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Virtual-Inspiration's Fire Tunic Link has had several outings in the UK to conventions like Eirtakon 2008 and Anecom 2008. He has also teamed up with other NC cosplayers, Robyn Greenbow, Kellyjane and Tealpirate at Anecom. Don't forget to stop by his dA gallery for more great cosplay photos!

Tough Link
I Has A Sword
Shield Pose
Amecon 2008
TP Zelda played by Robyn Greenbow
Dark Link played by Kellyjane
Link played by Tealpirate

Dark Link
Smash Bros. Dark Link
Fierce Deity Link
Majora's Rival
Fierce Deity Link
Fierce Deity Link
Link and Midna
Just... Don't Tell Zelda
Midna played by Robyn Greenbow

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