Legend of Zelda:
The Ether Blade

By Link-Reborn

Chapter 14



Link charges at Majora.

"Wait!" I yell. He swings my blade and Majora blocks with his forearm, his handsome face crazed and drooling. He kicks Link to the ground and draws out two blood red whips from his undulating mane. He wields them with deadly grace. They snap, scarring the ground around Link. He's toying with him.

"MASTER!" I cry. "He's too powerful! Come away!"

But Link persists, rage in his eyes. Tears shed for his ruined home and murdered people glisten on his face. A whip slices his calf open: a graze of what the wound might have been. Then it wraps around Link's neck with a crack, choking him. Majora yanks him like a dog on a leash.

"LET'S PLAY! LET'S PLAY! COME BACK ANOTHER DAY!" Majora sings, dancing and twirling. "YOU BE THE BAD GUY AND I THE GOOD! DO AS I ASK! COME ON! COME ON! PUT ON THE MASK!" He pulls hard turning Link and throwing him off his balance. He chokes and coughs. Then Majora strips himself bare, sensually, teasingly. I do have to admit he has a nice body. "PUT ON THE MASK!" he leaps on top of Link and pins his wrists. Link is stunned.

"Do me!" Majora hisses venomously. "Do me a favour and come back with flavour! You are a pitiful mess!" he forces their lips together.

"Master!" My voice breaks. Majora  leaps back and flips to his feet.

"FIGHT ME WHEN YOU'RE WORTHY...If there is still time." with that he skips off into the trees, laughing wildly. My Master is shocked. I am dazed. I couldn't bring myself to harm Maltzar... some sword I am.

"Link, the moon is falling fast!" I look to the globe of death in the sky. "It will land tomorrow evening."

"I must save Zelda!" He says.

"But we don't have enough time!"

"Not if I can help it!" Link rises.



We are sailing through the cluster of the outer islands: the region of destiny, as our people called it, where the Chieftains' offspring would perform their first kill. That life seems eons ago. It brings tears to my eyes.

"Vaati took her this way?" I ask.

"Yes." says Fi. "Master, look!"

"I see it."

I steer us toward a raging cloud over one of the islands. Once on shore I pull the canoe into the bushes. With the Master Sword in hand I make my way into the strange forest of the isle. In no time I come to the edge of a massive crater. Something indigo glows at it's core. Surrounding it is an army of dark creatures I've never seen before: things with the heads of bores, wolves with human hands, goblins with rows of teeth and boars with eight legs. I see Vaati lounging on a boulder in human form, smirking, a pair of witches at his sides. Ghirahim stands by the giant gem in the center of it all, beside an exceedingly tall man with flaming red hair and soot all over his skin.

"Is that...is that Maltzar's father?" Fi asks. The tall, red-haired man certainly fit the description. He was handsome in a dark way, same as Maltzar. "He's...helping Ghirahim?"

"Maybe he serves Demise..." I say, sneaking down the slopes. "And Maltzar fought Ghirahim because he was rebelling."

"Oh Mal," Fi sighs, longing and sympathy in her voice.

My foot slips. I tumble down into the midst of the enemy. The pig faces seem startled. I leap to my feet, keeping my back to the wall. The melee begins. Black blood paints the ground. As I decapitate the last one, more run in. I'm gasping and aching, I'm so tired. Spears jab at me, like snakes testing my flavour. The wounds Majora gave are throbbing. I'm brought to my knees but I keep fighting. Like a cornered wolf I thrash and twist, keeping my oppressors at bay. Soon they just watch me struggle. Ghirahim approaches and stands over me. I swipe at him and he steps on my blade.

"Look who it is, wholesome and not in pieces. How disappointing." he drawls. I throw myself at his knees but he kicks me in the face. His blade comes under my chin and he forces me to look up at him. "No matter. I'll own your soul instead."

Fi flips into being and kicks him. He staggers, hissing. I grab the Master sword and strain to my feet.

"Let Zelda go." I growl, pointing with my blade. Ghirahim laughs. "I'm afraid you are a little late for that one, hm....what was your name again?"

I scowl. But a chill rolls down my spine as the man with flaming hair looms into view. He is holding the harp. A string has broken.

"Hylia's power is waning." he says with deep tones. If death could speak, he would have this voice. "This is but a useless trinket." he throws it at my feet.

"Where is Zelda?!" I yell.

"She's dead." he says. My insides freeze up.


"To save you she awakened Arksi and gave us the Ether Blade. Demise killed her with it." I'm finding it hard to breathe. The world is spinning. I refuse to believe it. "And now," the man looks up to the moon burning a hole in the sky, "Demise's world is almost complete. All life from Hylia's song will be annihilated. And he will reign supreme." His handsome face smiles.


"Son?" He looks perplexed. "Why I haven't been more proud of him. It was he that fed us the location of Arski. Without him, none of this would be possible."

"NO HE WOULDN'T!" Fi cries. I feel cold and dead inside.

"Run, rabbit, run." Ghirahim giggles. "You've lost." The army crowds in, cackling like bats.

"Malladus." Maltzar's father purrs. A great blue lion, with a fiery main, horns of a bull and the face of a man, parts the crowd. "Kill him." It lunges for me. I fall back stabbing and hacking at it. But the Master Sword does nothing.

"Link," Fi gasps. "I'm waning."

"NO FI! DON'T GIVE IN!" I choke. Grabbing the harp, I scramble back up the slope, dodging teeth and claws. Malladus pursues me up the side of the crater. I can hear the army laughing. Tears run down my face. Zelda...dead? As I gain altitude, I look back hoping to see her golden hair, somewhere in the masses, but there is no sign. They lied! They must have. As the climb becomes steeper and more treacherous, I manage to get out of reach for a moment. I freeze stunned by the sight below. There on the bright purple gleam of Arksi, stands Majora, lifting a limp body over his head. A body with golden tresses of hair: Zelda.

"VICTORY! VICTORY! VICTORY!" he shrieks, shaking her. The army echoes the chant, filling the air with a cacophony of sound. I scream but I am not heard. The sky rumbles. Evening is drawing near. There is not enough time to save Hyrule.

Malladus roars, catching my boot with his claw. I run into the forest. Leaves whip my face and bushes snag my heels. I'm blinded by grief and empty. I come to a rocky summit and I climb. My hands are shaking violently, I keep slipping. When I come to the peek a great roaring turns my attention. The moon is a bowl of flame in the sky, lowering, falling. I see the forests of Hyrule ignite. Dragon Roost crumbles. And in a flash of white the moon hits. All sound is sucked in by the impact. Silence. I wait, not breathing

Then a shock wave brings back sound. It hits my ears like a jackhammer and bursts my eardrums. The wind throws me off my feet and crushes me to the ground. Another shock wave cracks the earth under me. Once I find air slow enough to breathe, I sit up. A wall of fire is rushing towards me. I run. Down the slopes I slip and fall, tumbling through the brambles and rocks. I run to the edge of a cliff. The sea laps at its base far below.

I turn. The flames roll over the peak and flow down toward me like an avalanche. I jump.

The falling sensation swoops in on my gut holding me terrified as my arms flail. The explosion above roars across the sky painting the sea red. The water hits like a wall. I feel the impact in my spine, with a slap in the face and a punch in my ribs.

Gravity drives me deep. I have to fight to get back to the surface. Flaming ash falls like snow, hissing and sputtering in the water. Meteors whistle down, crashing into the islands.

I am alone, fighting to keep my head above the waves.

Hyrule is lost. I ran out of time.


I wash up on shore amidst the burning wood, the harp clutched tight in my hand.

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