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Zelda: Resolution

Juliet A. Singleton (juliet@northcastle.co.uk) & Kirsty Singleton (thebawp@gmail.com)

Chapter 10




  Everything seemed to have happened so fast. Princess Seline of Catalia gave a heavy sigh as she considered her present predicament. She ran a hand through her heavy mane of golden hair and her bright blue eyes watered as she gazed down at the letter she was writing with shaking hands. She hadn’t even been given a warning. The young princess was to be crowned queen in the next few days, following the brutal death of her brother as he fought off the advances of the Tanolian raiders who had attempted to cross Catalia’s borders only a few weeks previously. A tear fell upon the parchment, smudging the ink and she dropped her quill in despair.

  “Oh Arren...” she whispered, thinking of her sibling. Arren had always taken care of everything, including her. The Catalian king had been almost sixteen years older than her, and he had been her world for as long as she could remember. Both their parents had passed away, her father to disease and her mother in childbirth. Arren had ascended the throne at only twenty three summers, when their father had succumbed to a terrible fever he had caught whilst on a diplomatic trip to Benlucca. Now, without Arren, and without her parents, Seline was left with a weakened kingdom and a heavy heart. Of course, there was one hope. Tanol stood ready, threatening to invade again, and Catalia had lost many men in the recent raids from their wicked, uncivilised neighbours. Seline’s advisors had come up with a solution to their problems. Hyrule.


  Their sister country was strong, with a huge army and the magical Triforce at their disposal. The Royal Council had decreed that Seline send a letter to King Harkinian, pleading for aid. Catalia and Hyrule had a treaty that was centuries old, binding the two kingdoms. However, what would be better, the council advised, would be to seek betrothal to the young king. Selina had stared at the row of men before her in horror.   Her face beet red, she could only look down at the table in embarrassment.

  “I cannot ask such a thing!” she had exclaimed.

  “But should you marry Harkinian, then Catalia will become part of Hyrule, and Tanol will surely recede their vicious attacks!” one of the advisors had answered. Seline knew that it made sense. But to ask Harkinian for marriage? She would never be able to pluck up the courage for such a proposal. She had known Harkinian for many years and upon sight of him, her heart would always skip a beat. He was a handsome man. His line was of strong Hylian blood, his family pedigree spanned many centuries of Hyrulian royalty. He had long, wavy blonde hair and piercing green eyes, and was a fine warrior as well as monarch. Both his parents dying had forced him a fairly early ascension to the throne only a few years previously. He had been dear friends with her brother and she knew that it would pain him once she had finished the letter informing the Hyrulian King of her brother’s untimely death.  Her head bowed, she managed to sign the missive. Finally, she sealed it with Catalian wax, dripped from her candle then stamped with her family crest. Catalia’s fate now rested upon Hyrule. She could only hope that they would respond to their plea for help.



   Several months later became a different story. That evening Seline walked through Catalia Castle’s grounds with the handsome Harkinian at her side. The moon was out and the stars were in full force, and despite her heartache over her brother, she had never felt happier than she did that current moment. Her sapphire eyes shining, the young Catalian Queen gazed at her beau in admiration.

  “Isn’t it so beautiful tonight?” she asked.

  “Not as beautiful as you, my dear. Indeed, what a lovely girl you have grown up to be!” Harkinian replied gallantly. He took her hand and kissed it gently and it was all she could do not to throw her arms around him at that precise moment.

  “Oh I...” she trailed off, her pale cheeks tinged with pink at his words.

  “I can remember when you were just a young girl when we first met. You have truly blossomed,” he said smiling. Seline lowered her eyes, still feeling faintly nervous. Ever since she had been a teenager, she had  always held a torch for the man beside her. Back then, he had been out of reach, dallying with many a maiden much older than her. But now she had her chance, her dream was within reach. Her heart fluttered as he clasped her hand to his chest and she suddenly found herself leaning much closer to him. The moon shone brightly upon them, illuminating their star-crossed features as they leaned in to share their first kiss together. 




   Zelda put the faded letter down, her heart suddenly feeling heavy. What exactly had happened between her father and Seline? Of course if they’d stayed together, she wouldn’t be sat here now. Seline really loved my father, she thought to herself sadly. She’d probably never know the true story behind their affair because her father was unwilling to discuss it, and Seline was gone forever. I couldn’t bear to spend all my life alone because I let the person I truly loved go The princess couldn’t even begin to imagine what her life would be without Link at her side.  Both of us have been so stupid…


  Her head hanging, she folded up the old love letter, slipping it back into the poetry book, hidden away again forever. Perhaps some things were best laid to rest and forgotten about. Seline and Harkinian had certainly thought so. She and Link had both done wrong, but if they spent their lives apart, they’d surely never be happy again. They belonged together, for better, for worse.




   The night air was crisp and cool as Link wandered outside into the castle courtyard. The moon was out in full force and the stars twinkled merrily; gazing up at them gave him a sense of peace as he tried to forget Fayette’s cruel words. Mercifully, she did not follow him and he wandered across the fountain, sitting down on the stone rim. Leaning down, he ran his hand through the rippling water in the bowl, catching the glint of the odd rupee within its depths. The stars were reflected in the water too; in fact, they appeared to shine even more brightly. One in particular. He turned his gaze back to the sky and realised that it wasn’t a star that he had seen, the light was moving closer and within a few moments, his faerie companion Sprite had alighted on his shoulder.

  “Hey Sprite,” he said, a tad morosely.

  “Oh Link, why the long face? You don’t suit it you know, this brooding, tortured hero look!” the little faerie scolded, waving her finger at him. “I like it much more when you smile!” she added. “I mean, then you just look so adorable!”

  “Maybe I like it. The tortured look, I mean,” Link cracked weakly. Sprite shook her head.

 “Come on Link, what’s the matter? You aren’t yourself... in fact, you haven’t been for weeks!”

  “So everyone keeps telling me,” the hero sighed. “To be honest Sprite, I don’t even know who I am anymore. I think I do and then...”

  “This certainly doesn’t sound like the Link I know and love! Gosh, what is with everyone at the moment? First Flis and now you... I’ll have to send you off to Navi’s commune too!” the faerie announced dramatically. Link stared at her in surprise.

  Navi’s what?”

  “Oh she just has this place you know... deep in the forest. Relaxation and all that. I don’t know! Although, I couldn’t really send you there as then she might think I’m not doing my job as faerie guardian properly!” Sprite said. “Which, I am. Or will be,” she added, smiling prettily.

  “You do a great job Sprite,” Link said, giving out a small sigh.

  “But I could do better! Now come on, let’s cheer you up!” she exclaimed, flying up and placing a tiny kiss on his cheek.

  “I really messed up Sprite. With Fayzie and Zel and all that,” he sighed.

  “We all make mistakes,” Sprite pointed out. “Besides...” she paused for a moment, and seemed to decide better about speaking. Shaking her head she added, “Anyway it’s all in the past now.”

  Zel doesn’t think so,” the hero replied, turning his gaze back to the rippling fountain again.

  “Oh, she really is impossible! You should have married me you know!” Sprite exclaimed, pointing to herself.

  “I would have... if you weren’t so small,” Link said, giving her a small smile.

  “We could have worked around it... we could have made it work,” the faerie smirked. “Although there would have been some slight disadvantages...” Link looked over at his friend again, unable to resist cracking a grin at her words.

  “So even though I’m nothing but a low-born, uneducated peasant...”

  “Who said that?!” Sprite demanded, looking angry.

  “It’s true,” he sighed.

  “Peasant schmeasant! Does it really matter at all? Besides, you’ll always be noble to me... and to Zelda too. Peasants can marry royalty you know. It’s not some big disgrace, no matter what some people think! Zelda loves you for who you are, for everything about you! She doesn’t care what your lineage is. And if she did, I’d have to kill her!” the faerie proclaimed shrilly.

  “Sometimes I just think... you know... she would have been better marrying some prince after all...” he said, running a hand through his hair in agitation.

  “Well, I always did think she was...” Sprite began, then she giggled. “Come on Link, why in Hyrule wouldn’t she want to marry the most heroic, handsome and courageous guy in the Demiari? She’s not stupid!”

  “I’m not that special,” Link answered, sighing again.

  “Yeah, right! You’re not special just like Navi doesn’t have freaky hair!” the faerie cried. “Why can’t you see? You’re everything Link! You’re the perfect man! Any woman would die to be with you!”

  “If I was so perfect why did I have to hurt Zel so badly?” he questioned.

  “You made a mistake! We all mistakes! Even someone like me... who is of course, also perfect!”  Link gave his companion a small smile at her words.

  “I know but... it’s just, things seem to be okay, we keep promising each other we aren’t going to argue, and then we do and... I’m just so sick of it all, I don’t want it to be this way, I just want to be happy again... but I know things will never be the same,” he sighed.


   Sprite alighted on his shoulder again and ran her tiny hand across his neck gently.

  “You know Link... I made a mistake when I got married. I didn’t really want to get married but it was what my parents expected. I was so unhappy... and I’ve brought disgrace on my family for annulling the whole thing. But you know, I don’t care. I want to be happy. And I am happy now,” she said softly. “I want to dedicate my time to you, and your children. I promised I’d be your guardian after all.”

  “I appreciate it you know,” Link replied, glancing up at the starry night sky once more.

  “I know you do. But what I’m trying to say is, you didn’t make a mistake in who you married. You and Zelda belong together. You’ll always be part of each others lives, I just know it,” the faerie continued.

  “It doesn’t feel like it right now,” Link answered morosely. “I really don’t blame her if she doesn’t want to be with me anymore.”

  “I bet she’s feeling as miserable as you are!” Sprite retorted. Link shrugged.

  “She told me to leave,” he replied.

  “She’s always saying things that she doesn’t mean! If I know Zelda like I think I do, she’s probably crying and wishing you were there with her right now!” Sprite cried.

  “I don’t know... she was pretty angry before... It might be best if I keep out of her way for a while,” the hero replied, casting a wistful gaze up to the north-east tower. A light burned from the windows , meaning his wife was obviously still up.  “You know Sprite, I wish I could do something. Something to prove to her that I still love her,” he murmured. “If only I knew what...” Sprite looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. Seconds later she snapped her fingers.

  “I know!”

  “What?” Link asked, curious.

  “Why don’t you reaffirm your vows?” she suggested.

  “What do you mean?” he questioned, looking confused.

  “You know, go somewhere romantic and repeat your wedding vows to each other again!”

  “Like... the forest or somewhere?”

  “Precisely!! The forest!! In the moonlight or something!!! Or sunrise! Just tell her that you love her and you want to be with her forever,” Sprite exclaimed excitedly.

  “It is our wedding anniversary soon,” Link mused.

  “Even better, why don’t you buy her a beautiful new dress and ask her to wear it and lead her to the forest... us faeries will sort out the rest... then she’ll know you really mean it!” Sprite added. “All you have to do is try not to argue until your anniversary.”

  “Easier said than done,” the hero said with a sigh.

  “Just say you’re sorry and don’t mention it again. Go on, go up and try and speak to her,” the faerie pushed. Link stood up from the fountain and glanced up at the tower again.

  “I guess it’s now or never,” he said softly.

  “Come on, let’s go!” Sprite said. 




  Warily Link pushed open the door to his room, wondering how Zelda might react to his presence. As he entered he saw her sitting on the bed and she glanced up in surprise at him.

  “Link... I didn’t think...” she started hurriedly, her face flushing as spoke.

  “Look if you don’t want me here I’ll completely understand. I’ll go straight away,” the hero interrupted, backing away slowly.

  “No!! I mean... I...” She jumped up from the bed and ran across to where he was standing dejectedly.  “Link, will you ever forgive me for earlier?” she begged, looking clearly aggrieved. He stared at her in confusion.

  “Um...  look, I deserved it. I shouldn’t have gone anywhere near Fayzie. I can understand why you’re angry. I’m a total jerk and I completely disrespected your feelings,” he stated, sticking his hands in his pockets.

  “Link... we knew from the minute we met that we loved each other. I don’t want to give that feeling up... ever... I couldn’t live without you,” she exclaimed, her words all rushing out in a torrent. Link looked down, unable to meet her gaze. He felt so ashamed, but at the same time, he also felt angry. It, after all, wasn’t just him who’d been unfaithful. He would never forget the guilt for his wrongdoings, at least not anytime soon. Yet Zelda seemed to shake hers off so easily.

  “You wanted to give it up once...” he said slowly, finally raising his eyes to hers.

  “It was always you, it was only ever you Link!” the princess exclaimed. Her green eyes had started to brim with tears, whether of hurt, anger of frustration he wasn’t entirely sure. Maybe it was a little of all of them.  “Must we keep arguing?” she finally added, putting a dainty hand to her forehead as she spoke. He shook his head.

  “I certainly don’t want to,” he affirmed. She stepped a little closer and laid a hand on his shoulder.

  “Look Link. For what it’s worth, I love you. We wronged each other and things haven’t been the same since, I know. But I really do. Doesn’t that count for something? For anything?” she murmured.

  “It counts for everything. And damn it, I love you too. More than you could ever imagine. I just wish... I just wish I was good enough for you,” the hero sighed.  “No prince would ever have treated you so carelessly I’m sure,” he added. Zelda raised her eyebrows in surprise.

  “Huh? What’s that got to do with anything?”

 “It has everything to do with this. Perhaps Fayette’s right, perhaps I’m not good enough, perhaps it’s because I’m a peasant and....”

  “Stop right there,” Zelda ordered. “I love you. I love you so much,” she continued, lowering her voice as she did, and running her hand lightly across his chest.

  “But can we ever really get past this? Really?” he questioned, his voice starting to feel choked up.

  “We have to,” Zelda replied, drawing up closer to wrap her arms around him. He responded, pressing close to her, one hand ruffling her silky golden hair, the other upon the small of her back.

  “We keep trying but I can’t seem to ever truly forgive myself,” he sighed.

  “I forgive you. I’ve done some thinking tonight and something made me realise it’s not worth simply giving up  on the thing that you treasure the most. It’d only make us both miserable for the rest of our lives and I couldn’t bear to live that way,” Zelda murmured.

  “I couldn’t bear it either Zel,” the hero agreed, tilting her face slightly towards his own. “You’re all I ever need and want, so long as I’ve got you, I’m happy. I won’t ever let you forget that,” he continued, running his hand tenderly across her cheek. “I love you.”

  “And I love you,” Zelda replied softly, before meeting him a tender embrace.


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