Zelda Loves Me!

Back in the first two games there certainly wasn't ANY competition for our two favourite heroes. There was just Link and Zelda, with Ganon sticking his nose in here and there. Even in Zelda III there wasn't really anyone else to get in the way, and then Zelda IV came along. Marin appeared. Although traditionally I consider Marin part of Link's imagination (and after all, he calls her Zelda! She supposedly looks like Zelda although I don't think so, it does say in the manual), and no kind of threat, it can't be denied that Link got his first taste of love on Koholint Island. Then came along Zelda V; and a whole NEW set of problems for our beloved hero! Yes, her name, Malon. The BANE of the Link/Zelda 'shippers :D

With new competiton in place in shape of the pretty (but slightly odd) ranchgirl, the Zelinkers were suddenly opposed to with Malinkers, setting up some of the most stupid and intense rivalry in the Zelda Community! Not only that, but Link somehow managed to get engaged to a Zora princess in his adventures, a few people reckon his heart lies with his best friend Saria and you know, didn't some people think Gerudo leader Nabooru might find him kinda cute? ;) Poor Link didn't get much action after Ocarina of Time until Twilight Princess was released, showing a few new interests like his best friend Ilia and of course, Midna. I've lined up a few choice rivals who've threatened to come between Link and Zelda in the past, take a look below!

Link's Ladies


Game: Zelda IV: Link's Awakening

Marin was the beautiful island girl who found Link washed up on the beach at Koholint. The lonely maiden loved nothing more but to play the harp and sing and visit the many animals on the island and she grew extremely fond of Link during his stay on the dream island. She and Link even shared a special moment down on the shore... sadly she vanished along with the rest of Koholint when Link awoke the mystical Windfish from his slumber.


Game: Zelda V: Ocarina of Time

The pretty ranch girl with a penchant for singing, Malon always wished to be whisked away by a knight in shining armour. Many people like to believe that knight is Link, although their relationship remained friendly at best, Malon helping Link befriend his future steed Epona and jokingly calling him 'fairy boy'.

Princess Ruto

Game: Zelda V: Ocarina of Time

Ruto was the wayward daughter of King Zora who Link rescued from deep inside the stinking depths of Lord Jabu-Jabu (who had swallowed her in a feeding session). In order to obtain the Zora Sapphire for Zelda, Link had to agree to marry the fish princess; the sacred stone was her engagement present to him!


Game: Zelda V: Ocarina of Time

The Sage of the Forest, Saria was Link's lifelong friend. Of course they shared something but surely only innocent, childlike friendship (in my opinion at least). The kokiri never forgot Link and she gave him her Ocarina as a parting gift.


Game: Zelda XII: Twilight Princess

Ilia is the daughter of the mayor of Ordon, Link's home village and is one of his closest friends. She also shares a strong bond with his horse Epona. It is alluded to that she and Link have a romantic connection. She gives Link a gift called the 'horse call' so he can summon Epona wherever he is.


Game: Zelda XII: Twilight Princess

Midna is a member of the Twili - she is most often seen in an imp-like form but is also the Twilight Princess. She is Link's companion in both Hyrule and the Twilight Realm, and aids him during his quest. They become best friends and allies, their bond being broken at the end when Midna destoys the twilight mirror breaking the link between their worlds.

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