Character Biographies


This is the Zelda character biography section. Here, you can read about all the most important characters in Hyrule and beyond. Currently there are biographies for characters from the first four games in the series, the Valient comics and the cartoon. Most of the biographies contain pictures of the various characters, and I'm hoping to add more soon, for there are still many people I have left undescribed. The ones available are the most important ones though.

Simply click on the links opposite to bring the biography you want into this box. Feel free to download the information and pictures in these pages, but if the picture has been created by me, it'd be nice if you asked permission before using it on a page of your own. If you would like to add to this guide please don't hesitate to send in a biography (I would particularly love characters guides for the newer games) and you will be credited for your contribution.

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