Zelda Arts & Crafts


email: stargazers_delight@yahoo.com

site: Ordinary Vanity

Nelia creates crafts from sculpey and runs Etsy store Ordinary Vanity just to share the fandom with others. She initially makes her items for herself, but after compliments she often ends up making duplicates to sell in her store. She keeps prices really low so that people like herself (college students) can afford geek gear. All necklaces come gift boxed and the charms include DS/cell phone straps. Nelia is open to custom orders or requests as well!

Ocarina Earrings
Triforce earrings
Triforce Charm
LonLon Milk
LonLon Milk Bottle
Floating Triforce Pendant
Triforce in a Bottle
Triforce Pendant
Ocarina Pendant
Heart Friendship Necklaces
Link and Zelda
Link and Zelda Kissing Necklace

Main Gallery

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