Legend of Zelda:
The Ether Blade

By Link-Reborn

Chapter 19


All eyes turn to Maltzar.

"No." he backs away, shaking his head. "That's not me."

"What are you saying? That I'm the Ether Blade?" I ask derisively.

"My father was a black smith, okay?" Maltzar snaps. "I remember my mother singing a lullaby to me-"

"-From a dream." I say.

"How would I dream that if I was a fucking sword!!?"

"Mal, calm down-"

"NO I'M NOT CALMING DOWN!" He rounds on Fi. "What do you expect?! I was just told that I am an OBJECT!" He frowns, suddenly looking like he might cry. "And if I am... that means...I don't have a father...that can help you, Fi...help us...be human...eternal sleep waits for us both."

We stand in stunned silence.

"I am your mother, Maltzar." Zelda says. He turns to her. I feel a weird feeling in my stomach. Zelda a mother? Of I him? "You seemed familiar since the first day you were brought to my tent. And even now, my memories of when I was Hylia are returning...I sang a lullaby as I forged you. Demise and I both raised your spirit from infancy. You are a strong blade, because you have the knowledge of both good and evil."

Maltzar stares, his eyes slowly flaring with rage.

"I hate you." he states. "Why would you raise a sword, giving it hope only to dash them by condemning them to an eternal sleep? A sleep worse than death because their soul- my soul is not eternal!"

"I'm sorry, Mal." Zelda says. "It was Demise's design. And what was I to do: accept a weapon of war and destruction to live in my Heavens?"

"You disgust me." Maltzar sneers. "You're the Goddess- CHANGE IT!"

"I don't know how." Zelda apologizes, looking away.

"But I do." Came a low voice. We turn to find we are not alone. The tall man, covered in soot, with flaming hair and a handsome face: the man I mistook for Maltzar's father is standing before us. "Come to me son." he opens his arms.

"You're Demise!" I snap. He chuckles.

"It would seem your Hero isn't without all his brains." Demise says. Zelda stands beside me defensively.

"He has more brain cells that you and our army combined." she says.

"Malrego," He turns to Maltzar, "Come to me, and I will promise you eternal life."

"He's lying!" Fi says. But Maltzar is eying him thoughtfully.

"You mean, I won't die? Separated from all life?" he asks.

"It was my design, so I can undo it, for both you and Fi." he smiles, almost kindly.

"Bentzar!" Zelda shouts. "Your name is Bentzar! Please, stay with us and I will find a way to do that same! I will!"

"But you said you couldn't." Maltzar rounds on her.

"I don't know how, but that's because my memories have not returned. But they will, I will learn to use my powers again."

"And if she doesn't, and you kill me, your chance is over." Demise says plainly.

"Please, Ben," Zelda grabs at his arm and he pulls away.

"Bentzar?" he scoffs. "What kind of a name is that?"

"It means good ruler- you are the king of swords- the good king of swords." Zelda pleads.

"You just want me so you can continue to rule your world of music." Maltzar says. "You don't care about anything else! You let me drown in the sea- your own son! You raised me!"

Zelda shakes her head, tears welling in her eyes.

"Demise cast you down! I couldn't find you!"

"Listen to her, blaming others for her mistakes. Quite the Goddess isn't she?" Demise says. I charge at him. In a splash of black diamonds, Ghirahim blocks me, throws me down and pins me with a foot. I can't get up.

"Join us brother." he opens his arms to Maltzar. He steps towards them.

"No, Mal, they're lying!" Fi says. He rounds on her.

"I do this for you."

"Mal, I'm sorry!" Zelda begs. "I'm so sorry!"

"Too late," he sneers at her and goes to Demise. The demon raises his hand and Maltzar is lifted off his feet arms out as if crucified.

"NO!" Zelda screams. But it is too late. Glowing red Maltzar cringes and his form begins to peel away revealing a metallic skin that is as orange as dusk. Black  crescents and deigns paint his body, his pupils enlarge until they are entirely black and his red hear turns as dark as soot. He is naked like Ghirahim, but his arms: they are entirely made of weapons and bucklers; a complex mechanism with blades for fingers. His green headband flaps in the hair like it has a life of its own. Then a red hilt juts out of the purple gem in his chest. A curved sword, longer than any I have ever seen, shoots out and into Demise's hand. The white blade glows like the moon.

Maltzar is set on his feet, a lot taller than he was before. Even taller than Ghirahim's spirit form. He looks at his new arms, quiet disgust on his face.

"This is what I am?" he says bitterly. His voice sounds metallic like Ghirahim's, yet musical like Fi's.

"Not for long." Demise reaches out to him, and Maltzar swipes at him, his bladed fingers whistling.

"I HATE YOU BOTH!" he snarls, rounding on both Zelda and Demise. "FREEDOM IS ALL I WANT- FREEDOM FROM THIS!" The knives that make up his muscles splay out like deadly wings. "I WANT TO KILL YOU BOTH FOR CREATING ME! And I choose neither as my master!" he glares at Demise. "I'll serve you for one reason alone. Free Fi- or I will turn on you."

"Maltzar, no!" Fi cries, tears running down her face.

"It's a deal." Says Demise. A purple and black portal appears behind him. "Come, let us make ready our army."

Ghirahim steps off of me and kicks me hard. I curl choking and Zelda comes to my aid. Fi is staring, beyond words, crying silently as she watches her friend leave with the enemy. The portal vanishes and all is quiet.


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