Zelda Loves Me!

In order to enforce that Link and Zelda DO indeed belong together (as if the cartoon/game evidence wasn't enough!) us 'shippers enjoy nothing more than seeking out visual evidence from sources such as the games/comics/manga/cartoons. I've compiled a list of my particular favourites below and if there's any I've missed (which is sure to be the case!) be sure to send them in! I'll also be showcasing any editorials based on Link/Zelda here too so get writing!

The Games

Although in-game romantic moments are a rarity there are still a few to be had - I think Nintendo just love to keep us guessing! Check out my favourites below.

Zelda shows Link she is VERY grateful indeed for him saving the Kingdom - behind the curtain of course ;) - Zelda II: Adventure of Link

When Link regains his Ocarina he has a flashback where Zelda gives a dialogue which shows Link means a lot to her. I think this scene is very meaningful in showing the relationship OoT Link and Zelda have - although they went back in time, she never forgot him - Zelda VI: Majora's Mask


Once again Zelda rewards our hero with a kiss! - Zelda VII-VIII: Oracle of Seasons/Ages (linked ending)


In Minish Cap, Link and Zelda are childhood friends; Zelda asks for Link to join her at the Picori festival and even wins a shield for him :)

The Valiant Comics

The Valiant comics, like the cartoon, are a total goldmine of wonderful Link/Zelda romantic moments. In most cases it's a lot like the cartoon with Link trying to get kisses from Zelda, however there are some more serious moments (in fact some of the stories are better than the cartoon episodes), in particular the part where Zelda admits she really does love Link. The writers even included a cute two page story for a Valentines special where our favourite due even go on a real date.


In 'The Price' (Issue 3) Zelda admits that she's in love with Link. It's just a bit unfortunate by the end of the story she denies it!


These are some nice pictures from 'The Perfect Date' a cute shot story in issue 5. It's nice to see Link and Zelda all dressed up!

A few more great moments from various issues.

The Captain N Cartoon

Captain N was another DiC cartoon that contained many of Nintendo's other characters from other games such as Megaman amd Simon Belmont. It mainly starred a young videogamer called Kevin Keene who was transported into videoland to help Princess Lana against the evil Mother Brain. An older Link and Zelda guest-starred in several of the episodes and clearly still have a thing for each other! Link is luckily enough to get kisses this time! Sorry for the poor quality screen caps but I don't have the Captain N DVD to make good quality images.

Paper Magic Valentines Cards

Back in 1989 a company called Paper Magic used to produced 'themed' booklets of Valentines cards using all different characters from Super Mario Bros to the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. They did a Zelda pack using images from the first two games and the pack contained 36 cheesy cards. Check out a few of the designs below;


Nintendo Trading Card Treats

In 1991 a company called Impel made a series of trading cards to be given out as an alternative to traditional Halloween candy and one of the ranges included Nintedo characters. There were two Zelda themed cards in the collection which had pictures on the front with information on the back that seemed to be a cross from the original games and the cartoon. The second one shown below informs us that one of Link's favourite pasttimes is trying to kiss Zelda!

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