Legend of Zelda:
The Ether Blade

By Link-Reborn

Chapter 1


"Some say the world was first made of music. And if you listen you can still hear it playing. One can control the fabric of the universe should they find the right tune. But one can only access it with the holy instruments that fell from the Heavens. If you find one- you hold Hylia's creation in your hands...

"Link? Are you listening?"

I blink vaguely.

"Hylia's creation in your hands." I repeat stifling a yawn.

"This is a very important legend!" says Bruta. "Pay attention! You sleep too much."

"I'm listening." I sigh as I curl up on the sand. He slaps my ear.

"Sit up!"

"I'm awake!" I snap.

"I'm getting to the best part, Link!" Bruta says with an eager glint in his eyes that makes me want to punch him.

"Of course we all know the legend of the swords of good and evil: Fi the Master Sword and Ghirahim the Malice Sword. But there is talk of a forgotten sword that has the power of both. She sleeps where Demise and Hylia can never venture. Only few oracles know pieces of the information of where her location is. And there is talk my boy, that when Hylia is ready to fight Demise for the final time- the sword will awaken and come to her."

"You talk as though the swords are alive." I say.

"Well they are." Bruta answers. I give him an odd look.

"They were created by the Gods. Intelligent spirits dwell in their blades. They can even walk the earth as living beings if their master calls them to."

"Weird." I say.

"No, it's fascinating!"

"Yo, Link!"

I turn only to get a slap on the shoulder.

"Where've you been? We need to set sail! You still listening to fairy tales?" Fado asks

"History lessons!" Bruta corrects.

"Look I was kidnapped." I sigh. "I didn't have much of a choice and hey- who says no to a free nap?"

We laugh except Bruta.

"That's not funny."

"Whatever Brutes." Fado slaps the old man's shoulder. "Come on, Link, let's go fishing." He sets off toward the main beach.

"Listen." I say to Bruta who looks very cress-fallen. "I'm just messing with you- I've had a long night. Don't take it personally." I hurry back to my job. The sea is a bright teal under the sun, white capped and lively. Fado and I prepare our little boat and set off toward the other fishing fleets.

We cast the nets and wait but nothing bites. I sit on the bow, my bare feet dangling over the waves. The horizon swallows my attention. I can feel it fill my soul with desire.

"Hey, Link- Look!" I turn. The Great tribal long boat is sailing toward us. Our warrior princess has returned from the outer islands!

The other fisherman wave as the soldiers paddle to the drum beat. I jump to my feet, holding a rope to keep me balanced on my perch. There she is. My princess, standing boldly at the front, her golden hair flowing in the breeze. The feather headdress stands tall against the wind, wreathing her head in colours of magenta, red and orange. Her porcelain face is set with vivid red painted across it: the blood of her first kill.

"Zelda!" I wave.

"Don't do that, you idiot!" Fado clobbers me. I fight my arm free and continue waving. She looks at me with her frigid grey eyes and for an instant I see a crooked grin light her face. My heart melts. The chief steps in front of my view, glowering with disapproval.

"Don't make him mad!" Fado tugs at me.

"He's always mad." I laugh. The chief turns away, standing protectively by his daughter. The long boat paddles toward shore.

"One of these days, man..." Fado shakes his head.

"I'll be hers." I say.

"No- he'll have you exiled, you fool! You know full well she is betrothed to the son of the Ordon tribe."

I aggressively pull in the empty nets.

"Not if I can help it. Royalty or not she has a choice."

"And what makes you think she'll chose you?" Fado laughs. I smile inwardly at the memory of us sneaking off into the woods to hunt together... and other such things. I release the sails.

"What are you doing?"

"Let's set off toward the uncharted waters!" I point. "The fish have got to be there. And if we catch the most-"

"We'll get to present them to the chieftain." Fado finishes for me.

"Exactly and guess who is sitting right next to him." I say.

"You sly dog." Fado catches me in a head lock and ruffles my dirty blond hair.


"I know you have a major crush on Zelda- but I don't know about this." Fado complains as we sail further and further into the unknown.

"Just a bit more." I say.

"Look, let's just cast the nets- I'm sure there is something here-"

"Wait...do you see that?" I ask. I notice there is something floating far off, bobbing in and out of the waves.

"Is that a whale?" Fado squints, shielding his eyes.

"No, it's too small." I say.

"A shark?"

"Doesn't look like it. Let's check it out."


"Just a look, we don't have to go too close." I say. Fado doesn't look pleased, but he steers us toward it the same. I lean forward, craning my neck trying to figure it out. It's black and I see a bit of orange. And as we get closer, I see that it appears to be slumped over a piece of drift wood.

"Is that...?"

"That's a person!" I gasp. I help paddle over as quickly as possible.

"Careful, Link! He might be one of the others."

"Others or not he needs our help." I snap. Once in reach I take a hold of his arm. It's cold, slippery and limp. "Help me." We haul him into the boat with great difficulty. He is a very slender, tall young man: a fiery ginger, with a green headband that trails down his back. He is wearing black leather with many belts and buckles. It's sleeveless and he has a cape made of black fur. He is good looking but his brow is troubled. He is very tanned and able bodied. Perhaps a warrior? I wonder if saving him was a good idea.

"Is he alive?" Fado asks, clutching the mast nervously.

"He's breathing...barely." I say, checking his vitals. I place one of the extra blankets over him. He doesn't stir. "He needs help. Let's go back to shore."

"Are you sure?"

"Well what else should we do?" I snap. Fado reluctantly complies.


"Well you got your wish." Fado whispers. I ignore him. We carry the stranger on the make shift stretcher. The warriors escort us to the chieftain. It will be his judgment of whether the man is worthy of help or if he is a danger. The stranger looks close to my age. Though I don't know him,  I don't want to witness him being executed.

We come to the main tent which is strung up at the base of the largest tree in the forest. The Chief is standing sternly in front of it, arms crossed, his warrior paint still on. Zelda is nowhere to be seen. We place the stranger at his feet. The guards are at the ready. The Chief eyes him thoughtfully. He crouches down and removes the blanket. He checks for weapons then wounds.

"Zelda." he calls without looking away. My heart twists up as she steps out of the tent. Her face is clean and she is wearing her usual furs. She catches my eye, and a mischievous glint lights them. I smile like an idiot.

Without asking she crouches down by her father and opens the front of the strangers coat. She places her hands on his toned chest. I shift uncomfortably. She closes her eyes and begins to sing.


Voice of Healing, let your power flow

Through my hands I let your vibrance glow

Out of the arts of Hylia and her three

Let this man wake, let his soul be free


The stranger gasps and his eyes open. He grabs Zelda's throat. I pounce on him before any of the guards move. I am on top, pinning this wrists down. He stares at me with wild green eyes. He thrashes but I have a firm hold. And as he pants, confusion slowly dawns.

"What's going on?"

"Link." The Chief growls and Zelda pushes me off. The stranger looks at her and his eyes light up.

"Well hello." He purrs. I want to kick him in the face. Zelda is impassive.

"What is your name?" she snaps.

"Give me yours." he says. Her father rises to his fullest height.

"I am Chieftain Azrune. And this is my daughter Zelda." There is a hint of threat to his introduction. "Who are you and where did you come from?" he barked. The stranger doesn't flinch to my surprise. I do.

"I would tell you, but my mind's blank. I was hoping you'd tell me."

"You have no memory?" Zelda asks.

"Not a clue what my name is." The stranger laughs. Weird guy. "So where am I? How did you find me...come on something's gotta jog my memory."

"I don't believe you." Zelda says coldly. "You act too confident for someone that knows so little."

"Defence mechanism I guess." the stranger shrugs. "I wouldn't know, I can't remember."

This cocky prick is really starting to get to me. Zelda places her thumbs to his temples and closes her eyes. The guards ready their spears.

"You a mind reader?" The stranger asks after an awkward pause. Suddenly her nails dig into his head and she forces their faces closer.

"Are you of the Darunian Clan?" she drills.

"No." The stranger gasps straining to pull her off. I help hold him down.

"What is your name?"

"I don't know-"

"What is your name?"

"Ow- will you stop it?"

"Who sent you- who sent you!"

"I DON'T KNOW!" he shouted back. She releases him.

"He is right he has no memory." she reports. "I felt no vibes."

"So you can read minds." the stranger says, massaging his head. "Painfully as it turned out."

"We can't prove he is one of the others." Zelda says over her shoulder.

"Nor can we prove he isn't." Growls the Chief in return. "Your life is spared on one condition: That you obey our every rule and that you never go unwatched. I am assigning a guard, and you will not leave confinement for three days."

"Do I get food?- and a bed?" the stranger asks rudely. The Chief's biceps clench.

"If you behave."

"As of now I'm an angel." he claps his hands together earnestly. I notice Zelda's crooked grin appear. My crooked grin. "Help me up." He reaches toward me. I don't comply. He shrugs and struggles to sit up. "Problem. I can't feel my legs." he says rather calmly.

"Yeah right." I mutter.

"Link, I am assigning you as the guard to this man."

"What?" I protest.

"You found him, he's your responsibility."

"But I-"

"Take him to confinement. And you are not to leave him or I will skin you alive you hear?" By the look of those fiery eyes I believe him.

"Told you not to make him angry." Fado mutters to me as we pick up the stretcher. Brooding, I help carry the stranger off while he lounges like the king of cats. Out of the corner of my eye I see him wave to Zelda. It will be a miracle if I live through the night without committing murder.

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