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Zelda: Resolution

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (thebawp@gmail.com)

Chapter 11

  “No, no, no!!! That is not the way I envisioned it!!!” Dion’s exaggerated cries of artistic annoyance echoed across the building site as Zelda daintily picked her way down onto the allotted plot. “You need to put it this way! You know, place it with just a little panache! A little flair! Don’t just throw it down onto the ground! It needs precision, rigour, exactitude! This just isn’t building, it is architecture! It is an art!” Some the builders shook their heads to each other, realising that working for Dion Insequi was a tall order indeed. As they noticed Zelda step into the vicinity, the majority of them bowed in respect but she simply waved them aside with a smile. Dion finally turned his attention to her, a charming smile upon his face as he did so. “Ah, my pretty princess!! Here to check the progress of your project? It is coming along very nicely indeed!” he exclaimed. Zelda glanced around the muddy field and raised her eyebrows.

  “So I see,” she remarked, tugging her cloak a little more closely around herself. The chill of the approaching winter was indeed setting in early.

  “We have been hard at work all day, indeed without a break! Such is my dedication to you, Your Highness!” Dion proclaimed grandly, with a sweeping bow before her. He then took her hand and kissed it chivalrously. “Dion Insequi never disappoints!” he added in a boastful voice. Zelda let out a small laugh and stepped back, looking around with interest. All over men were busy at work, measuring and laying stones. In the last few weeks they had made good progress and already some of the building was beginning to take shape.  “See, see, look at this!” Dion continued, leading her across to where some carved pillars were lying upon the ground.  “These I shall put on the front façade, they shall look very fine, yes?”  Zelda nodded in approval. She stooped down to inspect them further, running her hands across the smooth marble.

  “These are beautiful… from?”

  “Why, Dubatio of course! Our most treasured variety, the much coveted sapphire marble!” Dion exclaimed, rubbing his hands together.

  “I suppose this was already tallied in the original cost?” Zelda questioned, smiling wryly. The architect nodded.

  “I told you I would be worth the money, only the finest materials for you, pretty princess!” Zelda ran a hand through her hair, shaking her head to herself.

  “I’d expect nothing less!” she laughed.


  “Your Highness… oh Your Highness! Please forgive my rudeness, but I should really wish to speak with you!” came a timid voice, interrupting their banter. The princess turned to notice a slight young woman with wavy brown hair and lowered green eyes glancing across at her with shy admiration.  

  “Ay, yes, yes!” spoke up Dion before either could say a word. “This is Miss Megani Shea, she’s to be head librarian and scholar!” he introduced.

  “Oh it’s truly an honour Your Highness!” the woman exclaimed, blushing furiously. She managed a small curtsey, still looking nervous.

  “I suppose we’ll be working together then,” Zelda said, smiling kindly at the scholar.

  “Oh… I… I certainly hope so!” Megani  replied, glancing down shyly.

  “It’d be fun to compare notes on ancient Hylian translations,” Zelda continued.

  “I’d be honoured!” Megani blushed.

  “Who cares for some dead language? You should learn Dubatian, now that would be a really challenge for such intellectual ladies as yourselves!” Dion interrupted with a flashing grin. Zelda rolled her eyes.

  “You’re so unrefined Dion!” she smirked. He raised his eyebrows in mock horror.

  “You Highness, surely you jest?” He pulled out a small pocket mirror from his silk trousers, checking his reflection it for a split second. “Looks pretty refined to me!” he announced. Zelda grinned over at Megani who simply looked a little frightened at the pair of them.

  “These Dubations… so vain!”

  “But worth it!” Dion retorted with another blinding smile. “No, no! Amigo, not like that!!” he suddenly exclaimed, rushing over to one of the workmen, waving his arms about wildly. Zelda shook her head and gave a small chuckle.

  “Thank goodness Hyrulian men are much more sedate!”

  “I’ll second that… oh he seems so very excitable,” Megani said softly, looking over at Dion gesticulating avidly at one of the builders.

  “Don’t mind Dion, in fact  I would have commissioned no-one else for such a special project,” Zelda smiled. She looked around again happily, trying to envision what the building would look like when it was finally completed.

  “We’re very honoured at the scholars guild, that you’ve agreed to be president of the new library,” Megani volunteered shyly. “It’s wonderful to know that the monarchy support our projects.”

  “Of course we do, my father almost as much as me. You should visit North Castle’s library sometime, it’s the finest in Hyrule,” Zelda offered generously. Megani gazed up at the princess with wide eyes.

  “Oh really? That would be absolutely wonderful!” she exclaimed happily.

  “Well once the library and the college are open, we could organise an outing there for interested scholars,” Zelda suggested. “My father has some really old Hylian manuscripts and so long as people are careful, it should be really interesting.”

  “It’s a wonderful idea Your Highness,” Megani replied smiling.  

  “Well I’m really looking forward to being involved in all aspects of the library,” Zelda answered with a small smile. She ran a hand through her long blonde hair, looking shy for a moment. “It’s something I really care about, after all. Education and learning. Everyone in Hyrule ought to have a chance to know about their heritage and to read and write,” she said softly, turning away from Megani as she spoke.

  “We’re lucky to have someone as kind as you, Your Highness,” the scholar spoke up behind her. Zelda sighed a little, knowing that some people wouldn’t second such a claim. With a small blush she looked up and suddenly noticed a familiar figure walking past along the road, a bundle of something wrapped up on brown paper in his arms.

  “Oh, excuse me a minute Megani,” she said, glancing back at the scholar. “I shan’t be a moment!”


  She dashed over towards the road, attempting to catch up with Link. He clearly hadn’t realised that she was there, and she wondered what he was doing in town. He hadn’t mentioned it earlier that morning, in fact she recalled something about him going fishing with Aaron.

  “Link!! Link, what are you doing here?” she called after him. He stopped upon hearing her voice and turned in surprise.

  “Ah… Zel…” He hastily tried to make his package look as inconspicuous as possible, shoving some of it under his cloak. “I forgot you were in Mido today.”

  “Sounds to me as if you weren’t paying attention when I was talking to you this morning,” she replied, folding her arms.

  “I was… I just… well… you always look so pretty first thing in a morning I tend to look at you rather than listen,” he replied with a grin. Zelda couldn’t pretend to be annoyed so she gave him a wry smile instead.

  “I thought you were out with Aaron… what are you doing, have you been shopping?” she pressed, looking over at the bundle enquiringly. Link looked down at it then back at Zelda.

  “Oh, this? Er… I… I was just picking it up… some material for Aimee… see I thought I’d take a walk in town, and since I was going…” Zelda raised an eyebrow.

  “I thought Aimee got her material delivered straight to North Castle?”

  “This was… it was a special order,” he said hurriedly, looking decidedly uncomfortable.

  “Well… since you’re here, perhaps we ought to go for a meal in a tavern. It’s been a while since you’ve taken me out anywhere, after all,” Zelda replied, laying a hand on his arm with a small smile. 

  “Actually, I’d rather take you…” he started.

  “Ah, Link my amigo!!! Been such a long time since we’ve been out for a few ales!” Dion suddenly proclaimed, bounding up behind them. Zelda looked faintly unamused, turning away with a petulant air while Link smiled at his old friend.

  “It has indeed!” he agreed.

  “You all drink far too much,” Zelda proclaimed sulkily.

  “Hang on Zel, you just suggested…” Link began.

  “Ale is good for the mind, for the soul! That golden nectar provides much inspiration!” Dion exclaimed with a grin.

  “I’ll leave you both to it, then,” Zelda said dryly. Link quickly put an arm around her shoulders, pulling her close to him.

  “Let’s all go to the tavern,” he suggested. “Perhaps Drake will be there too.”

  All the better!” Dion grinned.


As the three entered the Red Swan, true to Link’s word, Drake was present, sitting in his favourite corner deep in conversation with another man, whose back was turned to the trio. 

  “Ah, there he is! The eternal drunkard!” cried out Dion, marching across to the knight and his companion.  Link and Zelda exchanged sheepish grins before following the architect over.


As soon as Drake heard Dion’s voice, he broke from his conversation with Griffin, and looked up sharply, his blue eyes settling almost immediately on Dion’s finely clothed form.  Griffin could barely suppress a smirk at the nature of Dion’s address, and he turned casually in his seat to set eyes on the unmistakable Dubation.  Drake rose from his seat and greeted Dion with a firm handshake and a clap on the back. 

  “And if it wasn’t the eternal braggart!” exclaimed the knight, “It’s good to see you again Dion!”  Dion flashed his usual grin before turning and ushering Link and Zelda over. 

  “Come, come!” he instructed, quite unnecessarily to the two, “It is like a reunion of sorts!”  As Dion turned his back, Drake shot his son an apologetic glance.  Griffin merely rose from his seat, as if to leave.  Drake shook his head.

  “No, stay,” he mouthed.  As Link and Zelda arrived at the table, Dion promptly pulled out a stool for Zelda, bowing chivalrously.  She smiled prettily, and happily accepted the seat, before Link and Dion found their own.  Zelda was the first to notice Griffin, who looked distinctly uncomfortable at their presence.

  “Sorry, we haven’t interrupted anything I hope,” she began.  Drake let out a short, nervous laugh, frowning as he shook his head.

  “No! No, of course not,” he assured.  There was an uncomfortable pause, before Dion laid his eyes on Griffin, a glimmer of recognition igniting in his mind. 

  “Griffin Bladelaw, isn’t it?  Griff!” exclaimed Dion, snapping his fingers.  Griffin let out a nervous laugh and nodded his head.

  “I’m surprised you remembered, sir,  he admitted. 

  “You know each other?” asked Drake in surprise.  Dion shrugged.

  “We have met,” conceded the archer.  “Not long ago in fact, was it?”  Griffin nodded in agreement.  “It was when I was in Nabooru with Damon and Fayzie and her son,” he added.  Zelda shifted in her seat, an unpleasant scowl creeping onto her face.  Drake quickly noted Zelda’s expression and began to speak. 

  “Ah well, I guess some introductions will be necessary then.  Link, Zelda…this is Griffin Bladelaw.” 

  Bladelaw?  As in…” began Link before promptly cutting himself off and giving Griffin a curious look.  The similarity between him and Drake were undeniable.  He wasn’t the only one to notice.

  “Say, did anyone ever tell either of you that you look a lot like each other?” inquired Dion.  Drake swallowed and let out an uneasy sigh.

  Griffin is my son.” 


“Time gentleman!” called Gwendoline Woods loudly as she rang the bell.  Her call was followed by the thump of glasses and tankards as the few remaining patrons of the Red Swan finished their drinks.  Moments later, the tavern began to empty in a quietly and orderly fashion.  Despite her good looks, Gwen ran a tight ship, and it wasn’t often that there was trouble at Red Swan come closing time, or even before.  With a tired sigh, Gwen let down her hair from its neat pony tail and quickly ran her fingers through with a short shake.   As she called her goodbyes to the various patrons, she picked up a tray from behind the bar and began circulating tables, filling the tray with empty glasses and tankards. 

  “Need a hand?”  Gwen turned to see Drake, looking a little lost.  She smiled at him, her rouged lips parting to reveal a pretty smile.

  “Well why not?  Grab a tray,” she said encouragingly, to which Drake responded with a smile, before doing as she instructed.  The two began to gather up all the glasses they could, before returning them to the bar.  “Long day?” inquired Gwen as she returned behind the bar to get her bucket and mop.  Perching on a bar stool, Drake shrugged.

  “You could say that,” he said wearily. 

  “Want to talk about it?” asked Gwen kindly, before tossing Drake a wet rag.  “While you wipe down the tables of course,” she added with a wink.  Drake grinned and got down from the stool, before beginning to wipe over the tables.

  “Don’t you ever get sick of hearing about other people’s problems?” he inquired.  Gwen shrugged as she dipped her mop into the bucket of soapy water.  Her arms ached from the day’s trials, but she never left the tavern floor until it was clean and tidy.

  “It comes with the territory.  It’s better to listen to their problems rather than cause them.”  Drake nodded thoughtfully as Gwen spoke, before walking over to another table.

  “I suppose that makes sense,” he conceded.

  “Don’t I always?”  Drake chuckled at his friend’s response, then got back to work. “Plus it gives me no end of things to talk about with my friends,” she added wickedly.  

  “You know, that makes me feel a whole lot better,” cracked Drake wryly. 

  “Oh, I’m very discreet you know.  I’d never mention people’s real names.”

  “That’s comforting to know,” said Drake with a grin.  The two continued their chores in silence for a few moments, before Gwen spoke again.

  “So, how did things go today?  With your son?”  Drake had told Gwendoline all about the unexpected discovery of his son, and she had clearly listened.  Despite her jesting, he knew he could trust her not to breath a word to another soul, not that that mattered now. 

  “Not bad.  I think he’s coming round to me…I’ve been no father to him, but that can change.”

  “I really hope so, Drake, for both of your sakes.  No child should be without its parents, and vice versa.”  Drake nodded, rubbing his neck. 

  “Yeah, you’re right.  But…I guess you weren’t here when Link and Zelda arrived.” 

  “No…but Thelma mentioned they’d been in.  She’s a bit of a fan of Link, if you didn’t notice.”  Drake smiled. 

  “Well, Griffin was still here when they came.   He was going to leave…”

  “And you let him?”

  “No, of course not.  I figured people would clock on eventually, so I introduced him to them.  As my son.”  Gwen ceased her task as Drake finished and turned to him, her eyes widened.

  “Really?  What did they say?”

  “Well…not much.  They were very polite.  But I could tell they were shocked.  DionDion Insequi – you know him right?  Well he was there too and he…” Drake paused, grinning to himself.  “He said….


“Your son?  Now if that isn’t the best kept secret in Hyrule, I don’t know what is!  You certainly kept that one from us, sir knight!”  Drake let out an uncomfortable chuckle as Dion spoke. 

  “Well I only just found out very recently,” he began.  Dion turned to Griffin.

  “So how long have you known he is your father?”  Griffin shrugged.

  Er…a while I suppose.”  Dion let out a chuckle, shaking his head. 

  “You know, there is a Dubation saying…it’s Hylian translation is a lot less elegant but it will have to suffice.  You learn something new every day, do you not?  I find it especially fitting!”


“I was mortified at the time.  But, gods, am I glad Dion was there.  Zelda…well she didn’t even know where to look.  Not that I can blame her…and Link was pretty much speechless.”  Gwen smiled at Drake sympathetically, and patted him on the arm.

  “They’ll come round, you know.  If it was a shock for you, it’s bound to be the same for them.”  Drake smiled tightly and looked down at Gwen’s hand on his arm.

  “Thanks.  There’s no fool like an old fool I suppose…”  Gwen shook her head as the knight spoke. 

  “You’re not a fool, and you’re far from old – so don’t speak as if you are,” she reprimanded sternly.  Drake smiled at her again. 

  “I sure feel like both of those things though…but thanks all the same for saying that.”

  “I’m not just saying it Drake, I mean it.”   For a moment, the two did little but look eye to eye, and then with a look of utter decisiveness in her green eyes, Gwen leaned forward and delivered an impassioned kiss to the knight’s lips.  A moment later, and they both parted, breathless. 

  “What was that?!” asked Drake, still a little shocked.

  “You know I said you weren’t a fool?  I might have to take that back.  What do you think it was?!  A polite conversation about bee keeping?!”  Drake visibly reddened as Gwen spoke, and he pulled uneasily at his collar.

  “No…I mean…what I meant to say was…why?”

  “If you don’t know that now, Drake Benowyc, you never will.  How long have we known one another?”

  Er…years,” replied Drake unsurely.

  “And you never saw that coming?” asked Gwen, now looking faintly amused, although slightly annoyed as well.

  “Uh…well no!  But you still haven’t answered my question…”

  “Well I thought it might be nice okay?  That and my mother keeps asking when I’m going to make an honest man of you,” replied Gwen with a snicker.


  “Honestly Drake, I don’t know how a man like you can be so dense.  It might be all the ale I suppose…” 

  “But…but.  What about Griffin?”  Gwen gave Drake a curious stare.

  “What about him?  He’s a real looker of course, got that off you I expect, but he’s a little young for me.”   

  “No I meant…”  Drake trailed off even as he started and met Gwen’s eyes, noting the mischievous gleam in them almost immediately.  “Oh I get it.  You know exactly what I meant…I swear woman, sometimes, you are just too…”

  “But you love me all the same right?” she asked innocently.  Drake let out a sigh, shaking his head. 

  “Yeah…yeah I suppose I do.”

  “You suppose?”  Drake flashed a grin.

  “I’m not the only one who can be annoying you know.”  Gwendoline chuckled as Drake spoke before pausing to speak once again.

  “So what do you say?  Are you going to take me out?”  Drake raised an eyebrow.

  “When we have an empty bar at our disposal?”  Gwen gave Drake a soft slap on the arm and shook her head.  

  “You know what I meant.”

  “Well…I did, yeah.  But seriously Gwen, why me?  You could have any man you wanted…men a hundred times better than me.” 

  “Well I was holding out for royalty but the cards didn’t fall that way,” she began with a twinkle in her eye.  “Despite that, I’d gladly settle for you Drake.  If you felt the same, that is.”  As she finished, she looked at Drake hopefully. 

 “Are you serious?  Of course I do…but I can’t help but thinking a girl like you deserves someone better than me.”

  “I’ll decide that for myself, thanks very much Drake, if you don’t mind.”  And then she leaned forward and kissed him again, as if to confirm her feelings on the matter. 

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