Legend of Zelda:
The Ether Blade

By Link-Reborn



"Some say the world was first made of music. And if you listen you can still hear it playing. One can control the fabric of the universe should they find the right tune. But one can only access it with the holy instruments that fell from the Heavens. If you find one- you hold Hylia's creation in your hands...

"Link? Are you listening?"

My little boy with big blue eyes and messy red hair, yawns.

"Yes, Daddy." he says to me lazily.

"Do I have to poke you?" I ask.

"No!" He shrinks into the sheets.

"Well I don't know...this is a very important legend." I say wickedly.

"No Dad, No!" Link squirms as I attack his little belly. I pull up his night tunic and blow a raspberry on him making him giggle explosively.

"Daddy! Daddy! Look what I have!" A little bundle of joy jumps on my back. She holds up a dead mink.

"What do we have here?" I gasp with astonishment. "You're first kill, Zelda!" Her green eyes shine with excitement, her light brown hair nearly at her ankles now. "Are you going to put its blood on your face?"

"Ew Dad!" she says giggling.

"Do I hear little chu jellies out of bed?" My wife comes around the corner. She is very pregnant.

"Story first! Story first!" The two of them chant, hopping on the bed.

"What do you say?" Fi holds an expectant hand to her ear.

"PLEASE!" The two say together, making me chuckle.

"Alright! Get cozily!" I help them tuck in. I pat my lap and Fi settles on it. "Alright, years ago, our big house was owned by the Draghans, who were under the command of a very big bad guy-"

"You!" They point at me.

"That wasn't me! Honestly!" I say pretending to be offended making my twins giggle. "And this big bad guy wanted a certain blade."

"The ETHER BLADE!" Link pipes up.

"I'm getting there, I'm getting there!" I laugh. "So he sent out his trusty sword Ghirahim to find it and what did he find?"

"Link and Zelda!" Zelda says.

"Ready to chop their heads off!" Link adds.

"And so they did! They were both very brave." I brush their soft hair and kiss them both.

"Now have nice dreams of killing things!" I chuckle mischievously.

"Maltzar." Fi chides but the kids love it.

"Good night sweet ones." she kisses their noses and the two of us leave the bedroom. We look at each other a long time. Both swords free to live, both swords with children to raise. All thanks to the two brave ones, that watch over us even now.

"What shall we name this one?" Fi touches her round belly.

"Don't know." I say feeling the little one kicking inside.

"I like Katryna." She says. I smile.

"So do I." I listen to her tummy. "Our little Kitty's heart is strong. She's gonna be a warrior like her mommy!"

Fi kisses my head. I worship her neck.


Together we walk out onto the balcony, and gaze upon the stone slab where the Four Sword still lies. On a monument before it, sits the Golden Harp a memory of Hylia and her Chosen one.

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