Zelda Loves Me!

A stolen glance... a helping hand... certain words... sometimes do you get the feeling that our favourite hero and heroine are showing some romantically tinged emotions towards each other? Of course it could all be meaningless but its still a lot of fun spotting possible moments of romance! With moments from the cartoon compiled by myself, and game moments from our readers , there's certainly plenty of evidence to delight 'shippers, and prove the non-shippers wrong!

The Cartoon Series

1: The Ringer

2: Sing For The Unicorn

3: Kiss N' Tell

Final moment kindly contributed by Ganonslayer

4: Doppelganger

5: Faeries In The Spring

6: The Missing Link

7: Underworld Connections

8: The Moblins Are Revolting

9: The White Knight

10: Cold Spells

11: Stinging A Stinger

12: A Hitch In The Works

13: That Sinking Feeling

The Games

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Zelda III: A Link To The Past

Kindly contributed by Amber Rhodes

Kindly contributed by Link the Paladin

Zelda IV: Links Awakening

Kindly contributed by Zeldura

Zelda V: The Ocarina of Time

Kindly contributed by Sheikahchica

Kindly contributed by Link Æwondåslåmon

Kindly contributed by Nikki

Zelda VI: The Mask of Majora

Kindly contributed by Alexandra Spears

Kindly contributed by Sheikahchica

Zelda VII/VIII: Oracle of Ages/Seasons

Kindly contributed by Alison

Zelda X: Windwaker

Kindly contributed by Link Æwondåslåmon/Sheikachica

Kindly contributed by Nikki

Zelda XII: The Minish Cap

Zelda XIII: Twilight Princess

Kindly contributed by Amy Rose

Kindly contributed by Nikki

Zelda XIV: Phantom Hourglass

Kindly contributed by Crazyfreak

Zelda XV: Spirit Tracks

Kindly contributed by Angela Alcock/Crazyfreak

Kindly contributed by Angela Alcock

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