Legend of Zelda:
The Ether Blade

By Link-Reborn

Chapter 11


The travel home is so far remarkably easy. Nothing stands in our way, so we take the time to rest and heal.

I am shaken awake.

"Link, yo, Link- I wanna tell Fi something!"

It's Maltzar.

"Why?" I groan, rolling away.

"Is she sleeping? How do I get her out of the sword?"

"Is it important?"


With a sigh, I reach over and touch the hilt of the Master Sword.

"Yes, Master?" Fi flips out with a flash and hovers daintily. "What is your will?"

"He wants to talk to you." I jerk my thumb sleepily over my shoulder. Somehow she seems to glimmer a little more brightly, though the embers of the fire are low.

"Yes, Mal?"

Since when did she call him that?

"Come on." he cocks his head toward the trees with a grin. Fi glides with him into the neighbouring clearing out of ear shot. I lay back down, but a nagging feeling keeps me up. I find myself hiding behind a tree, an ear cocked toward their conversation.

"Are you sure?" Fi asks.

"Positive!" Maltzar says with glee. "This isn't any ordinary dream!"

"What did he look like?"

"Red hair, just like me and he was covered in soot- probably from working at the fire all the time...I couldn't see his face- the sun was really bright, see? But he's a black smith! He made swords! It makes sense. I'm a sword hunter because my father made swords!"

"Do you remember his name?"

"No, but-"

"Do you remember yours?"

"Not yet-"

"I'm glad you had a dream that could unlock your past, but honestly Maltzar that's not much to go on."

"But it's something!" He says and she hushes him. Their voices drop and I lean in to hear.

"How can you find your father when all you know about him is he is a black smith with red hair?- from a dream!" Fi asks.

"I heard my mother's voice." Maltzar speaks so low I have to strain to hear. "And I know it was her. You know that warmth you feel, that safe feeling that tells you deep down in your deepest core that it's alright?...I guess I'm talking to the wrong person- the point is I heard her singing- singing me to sleep. And every child, even if they are taken at birth always remembers their mother's voice. It's the key to finding her. Who knows, she may be singing the same song now."

"What did she look like?"

There is a pause.

"Maybe, we lived in the desert! Ha! That's it. The dreams are so bright because I was raised in the desert!" Silence. "What?"

"You're going to go looking for them aren't you?"

"Yes...but not until this is finished." he says.

"Finished." Fi sighs. She sounds empty. "I would like to meet them."

"You will-"

"But as a human." Fi turns to him. "If this is finished... I will be in the sword, a sleep for eternity."

Again silence.

"No." Maltzar says, "No, I won't have it."


"You listen here, Fi. You deserve better- No, you do....And I think there is a way to fix this."

"How?" Fi asks. I can hear the lament in her voice. "How can you go against Hylia's will."

"Uh, she's sleeping right behind you."

"And do you think she has the power to change the way of the ancient swords now? As a human. I was created eons ago. There is no reforming my design now."

I hear Maltzar growl a sigh. Crickets fill the emptiness.

"My father, made swords." Maltzar says. "And he taught me about you, the legendary blades..." His tone is thoughtful, as if on the edge of a cliff, ready to take flight. "Maybe it was never the blade I was interested in...Maybe it was the spirits. Fi, there may be a way to separate you from the blade! And my father might know!"

"That's like taking the head off a body!" Fi snaps. "It can't be done without killing us both."

"But it's worth a try."

"Mal, no." Fi states. "MAL?" I jump.

"No, I will not stand here while your time with me ticks away. I'll bring back my Father, and he will help you. You'll see." his voice is much farther off. I jump to my feet.

"Mal wait- no!" Fi calls.

"What?" I pause hearing his voice draw nearer. "We saved the desert. I'll check through the villages! It will be easy. And I'll be so much more of a use to you once I know my past. Once I know why I was hunting the Ether Blade. Why I was fighting Ghirahim. Maybe my father can even come with us and help!" He sounds so enthusiastic. I'm not used to hearing him sound like that.

"Mal, think." Fi commands. "You could be chasing a dream- just a dream. What if you go and find that you were wrong, what then?"

"Then I'll just have to dream again." He says.

"Stop!" Fi says. "I don't want you to go."

I peer around the tree to see Maltzar running for her and-

My jaw slides open. They are kissing. Hard.

"I promise I will free you." he murmurs against her lips. "I will be back- with my family! Who knows I may have brothers!" Maltzar runs off.

"HEY!" I dash out, not caring they'd know I was eavesdropping. "MALTZAR!" I race after him. "MALTZAR!" He is fast, with those long legs. Panting hard, I stop in the dark of the forest. I have lost him. What on earth am I going to tell Zelda?

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