Zelda Cartoon Tribute

Zelda: "This is the Triforce of Wisdom Link. The evil wizard Ganon has the Triforce of Power. Whoever gets both Triforces will rule this land forever. You must help me, Link!"
Link: "Hey, for you Zelda, anything!"

One of the fondest memories of my early Zelda days was the cartoon that used to be aired during half-term holidays on GMTV back in the early 1990s. I remember getting up early (I know, during a school holiday, terrible!) especially to watch it and it was this show, rather than the games themselves, that inspired me to start writing my Zelda fanfics. The show was created by DiC back in 1989 and there were 13 episodes in total, which in the US were usually shown every Friday after The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

The cartoon was based loosely on the Zelda I and II games and basically about Link and Princess Zelda's adventures in Hyrule as they fought against Ganon to protect the Triforce of Wisdom and trying to get the Triforce of Power back from the wizard. All the familiar monsters, weapons and locations are there, along with the infamous Zelda theme tune running during many of the scenes.

Sadly, the show is no longer aired on any terrestrial TV channels but that doesn't mean we still can't reminsce or even watch the episodes! The purpose of this section is give fans old and new alike a feel of what the cartoon was like; we've got pictures, episode novelisations, character guides and more, plus plenty of information on how you can get hold of copies of the show itself to watch on your TV or PC. Have fun!

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