Sit'n on a Log

By Zelda_girl and Link_fan

Author's note: arning. You might fall over yourself. So don't be surprised if all the chairs in your house disappear...

*Link is up on a hill and sitting on a "log"*

Zelda: *walks up* What are you doing???

Link: Sit'n on a log.

Zelda: May I join you?

Link: Sure!

*2 minutes later*

Malon: *comes up* Watcha doin?

Link and Zelda: Sit'n on a log.

Malon: Can I join ya?

Link and Zelda: Sure!

Navi: What are you doing???

Link, Zelda, and Malon: Sit'n on a log.

Navi: Is there enough room for me to join you?

Link, Zelda, and Malon: Yeah!

Ruto: *walks up* Can I join you Linky-poo?

All but Ruto: Uhhh...

*Ruto ignores them and squishes in between Zelda and Link*

Ganondorf: *stalks up* What are you doing?!?

All but Ganondorf: Sit'n on a log!

Ganondorf: Stupid kids, there is no log!!!

All but Ganondorf: AHH! *fall backwards and fall down hill*

Ganondorf: *shrugs and walks off whistling*

Link:...if there's no log, there shouldn't be any pain!

Malon: Oh just shut it!

The End (Wasn't that funny)

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