Legend of Zelda:
The Ether Blade

By Link-Reborn

Chapter 2


I flip my dagger in my fingers. Of all the people to watch him: Me. I could be spending this time with my Zelda. I toss the blade into the earth and wrench it out again.

"SO!" Shouts a voice in my ear. My blade is at his throat in a second. "Link, right?" the stranger asks without flinchimg, only his head poking out of the tent.

"Aren't your legs supposed to be numb?" I say.

"I dragged myself over- it's boring in here. Hey, you know that princess chick?"

"Her name is Zelda."

"Cool, yeah she's somethin' right? She's got a nice set of tits."

My knuckles creak over the hilt.

"Easy with that, lover boy." He laughs pushing the knife away with a finger.

"Listen carefully." I bring it back to his throat. "You stay away from her and I won't blind you, got it?"

He laughs softly.

"Like you could."

Before I know it I have his throat and my dagger is aimed at his eye.

"Try me." I hiss. I'm on the ground in a second, inside the tent, my own dagger at my throat.

"Whoa." The stranger pants, as startled as me. "I'm so cool!" he laughs. I struggle, thoroughly embarrassed. "You better watch yourself." he gloats. "I may not remember much but dang am I quick!"

"Get off me!" I shove him. He's laughing wickedly, playing with my dagger. I try to grab it but he dodges. His knees give out.

"Whoa, not quite working yet." He laughs totally unconcerned. I wrestle my weapon free. He's smirking. I'm going to cut his throat. I really am. "You better get out there or Mr. Chief is going to skin you." He winks. I storm out.

"Link." I jolt. It's Fado.

"Hold the fort!" He calls, running past. "Intruders coming!"

"From the sea?" I ask.

"No, the north!" He shouts back meeting up with the other hunters and heading to the outskirts of the camp. I want to run after them. I don't want to miss out on the fight. Zelda will no doubt be leading the troops. Though I know she is a capable fighter, I want to be at her side.

"Ooooh- I fight?" The stranger pokes his ridiculously handsome face out of the tent again. I refrain from kicking it.

"Stay in there." I shove him roughly, with my hand instead. Trumpets sound. I straighten. Those aren't ours. I hear war cries, many of them, coming in the forest. I hold my dagger ready, bending my knees. The sounds of battle fill my blood with ice. My legs are shaking.

"Aw is he scared?"

"Shut up!" I snap, trying to listen. There are screams. My people are running! Abandoning their tents.

"Run! They have overtaken the hunters!" One shouts rousing people from their tents, ushering children to the beach. "To the boats!"

"What about Zelda! Is she Okay!" I yell. My voice is drowned in the screams and thundering feet.

"Well this doesn't look pretty."

I turn and grab the stranger by the throat. I wrench him to his feet. "Can you walk?" I bark.

"Um- I think-"

"Good!" I drag him by the arm.

"I didn't say run!" he gasps staggering after me. He's a tall man, so when he trips I go down with him.

"Dammit!" I say trying to get up. In the panic, people leap over us, making it hard to rise. Only when the last of them clear off can I get to my feet. I'm helping the stranger when I see them. People running into the camp, torches and weapons raised. I freeze. My home goes up in flames before my eyes. The orange tongues lick up the trees, and scorch the paths. Some stragglers, my people are trampled and beaten with clubs. Blood paints the ground. I hold up my dagger, struggling to breathe. One is running at me, screaming, her matted hair in wild mess. Her eyes are bright with madness. I duck her club and slight open her side. Another comes. I stab, and duck, duck and slash. I've all together forgotten the stranger. Fear pumps in my heart like cold needles.

A club smashes the side of my face. I find the ground has come to me. Warmth pools around my face. This is going to hurt. Blinding agony shakes me. I start kicking as if to run from it. The screams have stopped. It is eerily quiet- except for a ringing sound. Tears swimming my vision I crack an eye. I detect movement. Wild movement.

There is the stranger a few yards away, fighting over my body, holding a stolen club, beating back the intruders. He kicks, claws and swings, turning and twisting, baring his teeth like a feral animal. But there are too many, they close in on him like a pack of wolves. Soon he is over taken, trapped in a tangle of arms and teeth. He is brought to his knees, arms held and head wrenched back by the hair. It takes six to hold him down.

A woman steps into view. A slinking, tall, catlike- wait that's actually a man? I can't tell. No he's definitely a man. His skin tight leather pants are testimony to that. He is very pale, bare-chested and wearing a red-chestnut fur cap. His hair is snow white and draped over one eye.

"Look who it is." He drawls. "I'm so pleased it was this easy to find you. Though how incredibly boring you've made this endeavour for me. You fell directly into my hands. Did you honestly think that running off to the closest tribe would keep you hidden?"

"I don't know you!" The stranger spits.

"Oh my, you've already forgot my name? How rude. Well I suppose it is only fair since I don't remember yours." He simpers almost flirtatiously.

"Go suck a dick!"

"Well, the hygiene of your mouth certainly hasn't changed." he hisses venomously. He brings a black rapier to his throat. "I am Lord Ghirahim, and I demand you tell me where I can find the Sword of Good and Evil."

"You're wasting your time." The stranger smirks. "I don't remember my own name let alone what you're talking about."

"No matter." Ghirahim soothes, stroking his cheek with the tip. "I'll find ways of jogging that memory of yours."

The stranger struggles defiantly.

"I'd love to see you try, bitch!" He winces as Ghirahim inflicts a slice to the face.

"Let it be known." Ghirahim turns to announce to the inhabitants of the forest. "That this forest and everything in it now belongs to my Master, Chieftain Dragmire. And soon he will be God of all that is!"

Awful, screechy cries of triumph fill the air. I wince, the sound is piercing and makes the world spin.

A clear battle cry cut through the sound. A lithe figure jumped at Ghirahim. He blocks but the wild fighter keeps coming, beating at him with a wooden stave. I know that fighter. It is my warrior princess.

Zelda and Ghirahim pause to circle one another. He eyes her as if intrigued.

"Tell me your name, mortal." He demands. She charges. Their weapons lock. She kicks him. He grabs her hair and throws her down. I struggled to rise. I hurt so much. I want to yell her name as he raises his blade. But my jaw is locked and splintering.

A roar breaks through the jeers. Our Chieftain, and her father, tramples Ghirahim like an angry bison. The pathetic man is no match for his rage.

"LEAVE THIS PLACE!" He bellows, throttling Ghirahim, lifting him off his feet. Then all the Chief's bodyguards advance in, taking on the watching intruders. I am holding myself up with shacking arms. My one eye won't open and my legs are having so many spasms, I can't use them. I want to fight, I have to fight.

Zelda is clutching her right arm. Her brace has shattered from the fall, revealing the triangular birthmark on the back of her hand. Ghirahim smiles. With a snap of his fingers, he vanishes and appears outside of the fighting.

"No matter. I have what I want."

"HEY!" The stranger breaks free charging at him. "I'm not done with you tight pants! How do you know me! What sword?!" Just as he leaps to tackle him, Ghirahim vanishes in an explosion of diamonds. The stranger lands on the ground, cursing.

"Link!" Zelda gasps, hurrying to me. She takes my head in her lap. "Hold on alright- stay awake- no don't-"

My eyes close.

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