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The Triforce was created by the three Goddesses who created the world of Hyrule. They left it as an artifact that reflected their three great skills - Courage, Power and Wisdom. These three particular virtues would be bestowed upon whoever owned the Triforce, and it could grant wishes. It was however inaminate, and could not judge between good and evil. It was orginally in three parts that were held together by magic, and they formed a golden triangle, capable of great power. Because of this, the Goddesses placed it in another world, The Golden Land. The way to it was unknown, and the Goddesses hoped that one day, someone worthy would seek the magical artifact out and use it wisely.

Notable Owners of the Triforce

Many searched for the legendary artefact, but little came of the expeditions. However, one day, quite by accident, a gang of thieves discovered the way to the Golden Land, and their leader Ganondorf killed his members and claimed the Triforce for himself. He used the Triforce to turn men evil, and the beautiful Golden World became dark and twisted. It was later renamed the Dark World. Ganondorf was imprisoned in the Dark World by the Seven Wise Men, but centuries later he managed to reopen the seal.

A valiant young hero named Link managed to kill the evil thief, and he brought the Triforce back to Hyrule, and handed it over to the Royal Family. Using its great powers, peace was maintained in the country for centuries to follow. Later though, one King feared it would be misused once he was gone, so he hid the Triforce of Courage inside a great dungeon, and legend had it that a destined hero would soon appear to retrieve it.

Many hundreds of years later, an evil wizard named Ganon appeared, and he managed to steal the Triforce of Power from King Harkinian. The kingdom was therefore left with one Triforce - Wisdom. Harkinian's daughter Zelda inherited it when she turned 15, but fearful that Ganon would try to steal it, she split it into 8 parts and hid them in various dungeons around Hyrule. She then told her nursemaid Impa to find a hero who would rid them of the wizard. The hero turned out to be a young adventurer from the country of Calatia, named Link. He restored the Triforce and then destroyed Ganon, reclaiming the Triforce of Power for Princess Zelda.

It turned out that Link was indeed the 'destined' hero the legends spoke of. He quested to find the third remaining Triforce. He fufilled the tasks required of him, and brought the Triforce of Courage back to North Castle, where it was reunited with the other two parts.

Wisdom (c) J Singleton

The Triforce of Wisdom

Bestows the title of 'The Keeper of Knowledge' upon the user. It is blue in colour, and owned by Princess Zelda. While it gives great magical wisdom to the user, its magic can also be used as a weapon. It helps to prevent corruption in a person, if it is used alongside the Triforce of Power.

Triforce of Power (c) Juliet Singleton

The Triforce of Power

Bestows the title of 'The Forger of Strength' upon the user. It is red in colour, was owned by the wizard Ganon, until Link defeated him. If not used in conjunction with the Triforce of Power, it will corrupt the user, and they will become power hungry. This happened to the wizard Ganon, who was already evil, but yearned to take over Hyrule because of its influence.

Triforce of Courage (c) J Singleton

The Triforce of Courage

Bestows the title of 'The Juror of Courage' upon the user. It is yellow in colour, and was hidden in a great dungeon, until Link retrieved it. It is now owned by Princess Zelda. Its powers were used to revive a princess who had been put under a sleeping spell many centuries before.

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