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Welcome to North Castle's crossovers Fan-Fiction Archive. Hyrule is a big place and the cast of characters from Zelda even bigger, but sometimes it can be fun to add new characters from other Nintendo games, or even comics, films or TV shows. All these stories have Zelda crossed with at least one other universe, sometimes more!

All of the stories are all rated and classified in alphabetical order by title for easy listing. The review system is currently down until further notice. If you want to get in touch with me about any problems such as missing stories/parts, or any other feeedback you want to pass along please drop me an email.

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Ratings Explanation

Here at North Castle stories are classified by a ratings system so you can determine what you are reading. This system is here to protect both the reader and author - please take heed of the rating. There are stories here for all ages and while I try to ensure that nothing grossly objectional is posted here, some material maybe considered unsuitable for some readers.

U - Universal. Suitable for all ages.
PG - Parental Guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. Implied violence or sexual situations possible.
12 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 12. Some violence, implied sexual situations and mildly strong language.
15 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 15. Violence, sexual situations, mildly strong language.
18 - No one under 18 admitted. Graphic Violence, sexual situations and very strong language.

Story Title





The Amazing Race: Nintendo Universe Updated 03/03/13
Stephen Stephano ALL U
LOZ: Balance of Power Justin Caynon LoZ-OoT PG
The City of Evil Updated 27/11/11 Joran TP PG
The Continuity Game Updated 22/12/10
Shadsie OoT PG
The Crossing of Two Evils FIXED 26/10/08 Crawreb OoT U
LOZ: Darkness Forth Coming Justin Caynon OoT U
The Dimensional Trilogy
Book 1: Interdimensional Relapse
Book 2: Dimension Hopping
Book 3: Dimension Merging
Dinoguy OoT U
Elseworlds: Hansel and Gretal
Alexandra Spears LoZ-AoL U
Heaven For Heroes Updated 25/07/10
Shadsie OoT PG
The Hylian Crusade Updated 06/07/14
Kalinka Shadows LttP U
The Hylian Crusade II Updated 28/12/11
Kalinka Shadows LttP U
Into The Pikachu CyberMew OoT PG
The Legend of the Ultra Smash Brothers Updated 25/06/10 MegaZeldaMan OoT U
Link: In DragonBall Z! The Calamari King OoT PG
Link Meets Inuyasha Delaney Irvin OoT U
Link Meets Ash Ketchum Updated 30/09/11 Ben Fuller OoT U
Link Meets Samus Updated 22/11/08 Ben Fuller OoT-TP U
Link Meets Solid Snake Updated 22/11/08 Ben Fuller TP U
Link Meets Spartan Updated 21/12/08 Ben Fuller OoT-TP U
Link in the Mushroom Kingdom Updated 27/11/11 Ganonslayer OoT U
Link Thy Chain Updated 06/07/14
Love's Strength Desi S OoT PG
The Nintendo World Cup Updated 21/11/10
Stephen Stephano ALL PG
The New Jedi
Doug All U
Shadows in Hyrule Updated 22/02/09 Zora_Link OoT PG
Subspace Cataclysm Updated 29/07/12
Stephen Stephano TP 15
The Super Adventure Kristoffer Garret OoT U
Trouble For Evolution
Alexandra Spears LoZ-AoL U
Zelda Vs. Escaflowne The Super Cat OoT PG

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