The Legend of Zelda
A Link To The Past

The eagerly anticipated sequal to the highly successful Zelda I and II, Nintendo made sure that they pulled out all the stops for their next Zelda game, A Link To The Past. Considered by many to be the finest SNES title, and indeed, perhaps the best title in the series, LttP was a massive success in every way. It returned to the original overhead rpg style, and was bigger, better and an immense challenge. It has sold over 4 millions copies worldwide and regularly makes it way into lists of top rated games of all time.

The bright, cartoon-style graphics combined with the amazing musical score made for an amazing-looking and sounding game, with Hyrule brought to life more than ever. A brand new story which delved back into Hyrule's history, plus a whole new generation of Link and Zelda involved the players on a whole new level. LttP is probably my second favourite title in the series, and with all its secrets and challenges makes for a game I love to play over and over again. Link has a whole host of magical items at his disposal, 13 dungeons to clear and two entire worlds to explore, making for many hours of eciting gameplay!

The game was later released in 2003 on the GameBoy Advance with another stand-alone game on the same cartridge called Four Swords. A Link to the Past on the GBA had several changes including new sound effects and updated dungeons and characters. It has been available to play on the Wii Virtual Console since 2007.

Zelda III box

Title: The Legend of Zelda - A Link To The Past
By: Nintendo
Year Released: 1993
Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)

Fantasy and reality collide in a land of enchantment. Venture back to Hyrule and an age of magic and heros. The predecessors of Link and Zelda face monsters on the march when a menacing magician takes over the kingdom. Only you can prevent his evil plot from shatteing the land of Hyrule...

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