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Zelda: Resolution

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (thebawp@gmail.com)

Chapter 4

  Damon arose early the next morning, feeling a little worse for wear after his late night.  He and Fayzie had stayed up into the small hours, talking in the shadow of the dying fire, of everything and nothing, and it truly had seemed to Damon that time had stood still that night.  Of course, it had not, and when the two had finally parted, Damon had been almost asleep before he fell into bed.  Even now, as he washed his face with cool water, he was still tired.  On reflection, however, the missed sleep had certainly been worth it.  As the ranger pottered around his room, picking up his discarded clothes from the night before, he could not deny himself a small smile as he thought of Link’s friend.  They had never really spoken in earnest until last night, but everything he had learned had confirmed what he had first thought of her.  That she was a person with a beautiful and kind soul whom had gone through more hard times than any person could deserve.  It was not that Fayzie had spent the entire night speaking of how terrible her life was, it had been quite the contrary, she had spoken of many things that had brought a smile to her face.  But there had been things left unsaid, sudden pauses and downward glances that had told Damon that there was still more to learn of her life back in Catalia.  And he too, had spoken, again of many things.  He had told her of his late wife, to which she had given a slow nod, admitting to already know whilst expressing her deepest sympathies.  Ashleigh, Aaron's sister, had told her.  The ranger continued to smile to himself as he began to dress, pulling fresh clothes from his travelling pack.  They had not spent much time dwelling on the sadder events in their lives, instead deciding to reminiscence about earlier and happier times in their lives.  Fayzie had regaled Damon with many entertaining anecdotes about her and Link when they had been children, and in return he had told her of the hijinx he and his friends had got up to when he was a boy. 


  A merry tap on the door broke Damon from his thoughts as he pulled on his boots, and he paused, looking to the door.  The knock came again, and he ambled over to the door, drawing back the lock and pulling it open.       

  “Good morning!” sang Dion, his voice full of cheer as he stepped into the room.  Damon gave him a weary smile, resisting the sudden urge to yawn.  He knew that if his friend caught on about he and Fayzie, he would surely never hear the end of it.  “Late night?” enquired the archer, marching over to the window and pulling  open the curtains, letting the early morning sun light flood in.

  “Not so late,” replied Damon cagily, walking back over to his pack and pushing yesterday’s clothes into it. 

  Hmmmm, that’s not what I heard, amigo,” grinned Dion, turning to look at the ranger.  Damon looked at Dion with surprise.  The artisan’s grin grew wider.

  “Oh, and what did you hear?” asked the ranger, hoping that his friend was bluffing.

  “You, and the hero’s friend, stayed up alll night!” exclaimed Dion with a triumphant smile.  Damon let out a short sigh, defeated, before looking at his friend with a small smile.  Dion looked at him expectantly.  “Well?” he pushed. 

  “She’s...she’s wonderful,” admitted the ranger, a slight flush creeping to his cheeks.  Dion grinned again, before bursting out into song.

  “Isn’t she lovely?  Isn’t she fine?!” he began, dancing over to the door. 

  Shhh...you’ll wake up half the guests!” warned Damon, although he couldn’t help but feel vaguely amused by his friend’s reaction. 

  “I had lost all hope for you, my friend, I had thought that you would end up all alone, and become a bitter man!” declared Dion joyously. 

  “Well, I thank you for your concern.  But we are only friends, she and I.  There may be nothing else to it,” said Damon seriously.  Dion’s grin vanished, his eyebrows raised.

  “Would you like there to be more?” he asked.  Damon let out a sigh, running his hand through his hair.

  “I should like nothing better...but her husband only recently passed on.  And then...”  He did not finish the sentence aloud.  And then there is Link, he thought.  What chance did he have, if she still had feelings for his friend?  Dion shrugged.

  “Well yes, there is that.  But even if you two are only friends, who is to say that there might not be developments in the future?”  Damon smiled at his friend, clapping him on the shoulder.

  “You’re right my friend.  I’ve waited this long.  I’m sure I can wait a little longer,” assured the ranger with a chuckle. 

  “Of course you can.  Good things come to those who wait, yes, amigo?”  Damon grinned as his friend opened the door, stepping outside.  “I’ll let you wake her, if she needs waking.  I have to be on the noon ship across to West Hyrule if I am to keep my appointment with the lovely Princess Zelda,” reminded Dion.

  “Yes, of course.  I’ll meet you outside in a few minutes,” agreed Damon, stepping out behind his friend.  As Dion trotted down the stairs, Damon walked along the inn passage, pausing outside Fayzie’s room.  Quickly checking that his collar was straight and that his nails were clean, he tapped on the door, and waited.


  Fayzie awoke with a start, her eyes flying wide open with surprise.  For a moment, she could not fathom where in Catalia she was, before sheepishly realising she was not even in her birth country anymore.  She was of course in Hyrule, more specifically Nabrooru town, lying in a bed in the Lucky Dragon Inn.  Stretching a little, a short yawn left her lips, and she smiled with the recollection of the night before, of her and Damon, talking in the warmth of the fire, long after all the other patrons had left.  She turned over, and saw her son lying asleep beside her, another smile touching her lips.  She reached out with one hand, ruffling her son’s hair gently, speaking to him in a soft tone.

  Aden,” she murmured, shaking him a little.  The boy soon awoke, and looked at his mother with weak protest.

  “Mother...” he began tiredly.  She smiled at him, kissing his forehead, before rising from the bed.

  “We are going to the woods this morning, remember?  Master Dion told you of it at dinner,” she gently reminded.  This filled the sleepy boy with new vigour, and he leapt from his bed with a cry of jubilation.  Sssshhh,” scolded Fayzie slightly.  Aden looked at her with doleful eyes, and she could not help but smile.  “You don’t want to wake the others,” she whispered, handing him a wash cloth and a wooden toothbrush.  “Now wash your face and brush your teeth,” she instructed, before turning to rummage through the pack she and her son shared.  She first drew out Aden’s clothes for the day, a brown tunic with a black undershirt and trousers, items she had all made with her own hand.  She then took out her own attire for the day, a simple blue dress with short sleeves and a long skirt.  As Aden walked away from the wash basin, Fayzie handed him his clothes and walked to the basin herself.  She poured herself a little fresh water from the jug provided, and quickly washed her face with soap and a cloth, before beginning to clean her teeth.

  “Master Dion was very funny I thought,” piped up Aden conversationally. 

  “Yes, he is a very nice man,” agreed Fayzie, patting dry her face with a towel.  She looked at herself in the mirror, and began to tie back her hair, thinking it more practical. 

  “So is master Damon,” agreed Aden, pulling on his shirt and beginning to fasten the buttons with nimble fingers.  Fayzie took a moment to respond as she tried to control her mass of curly locks. 

  “Yes...yes he is,” she murmured thoughtfully. 

  “And I like Grey too.  Are we going to still live near Master Damon?  I would hate not to see Grey again,” quizzed young Aden, speaking of Damon’s great grey wolf hound. 

  “Of course we are.  The house Damon is building us is very near to his own.  I am quite sure you shall be seeing plenty of Grey yet,” assured Fayzie with a smile.  She paused as she caught her smiling reflection in the mirror, and lowered her eyes.  She had not had much reason to smile of late.  Perhaps things were going to take a turn for the better.  She walked over to the bed and picked up her dress, walking behind the dressing screen.    

  “Are you and Master Damon going to be married?” asked Aden suddenly.  Fayzie pulled off her night dress and looked at her son, somewhat startled by his question.  A slight blush crept to her cheeks and she shook her head.

  “Whatever made you ask that?” she asked nervously.  It was true, she and Damon had been growing closer recently, but she had never even contemplated marriage.  It was too soon.  Too soon after Aden...and Link.  Aden walked over to the mirror and looked at himself critically.

  “I don’t know.  I just thought it would be nice, that’s all,” admitted the boy.  Fayzie finished putting on her dress and walked to her son, kneeling before him and taking his hands in hers.

  “Sometimes Aden, sometimes things that would be nice don’t always happen,” she said softly.  Aden looked at his mother and smiled, squeezing her hands.

  “I know.  I just thought that, for once, it might.”  Fayzie looked at her son for a moment, her heart filled with both love and sadness.  She leaned forward and hugged him.

  “I think nicer things might happen from now on,” she said quietly, hoping dearly, for her son’s sake, that she was right.  A sudden polite tap on the door broke the moment, and Fayzie reluctantly let go of her son, rising up to her feet. 

  “Will that be Master Damon?” asked Aden enthusiastically.  Fayzie smiled down at him, walking over to the door. 

  “Let’s see, shall we?”      


  Damon smiled as Fayzie opened the door, and he gave her a smart bow, to which she promptly curtsied.

  “Good morning,” greeted the ranger.  Fayzie reciprocated the greeting.  Aden rushed from the door, looking up at Damon, his eyes full of hope. 

  “Are we going to the woods this morning?” he asked.  Damon chuckled softly and nodded.

  “Yes, we certainly are.  Why don’t you go on downstairs and see if you can find Dion? I’m sure he will tell you all about it,” suggested Damon.  Aden looked to his mother hopefully, who nodded her permission.  The boy let out a cry of glee before he went thumping down the staircase as fast as he possibly could.  Damon turned back to Fayzie and smiled at her again. 

  “You look well this morning,” he complimented.  Fayzie smiled and shook her head.

  “I do not feel it!  I’m afraid I did not sleep much last night,” she confessed shyly. 

  “Oh?  I am sorry for keeping you up so late...I must admit, when I woke this morning part of me wanted to go back to sleep!” responded Damon.  

  “It wasn’t that,” began Fayzie, pausing.  She looked at Damon, who gave her a small smile. 


  “Not at all.  I...I had a lovely time last night, Damon.  I just wanted to thank you,” she admitted. 

  “No need.  I hope there shall be plenty more like it,” said Damon, flashing Fayzie a hopeful smile. 

  “As do I,” said Fayzie slowly, some of her shyness returning. 

  “Should we go down?  I am afraid that patience is not one of Dion’s greatest virtues,” suggested the ranger with a grin.  Fayzie nodded, and Damon held out his elbow, meaning for Fayzie to take it.  She did, after a moment of hesitation, and looked up to Damon with a shy smile.  He did not say a word, only met her eyes with his, and the two of them walked downstairs, their arms linked, and into the cool morning air. 


  “Ah, here comes your mother and Damon this very minute.  It is just as well, I was beginning to think you and I might have to send out a search party!” exclaimed Dion to Aden as Damon and Fayzie set foot outside the inn.  Aden chuckled at Dion’s comment, and ran to his mother, giving her a brief hug.

  “Master Dion says we are to go roving, shooting at targets in the wood!  Look, he even made me this!” exclaimed Aden excitedly, producing a beautifully crafted long bow, that was just the right size for the young boy.  Fayzie looked to Dion and smiled. 

  “And did you thank Master Dion?” she asked her son.  Dion grinned.

  “He did indeed, a dozen times at least I should think.  You do not need to worry about your son’s manners, milady, they are quite exemplary,” assured Dion.  Fayzie smiled at the Dubation.

  “And you have my thanks also, to present such a generous gift to my son...it is very kind,” said the Catalian shyly.  Dion shrugged. 

  “It is a small price to pay to be gifted with your and your son’s delightful presence!” insisted Dion with a flourish.  Damon shook his head at his friend’s charming words, a small smile tugging at his lips.  His friend had a way with words he could never hope to master. 

  “Really, you are too kind,” said Fayzie, blushing slightly at Dion’s words.  Dion grinned.

  “There is no such thing as too kind,” insisted the Dubation.  He turned to two great horses that stood at his side, one a bay mare, the other a grey gelding.  “Now, I thought we could ride to the woods on these two...me and young Aden on Cade,” began Dion, motioning to the bay mare, “and Damon and Fayzie on Grey Star,” he finished, patting the great grey gelding on its velvety nose.  Damon did not miss the wink his friend flashed him as he finished, and quickly looked away.  He knew he had been a fool to admit his feelings to the flamboyant Dubation.  “Does that suit everyone?” asked Dion amiably.  Damon looked at Fayzie, who nodded, and smiled at her a little uncomfortably.  Aden nodded enthusiastically, glad to share a ride with the exciting and exotic Dubation.  Dion clapped his hands together.  “Well then, what are we waiting for?  I have a ship to catch at noon, so the sooner we reach our roving spot, the longer I have to impress you all with my flawless skills,” boasted the archer, grabbing Aden and lifting him onto Cade.  He mounted up behind the boy and took the reins, before clicking gently to the mare with his tongue and coaxing her gently to move on.  Damon turned to Fayzie, and offered to help her onto the other horse, the one Dion had called Grey Star.  She gladly accepted, and soon, all four of them were on their way out of Nabooru.     


  The foursome soon reached the small forest which had served as the perfect location for roving again and again for Dion and Damon over the years.  They all dismounted, and whilst Damon and Dion safely secured the horses, Aden regaled his mother with the many tales Dion had told him about the woods they were now in during the short ride from Nabooru.

  “And he says that somewhere in these woods, there is faeries!” continued Aden, his eyes wide with wonder as he cast his gaze about the trees.  Fayzie could not help but feel the woods were certainly a tad too green for this time of the year, it was conceivable, she supposed, that the woods were sustained by magic.  Dion walked over to the mother and son, handing Aden the bow he had crafted for him, as well as a quiver of small arrows. 

  “Now, you know how to use that thing?  Or do you want some tips from the master?” inquired Dion.  Aden quickly slipped the arrow quiver over his slender shoulder and began to pull the drawstring back in a bid to impress Dion.  The architect smiled and patted Aden on the head.

  “We might have a good little archer in you yet, son, yes I think we might,” marvelled Dion with a clap of his hands.  He turned to Fayzie.  “And what about you, milady?” he enquired, his dark brown eyes twinkling.  Fayzie shook her head slightly.

  “Oh, no...it’s been a long time since I picked up a bow,” she admitted with a short laugh.  Dion’s eyes widened. 

  Tis a sad thing indeed!  There is naught quite like the twang of a bow, I always thought.  To be out of practice with such a fine tool is a great shame,” he lamented.  Damon approached the small party, his arrows slung over his shoulder, and two long bows in his arms.  As he reached them, he offered one of the weapons to Fayzie, and she let out a small gasp of surprise.

  “Oh, I did not think I would be participating.  Really...I am quite happy to just watch,” she insisted.

  “But watching is no fun!” protested Dion.  Aden looked up at his mother.

  “Go on mum, it’ll be fun!” added the young boy with a hopeful smile.  Fayzie looked from her son to the bow offered to her, before her blue eyes travelled to meet Damon’s.  She smiled softly at the ranger, then took the bow from him, her fingers brushing against his. 

  “Very well.  But all of you must promise not to laugh,” she began. 

  “I only laugh at a lady when she tells me a joke,” said Dion sincerely, before turning and making his way into the woods.  Aden began to run after him, and Damon and Fayzie both followed, easily falling into step with one another as they went. 


  And so the game began.  Dion naturally took the lead of the four, and he began by pointing out a suitable target for all of them to aim at.  He pointed at a tree, not for from were they all stood, and suggested that whomever could land their arrow nearest to a protruding branch would be able to pick the next target.  All four of them agreed upon this, and Dion took his turn, gently sliding an arrow from his quiver and loading it into his bow.  He took careful aim, and then let the arrow sail free – it flew through the air and struck the tree with a resounding thump, very close to the branch he had chosen as the target.  Aden was next up, and Dion got down on his knees next to the boy, and helped instruct him on how to load the arrow correctly, how to aim it, and finally, how to let it sail free.  Aden was a quick learner and a good student, and he did as Dion instructed him, before finally shooting for the tree.  His aim was true, but as the arrow reached it’s target, it harmlessly bounced off the bark and fell to the forest floor.  Dion patted him on the back, and Damon spoke up.

  Do not worry Aden, your aim was true enough.  Even such things even happen to Dion from time to time,” reassured the ranger kindly.  Dion shoot Damon a horrified look.

  Dion never misses!” he announced, before grinning down at Aden.  “Only when he plans to,” he added with a wink.  Damon stepped up to take his shot, and true enough, his arrow landed just above Dion’s, arguably closer to the branch than Dion would care to admit.  Damon turned and looked to Fayzie, who stepped forward a little shyly, aware that all eyes were on her.  She had used the bow and arrow when she was a young girl, she had often caught rabbits and the like for her mother for supper.  But once she married Aden, he had told her she didn’t need to hunt any longer.  He had been the provider, and she was to be the wife who stayed at home.  She had not minded terribly, many had told her she was lucky to have a husband who was so keen to provide for her.  But sometimes, sometimes she had wished Aden would have let her help more.  Her thoughts suddenly snapped back to the present, and she quickly took an arrow from the quiver Damon had given her, and placed it between the bow and the string.  Using the fingers of her left hand to hold the arrowhead in place, she pulled back on the string of the bow with her right hand, aiming the arrow at the tree branch Dion had made the target.  She drew back the bowstring as tight as she could, squinting a little at her target.  Dion leaned over to Damon, and whispered in his ear.

  “She is a mighty beautiful lady, my friend.”  Damon gave Dion a warning look, then watched in surprise and secret delight as he watched Fayzie shoot the arrow towards the tree.  The arrow struck the tree just by the branch Dion had called the target, and Aden let out a cry of delight as he saw that his mother had clearly won.  Damon gently applauded Fayzie as they all walked over to the tree, whilst Dion muttered unhappily under his breath about beginner’s luck. 

  “Wow mum!  I never knew you could do that!” exclaimed Aden looking at his mother proudly.

  “Yes, that was an excellent shot,” congratulated Damon as they collected their arrows.

  “It was luck, I’m sure,” said Fayzie with a blush.  Dion turned to Fayzie, smiling broadly, although still clearly burnt by his loss. 

  “You get to chose the next target,” he reminded.  Fayzie smiled and looked about them, casting her eyes over the trees and the bushes and the rocks that littered the forest floor. 

  “How about that fallen tree?  Over there?” she suggested. 

  “A fine choice I’m sure,” agreed Dion. 


  An hour or so later, all four of the group were sat down in the middle of the forest, preparing for an early lunch.  Damon had begun a small fire and was preparing a meat broth made with a wild cucoo he had caught whilst the four had roved.  Dion was showing Aden how to carve his own arrows, and Fayzie was assisting Damon with the meal – they had collected assorted roots and herbs to flavour the broth with, and now the meal was almost ready to serve.

  “So, where did you learn to shoot like that?” asked Damon conversationally as he stoked the fire.  The game had ended with Dion the winner, and Damon a close second.  However, the Catalian woman had not been far behind the two of them on points, and even Aden had won a game or three. 

  “I used to go out hunting with my father when I was a girl...but it has been years since...I stopped once I married,” replied Fayzie, stirring the broth with a wooden spoon that Damon had brought in his pack, along with the necessary pans and crockery.

  “Oh...” murmured Damon, looking over to Dion and Aden, who were talking animatedly between themselves. 

  “But I enjoyed today...it is nice just to walk in the woods and hear the birds and the wind in the leaves.  And looking for targets...it makes you look harder I suppose,” said Fayzie, hoping to steer the conversation away from talk of her past life. 

  “Yes, it’s been nice...it certainly makes a change to do it with someone other than Dion, I must admit,” agreed Damon.  Fayzie offered Damon a spoonful of the broth to taste it, which he promptly did.  He leaned back and smiled.

  “Tastes nice...what did you put in it?” he asked curiously.  Fayzie smiled.

  “Oh, nothing too exciting, just a few herbs I found,” she replied coyly.  She began to pour the stew into four bowls, and Damon waved Dion and Aden over, indicating that the meal was ready. 

  “This smells divine,” complimented Dion, before digging into the broth, dipping a hunk of bread into his bowl and then biting into it hungrily.  “And it tastes it, too,” he added after a few moments.

  “Well, that’s Fayzie’s doing,” said Damon. 

  “We both made the broth,” reminded Fayzie.  Dion grinned.

  “In that case, you two make an excellent team,” he said.  Damon felt his cheeks flush a little, and he could not help but notice that Fayzie’s did the same. 

  “Are you married, Master Dion?” asked Aden suddenly.  Dion turned to Aden and smiled.

  “Not yet, but I am engaged to the most beautiful lady in all of the Demiari...excepting your mother of course,” he replied with a wink.  Fayzie almost choked on a piece of broth she had just swallowed, spluttering a little.  She quickly took a sip of water from one of the waterskins Damon had brought, and swallowed the meat, her cheeks still visibly flushed. Dion looked to Damon and smiled.

  “Wouldn’t you agree, amigo?” he asked.  Damon paused.

  “Agree to what?”

  “That Fayzie here is surely one of the most beautiful women in the whole Demiari?”  Damon glared at his friend, furious that he would tease him so.  He knew Dion meant no harm with his words, but that was sometimes the Dubation’s biggest problem. 

  “Master Damon and my mother should get married, I think,” piped up Aden suddenly.  A wicked grin crept across Dion’s features, and he turned on the two, who both seemed a shade paler at Aden’s innocent words.

  “That would be a fine idea, indeed,” he agreed. 


  The rest of the meal was eaten in an uncomfortable silence, both Damon and Fayzie mortified.  By the time they had packed up and returned to the horses, Fayzie had managed to utter a hasty apology to Damon, who had swiftly dismissed it, saying that there was no need for her to apologise.  Damon could tell that Dion had enjoyed every moment of the meal, especially Aden’s little revelation.  As Dion mounted Cade, along with Aden, and began to make his way towards the port, Damon turned to Fayzie, a little uncomfortable. 

  “Look,” he began, his hand on the back of his neck, “You take Grey Star...I’m quite happy to walk.”  Fayzie looked at Damon with surprise and quickly shook her head.

  “Don’t be silly, you must already be tired after carrying such a heavy pack through the woods!  There is room for two of us, and Grey Star is nicely rested,” she began in protest.  Damon looked down at his feet, before rubbing his chin with his hand.

  “I just don’t want you to feel...” he paused.

  “Feel what?” asked Fayzie earnestly.  Damon finally met her eyes with his own. 

  “I don’t know...I don’t want you to think I’m imposing upon you, I suppose,,” he admitted quietly.  Fayzie smiled, and stood closer to Damon, tentatively touching him on the shoulder.                

  “I don’t think, or feel, that at all Damon.  You’ve been so kind to me, and nothing but a gentleman.  I know we haven’t known each other long...and we hardly met each other under the best of circumstances...but I’d like to think that you and I...are friends.”  Damon looked down at Fayzie’s slender hand on his shoulder, admiring her long, graceful fingers, then looked back to her, his smile tinged with relief.  For a moment, they stood in silence, simply regarding one another, before Fayzie gave the ranger a soft kiss on his cheek.  When she drew away, she smiled, as did Damon, before turning away to their horse.

  “Come on,” she began, climbing astride the grey creature.  Damon followed.  “We don’t want to give my son, or Dion, any more ideas,” she said with a small grin.  Damon smiled back, before picking up the reins and motioning their horse onwards.

  “No, I guess not...you must forgive Dion...he can be a little bold at times,” said the ranger.  Fayzie smiled to herself as they left the canopy of the woods.

  “As can my son...no wonder those two get on so well!” she exclaimed. 

  “But sometimes the bold say what the timid feel,” murmured Damon.  Fayzie felt a flutter of surprise within her heart, and she put her hand on the reins, slowing Grey Star to a stop.  She turned her neck awkwardly to look at Damon, question in her eyes.  She could not even think of what to say.  “I like you, Fayzie, I think...I think you’re one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever come across...I know it’s probably too soon for you to even consider becoming involved with someone else...but...”  Fayzie stopped him there, brushing her lips against his.  She knew Damon was right, and that she shouldn’t even consider becoming involved with someone else – why, her husband was barely cold in his grave...and then there had been Link.  But she could deny her feelings no more than she could care for her son.  Damon looked at Fayzie, shocked at her gesture, then broke out into an unsure grin. 

  “I like you too, Damon.  More than you can know,” spoke Fayzie. 

  “Really?” a hint of disbelief lay in the ranger’s voice, and surprise.  Fayzie nodded, before laying one hand over his and squeezing it slightly. 

  “Yes.  But perhaps now is not the time or the place.  We are meant to be seeing off your friend, yes?” she reminded.  Damon’s grin grew wider and he nodded.

  “Well I guess so...but...well...okay, we can talk later?” he checked.  Fayzie nodded again.

  “I would like that,” she agreed, turning back to the path before them.  Damon urged Grey Star onwards, his heart suddenly fit to burst – the bundle of nerves that had been there only moments before suddenly replaced with a joyous choir.  It had been a long time since he had felt this way about anyone, he had hardly dare hope that he would be lucky enough to discover that a woman such as Fayzie would care for him in the same way.   


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