A brief history of Hyrule

The Triforce

According to the scrolls written by Hylian people, three goddesses, Farore, Nayru and Din, descended from a distant nebula, and created the world Hyrule. After their work was completed, they left an artifact, three magical prisms called the Triforce. It could give the owner three great powers - courage, wisdom and power. The Goddesses placed the Triforce in a place called the Golden Land (or the Sacred Realm), hoping that a worthy person would one day seek it. The key to the Golden Land was only accessible by placing three magical pendents onto an altar in The Temple of Time. These pendents were entrusted to three races; The Kokiri, the Zora and the Gorons.

Many searched for the Triforce, but no-one was ever sure of its location. Eventually, the King of the Gerudos, Ganondorf Dragmire began to search for it. He found the gateway by accident, when a young boy, Link, opened it. Ganondorf took the Triforce for himself and corrupted Hyrule with his evil ways. Seven years later, Link returned from The Sacred Realm, and aided by the six sages and the seventh sage, Princess Zelda, he battled against Ganondorf and with their power, managed to imprison the evil King in the Golden Land, sealing the gateway forever.

Link & Ganondorf

Centuries later, an evil wizard named Agahnim murdered the King and took over Hyrule Castle. He conducted experiments in the castle tower, in an attempt to reopen the gateway to the Golden Land. He then imprisoned Princess Zelda and six other maidens, using their power to open the gateway. A valiant lad called Link discovered that Agahnim was a pawn of Ganondorf and he retrieved the Master Sword, a Hylian artifact and defeated the wizard. He then travelled to the Golden Land to rescue the maidens and to defeat Ganondorf. Link reclaimed the Triforce, and brought it back to Hyrule.


Link and Impa

Many generations later, the present King of Hyrule grew old and weak. He hid the Triforce of Courage in a Great Palace, but told only his daughter, Princess Zelda. Zelda's older brother searched everywhere for the missing parts but could not find them. A wizard then informed the Prince that Zelda knew where the Triforce was. Zelda refused to tell, and, in a rage, the wizard cast a spell that sent the princess to sleep. In his grief, the prince laid his sister in a room at North Castle and ordered that every princess born would be named Zelda.

A few centuries later, Ganondorf returned, this time in the guise of an evil wizard named Ganon and stole the Triforce of Power from North Castle. Soon, a princess was born into the royal household, and she was named Zelda. When the Princess became 15, she inherited the remaining Triforce - Wisdom. However, Ganon yearned to own the other Triforce, so he kidnapped the Princess. Zelda shattered the Triforce of Wisdom into pieces, to prevent Ganon from getting his hands on it. A young boy named Link, retrieved the pieces and rescued Zelda, defeating Ganon in the process.

Link and Zelda


Link was proclaimed Hyrule's hero. The land was not left in peace though, as Ganon's minions still attacked and worked towards the revival of their evil master. When Link turned 16, a mark like that of the kingdom's crest appeared on his hand. He was told by Impa, Zelda's nursemaid, that it meant he had to retrieve the Triforce of Courage. He was told the story of how a princess called Zelda had been put to sleep by and evil sorceror many generations back. Only by retriving the Triforce of Courage, could she be awakened again. Link completed the task. And so, thus ends the history of Hyrule. When will the new chapter begin?

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