite the silence, Link felt that Drake seemed a little more cheerful than he had been over the past few days, his mood no doubt improved by the Catalian horde of intoxicating liquids. 

  “You know...Drake...I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve been...not your usual self over the past few days,” began Link uneasily, slightly unsure as to how he should approach Drake on the subject. 

  “Your powers of observation astound me,” remarked Drake gruffly as he pulled a bottle from one of the racks. 

  “Is everything okay?” asked Link, ignoring Drake’s sarcastic remark.  Drake shut his eyes for a moment, and then looked at Link.  He shook his head.

  “No.  No, everything is not okay,” admitted the knight, bowing his head.

  “Then what is it?” pushed Link gently.  Drake turned back to Link, shaking his head.

  “Do you remember Byron?  My cousin?” he asked.  Link nodded.

  “Yes, of course.  We spoke a few times...” answered Link, clearly recalling Drake’s young cousin.  The two were so alike, often Link could have sworn the two were brothers. 

  “He died,” said Drake, his voice low and abrupt.  It came out so quickly that the hero almost had difficulty in understanding but then it dawned on him.  Link looked at his friend in surprise, his face a picture of shock. 

  “I’m sorry...” murmured Link, at a loss for words.  He didn’t know what else to say. 

  “I guess I should be used to it by now.  Dying seems to be the one thing my family are good at,” remarked Drake dryly. 

   “You never get used to it,” said Link solemnly.  He knew from experience.  Drake looked up as Link spoke, meeting the hero’s eyes. 

  “I know,” he admitted.  For a few moments, the two remained silent, both concentrating on their own private grief.   “He was in the desert...you know, trying to pin down those remaining men loyal to Robert,” explained Drake quietly. 

  “He was a good man Drake.     I’m sorry...really I am,” murmured Link. 

  “I know.  You don’t need to say it,” acknowledged Drake softly.  “It’s just such a waste.  Why not me?  He was a young man with everything to live for.  What do I have?  I’m alone Link...I’ve lived my life.  I’d rather have died out in the field than live and see everyone I ever cared about die.”  Link felt shocked as he heard Drake speak.  He had never suspected Drake of being so unhappy with his lot in life.  But as Drake continued, Link realised that he and Drake were similar in many ways.  Link had often felt the way that Drake spoke of, and yet he had always managed to keep such dark thoughts to himself.  Both of them had managed to successfully fool those around them into thinking they were happy, go lucky men who saw the good in everything.  Often they were.  But there were times, such as these, when they could no longer keep up the facade. 


  Felicity woke with a start, her breath catching in her throat as her eyes flew open. 

  “What the...”  Her eyes widened in surprise to see three figures looming over her in the darkness.

  Farore! You woke her!” hissed a voice.

  “You know, you really shouldn’t take the Goddesses’ name in vain...” muttered another.  Felicity stared blankly ahead for a moment, then instinctively began to cast a light spell.  Predictably, it failed. 

  “Who are you?” she questioned, her voice wavering slightly.

  “Don’t worry, it’s for the best...it really is,” replied third voice, their tone soothing. 

  “What? What do you-” the faerie’s sentence was cut off as one of the figures cast a sleeping spell on her, sending her instantly into a deep slumber.  She slumped back down onto the bed, limp and lifeless.

  “That was easier than I thought it would be...  remarked the figure that had cast the spell.

  “Yeah...funny she didn’t cast a deflection spell.  She was probably still half asleep.”

  “Look, we don’t have time to discuss this.  We need to get her out of here and to you know who as soon as possible.  If she wakes up before...well she might not be so easy to sedate next time!”  interrupted the first figure that had originally spoken.  Moments later, Felicity’s body was levitating in the air and following the three figures out of her small abode and into the night beyond. 


  A few hours later, Drake and Link had found a secluded corner in the cellar stacked with crates of all kinds.  They had dragged out some of the crates and made them into makeshift seats, suitable for two men intent on sampling as much of the Catalian wine collection as possible.  It was an escape for both of them.  The last few months had been hard for Link, the last few days had been especially hard for Drake. 

  “You know...” began Drake, shaking a half empty wine bottle at his friend, “I never was much of a wine drinker.  Always thought it was for sissies, you know?”   Link grinned.

  “Give me ale any day!” remarked the hero loudly, nevertheless taking a hearty swig from his own dusty bottle. 

  “Alls we need now is a lovely bar maid to serve us...like Selina!” concluded Drake, dropping his empty bottle to the floor with a hollow clatter. 

  “She isn’t a bar maid any more, she’s a Queen now, remember?” reminded Link, chuckling a little at the thought of Selina, in all her queenly regalia, serving the two of them with two mugs of ale. 

  “So what?  Shouldn’t stop her from serving me ale!” insisted Drake, grabbing another bottle from the small pile they had collected.  He glanced at the label momentarily, before pulling the cork from the bottleneck with his teeth and spitting it to the floor. 

  “Well...no I guess it shouldn’t,” agreed Link, leaning back against the wall.  He didn’t know how much the two of them had drunk, but he was beginning to feel distinctly woozy.  “Say...what do you think the King would say if he saw us now?” suddenly inquired the hero.  Drake began to laugh.  “What’s funny?” asked Link.

  “You’re already in his bad books...he’d throw a fit!” exclaimed Drake with a grin.

  “Hey...that’s not funny!”   realised Link, running one hand through his hair.  There was a long pause between the two, which was eventually broken by Drake, a question on his lips. 

  “What were you thinking?  I mean...Zelda is the next ruler of Hyrule!” asked the knight, his tone one of utter confusion.  Link looked to Drake and shook his head.  He was still asking himself the same question.  He loved Zelda more than anything he knew, and yet he had strayed so easily. 

  “I... I don’t know.  You ever think...maybe it’s possible to love more than one person?”  asked Link, looking down at his boots.  Drake snorted.

  “When you’re married to someone like who you’re married to, there’s no choice.  You love that person and that person alone,” answered Drake stoutly. 

  “That doesn’t answer my question.”  The knight turned to Link and fixed his gaze on his. 

  “I guess you can,” he finally replied.

  “At the same time?”  Drake shook his head.

  “I wouldn’t know Link.  There’s not been many people in my life that I have loved...let alone at the same time,” admitted Drake sheepishly.  Link smiled.

  “But you’re Drake Benowyc!  You have a woman in every tavern in every town in the whole of Hyrule!” reminded Link.  Drake waved his bottle dismissively at Link.

  “I wish it was true, boy,” lamented Drake, taking another drink. 

  “Who you calling boy?  I’m a man now! I have been for years!”

  “That may be so.  But you’ll always be a boy to me,” responded the knight with an affectionate grin. 

  “So come on?  Do you ever see yourself settled down, with a wife and children?” pushed Link.  Drake shrugged nonchalantly. 

  “I think it’s getting a bit late for that now, don’t you?” he replied.  Link frowned and shook his head.

  “Absolutely not!  Come on, there must be someone!”  Drake shook his head, a thin smile tracing his lips.  Link frowned again, cocking his head to one side.  “No-one?” he checked.  “Ever?” 

  “There’s been one or two...but I missed my chance,” began Drake slowly, scratching his chin with the bottle in his hand. 

  “Who?” inquired Link curiously.  He and Drake had been friends for years, and yet they had never spoken like this. 

  “There was one girl...Rosie Bladelaw.  Her father was a trainer in Nabrooru Town...she served regular like in the Red Swan,” started the knight, his voice quiet, almost sad. 

  “A barmaid?  How did I guess?”  smirked Link.

  “She was a great girl, we had a lot of fun.  Then...then my family...” Drake trailed off, unable to repeat those dreaded words.  His family had died, Link knew, killed by a mad man.  “I had to go home, look after things...and find the bastard,  the knight grimaced at the memory of the villain who had killed his family.  “I never saw her again, she left Hyrule...I never found out where she went.  But she was special, you know...I just loved being with her.  If things had been different, maybe we would’ve married...maybe not.  I guess I’ll never know.”  Unable to reply, Link leaned over and gave Drake’s shoulder a comforting pat.

  “I never knew,” he murmured thoughtfully.  He tried to think about how his life would have been if something had prevented him and Zelda from marrying.  He found he could not.  A moth fluttered by in the dim light, attracted to the burning torch set in the wall.  In a way, he supposed, that was like what had happened with he and Fayzie.  The death of his family had driven him from Catalia, and from Fayzie.  Things could have been so different.     

  “Well I never told anyone...she was beautiful you know...gorgeous hair, like the sand on a beach at dawn.  And she always smelled of the sea for some reason.  Her smile, her laugh...I missed her.  Suppose I still do,” admitted Drake, his eyes drawn to his boots.  They could do with a polish, he thought. 

  “You never thought to go and find her?” asked Link, slightly surprised.  He would have followed Zelda to the ends of the Demiari if he had had to. 

  “Of course I did, but I had duties you know.  I couldn’t leave home...it was like I was paralysed.  I thought if I left, it might happen again...and some other poor sod would have to go through what I went through.  Plus I was a mess, I could never have expected her to be interested.  When I wasn’t on duty I was doing nothing but sleeping and drinking.  It’s a wonder I managed to carry on the way I did for so long.”  Link listened to his friend in quiet disbelief.  He didn’t know if it was Drake or the drink that was talking, but he was learning more than he had ever imagined.  To him Drake had always been an impressive pillar of strength, a man who let nothing get him down.  To learn that he had been something else surprised him, although he knew it shouldn’t.  As far as he could tell, it was completely understandable. 

  “And then...and then there was someone else.”  Link glanced at Drake who was still talking to his feet, and he quietly took another swig of the Catalian brew.  His eyes were on Drake as the knight looked at him, a wry smile on his lips.

  “She was perhaps less of a realistic prospect...I never got the chance to really know her.  But, by the goddesses, I would’ve given my left arm to be with her.”  Noticing that Drake had finished yet another bottle, Link offered him another.  Drake shook his head.

  “Not now,” he murmured.

  “So who was she?” asked Link, placing his offered bottle back down. 

  “She’s gone now, that’s all that matters.  I had my chance to tell her how I felt, but I said it could wait.  She died the same day.  It was sudden, unexpected.  I thought we had all the time in the world,” continued Drake, his voice almost threatening to break as he spoke.

  “I’m...I’m sorry to hear that,” said Link softly, putting down his bottle.  It seemed inappropriate, somehow.  Their drunken jesting had turned to a far more serious subject matter, he knew that without a doubt.

  “Not as sorry as I was, believe me.  I don’t think we would have ever become anything...I think there was someone else,” Drake glanced at Link momentarily as he spoke, “But that doesn’t make her death any easier to live with.  She never deserved to die...no matter what people thought.”  As Drake finished he ran both hands through his dirty blonde hair, as if trying to purge himself of the memory.  Link could only watch on with deepest sympathy.             

    “I never knew, Drake...you were always so cheerful,” began Link, suddenly feeling redundant.  How could he have been so blind to his friend’s problems all of these years?  He had taken Drake’s solidarity for granted, only to find it was not as real as it had always appeared.  Drake broke out into a half smile at Link’s earnest question.

  “Come on Link...you’re as good at hiding things as me.  It becomes second nature after a while, doesn’t it?  It becomes easier to smile than to cry, because the tears are all gone.  And after a while, you get sick of people asking if you’re okay, because it’s such a stupid question.  You want to yell at them, say that of course you aren’t okay, but you can’t, because you know that they were only asking out of concern.  So you make sure that they just assume you’re fine, that you have no worries.  They’d ask if they knew, you know that, but it’s best they don’t sometimes...you don’t want them taking all of your anger because there’s no one else to direct it at.”  As Drake spoke, his voice rambling slightly, Link found himself agreeing with every word.  It was true.  He too had become an expert at making people think he was fine – like Drake, he had lost family, and the pain had been hard to bear.  But he’d somehow got through it, and convinced himself that there would never be anything worse.  So when anything did happen, he got over it.  Not so that he appeared heartless, of course, but enough to make sure people just didn’t ask. 

  “But that’s all behind me.  Byron...well it brought things back.  I’m sorry I’ve been such an godawful person to be around...and you know, I’m sorry I ever judged you Link.  You’re a good man, the greatest, yet you should still be allowed to make mistakes,” added Drake, looking at Link with a suddenly sincere gaze.  “No matter how stupid,” he ended with a characteristic grin.  Link found himself smiling back, Drake’s somewhat clumsy apology meant a lot to him, even if they were both admittedly drunk.  He reached over and grasping Drake’s hand in a firm handshake. 

  “You made me realise what an idiot I was being.  I only wish you’d told me sooner,” admitted Link.  Drake shrugged, stifling a yawn.

  “I can’t be perfect all of the time,” he grinned. 

  “I guess not,” replied Link, his lips turning into a smile.

  “What about you...you love that other girl?” asked Drake.  Link paused, unsure of what to say, and not for the first time that night. 

  “She’s...she’s a good friend.  Or at least she was.  But there’s a part of me that’s wondering...what if?”  Drake nodded.

  “A conundrum indeed, my friend,” acknowledged the knight. 

  “We should never have...it was a bad idea from the beginning.  I hate myself for putting her through it...and putting Zelda through it too,” continued Link, his tone morose.  “I deserve neither of them.”  Drake shook his head and looked at Link fiercely.

  “Don’t say that, don’t even think it.  That girl, Zelda I mean, she’s put you through the wringer a fair few times, more than you ever deserved.  I sometimes thought you were a fool to put up with it...but you loved one another,” he finished with a shrug.  “I mean...the whole situation with Leigh...it was ludicrous!” exclaimed the knight.  Link glanced at Drake as he mentioned the Avatar’s name. 

  “We never...you know.  Not like Zel thought, but you know...I was damn tempted on more than one occasion,” he admitted, slightly shame faced.  Drake looked at Link with surprise.

  “Really?  I mean any fool could tell she had a thing for you...but I never thought...” 

  “I never would have done.    And I don’t know whether it was because Zel kept pushing me away that maybe I wanted to do it just for badness.  Or whether there was a genuine attraction,  explained the hero.  Drake let out a soft chuckle.

  “She was a beautiful woman alright!  Who wouldn’t?” 

  “It was more than just that.  There was another side to her...a softer one.  I think she cared about people more than she let on, but it was like she didn’t want to.  She seemed torn between acting for herself and acting for others.  I don’t know...I miss her.  If only as a friend.” 

  “I know what you mean...” murmured Drake.  For a moment, silence resumed between the two as they thought of their dead friend.  After a while, Link looked back up, noticing that Drake seemed genuinely saddened by talk of their friend.  He’d known the two had got on, but had never thought the two were all that close.  Judging Drake’s reaction, Link suspected there had been more to the two of them than Drake was letting on.  He thought back to the knight’s earlier admission, of the ‘less realistic’ prospect.  Had he been speaking of Leigh?  He shook his head, banishing the thought.  If he was right, then it was clear to him that Drake didn’t want him to know.  Otherwise surely he would have mentioned it.  He decided to change the tone, thinking of his wife. 

  “But Zelda’s the one.  She always has been...always will be I guess.  She drives me crazy at times, but there’s always been something there, like if she was gone I’d feel empty.  I still can’t believe we were so close to throwing it all away.”  Drake looked up as Link spoke.

  “We?  It was your mistake, Link.  Not hers,” reminded the knight bluntly.  Link looked at Drake for a moment, wondering if he should mention Zelda’s own mistakes.  He thought better of it and nodded.

  “Yeah...I know.”

  At that moment, the torch guttered and went out, leaving the two in complete darkness.

  “Bloody hell, that’s all we need!  You got a match?”  asked Drake, unable to see a thing.

  “’Fraid not,” answered Link, staggering to his feet.

  “Brilliant.  You do realise we’re going to have to find our way back with no light, then?” observed Drake dryly. 

  “Could we not just wait until daylight?” suggested Link hopefully.

  “We’re in a cellar,” remarked Drake pointedly. 

  Ahhh  Din...”   


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