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Since I managed to get hold of an official copy of the Zelda DVD it now means I can record quality media including videos, sound clips and of course screenshots. This is a great place to showcase the look and feel of the cartoon, how the characters appeared and sounded, the music used and the animation style. I've tried to put together a decent collection of downloadable content to give fans a taster of the show, including a good quality copy of the introduction titles, character quotations, music and other goodies.

Because the Zelda cartoon was created in the 80s many people simply diss it and cast it aside saying that it's rubbish. People forget that this type of animation was popular for the time period, along with the humour and style. Those expecting something more serious in an anime design will be disappointed but there's no reason to cast it aside. Although there are mistakes, a lot of things are spot on, such as the weapons, monsters and locations and the music accompanying the series is incredible. Using the material here you can judge for yourself.

Please feel free to download any of this content for your own personal use, however if you wish to use it on your own website, please give North Castle or the original creator a credit.

Title Credits

Zelda Cartoon Introduction

You can download the cartoon intro here, its in WMV format and you can play it using Windows Media Player. I recorded it straight from my DVD and it gives brief outline to what the show was about with a running narration from Princess Zelda and the infamous Zelda theme tune.

Character Gallery

Character Sketch Gallery

This is a great little document that was a freebie on the DVD courtesy of DiC and it shows the lineart for all the characters in the show. These can easily be used to aid your in drawing your own Zelda cartoon style pictures or you could simply print them off and colour them in. You will need Adobe Reader/Acrobat installed to view this file.


Show Music

Some of these files are music from the show recorded direct from the DVD and you'll need an MP3 player such as Winamp or Windows Media Player to hear them. There's also a midi version of the show's music which will play on most computers.

Title Theme - MP3 (570kb)
Underworld Theme - MP3 (620kb)
Main Theme - MP3 (792kb)
Main Theme - MIDI (12kb)


WAV Character Quotes - Link

Wav sound clips supplied courtesy of my friend, Mike Townshend.

Link: Excuuuuse me, princess! - Wav (32kb)
Link: Zelda loves me! - Wav (102kb)
Link: You called for a hero? - Wav (20kb)
Link: Girl of my dreams - Wav (183kb)


Character Quotes - Various

These MP3 quotes are captured direct from the DVD.

Zelda: I must get the Triforce! - MP3 (272kb)
Ganon: The fight is not over yet! - MP3 (292kb)
Sprite: Where's Link? - MP3 (584kb)
Ganon: Eliminate that pest - MP3 (280kb)

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